The 15 Best Designer Sunglasses For Chic Summer Style

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Get ready for the sun and warmer months with these 15 best designer sunglasses – there are loads of different styles available so everyone can find their perfect pair!

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Everyone needs to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, or a couple of pairs, to add to their wardrobe for the summer season, which is why we have brought together the 15 best designer sunglasses for you to choose from!

We have included sunglasses in a range of shapes and sizes, and at a variety of price points so you easily find the right sunglasses to suit you and your budget! This list includes stunning sunglasses from the top luxury brands, so you are bound to find a pair you love!


15 best designer sunglasses

1. Tom Ford Phoebe Square Plastic Sunglasses

Black Tom Ford Phoebe Square Plastic Sunglasses

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These Tom Ford Phoebe Square Plastic Sunglasses have a classic style, with sleek black frames and chic gradient lenses. The timeless style of square sunglasses has been adapted a little in these Tom Ford options, with a tapering effect at the bottom for a striking look.

The sunglasses are finished with sparkling silver T logos at the temples, while the 100% UV protection lenses feature the Tom Ford brand name in the top corner.


2. Saint Laurent Monochromatic Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Black Saint Laurent Monochromatic Cat-Eye Sunglasses

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Cat-eye sunglasses are so fashionable right now and are the perfect pair of sunnies for anyone with a diamond or heart-shaped face – and these Saint Laurent Monochromatic Sunglasses are a great choice of cat-eye sunglasses.

The glasses have slim glossy black frames and are fitted with dark lenses, while the arms are embellished with the Saint Laurent name in silver.


3. Gucci Round-frame sunglasses 


Black Gucci Round-frame sunglasses

Get these on Gucci

If you have a square-shaped face, then these Gucci Round-frame sunglasses are just perfect for you! These luxury sunglasses have a chic and sophisticated style, with a classic round shape, crafted from black acetate and then fitted with gradient grey lenses – just gorgeous!

These round sunglasses are also available in a trendy tortoiseshell frame too, and retail for just $405!


4. Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses


Brown Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses

Get these on Chanel

For anyone who loves luxury fashion, a pair of Chanel sunglasses are a must, and we think these Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses are a great option. The cat-eye sunglasses have a square-inspired silhouette for a timeless look, while the gold-toned CC logo on the arms of the sunglasses adds a glam touch.

The dark tortoiseshell frames with dark brown lenses are a sophisticated color choice, but there are a couple of other variations to choose from so you can pick the shade that best suits your style.


5. Celine Special Fit 49mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black Celine Special Fit 49mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

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We love the bold and statement look of these Celine Special Fit 49mm Cat Eye Sunglasses, that feature thick black frames and green-tinted lenses with full protection from harmful UV rays.

The arms of the sunglasses are decorated with a small, delicate Celine brand name and three silver dots for a minimalist look. This designer pair of sunglasses will always look stunning, which is why you need them in your wardrobe.


6. Tory Burch Golden Rim Square Acetate Sunglasses


Black and gold Tory Burch Golden Rim Square Acetate Sunglasses

Get these on Neiman Marcus

The golden rims on these eye-catching square sunglasses add a glam touch to a classic and timeless style. The Tory Burch Golden Rim Square Acetate Sunglasses are irresistible, with shiny black frames, textured arms, decorated with a gleaming gold Tory Burch logo, and dark lenses.

There are several other colors available too so you can find the ideal option to suit your style.


7. Chanel Oval Sunglasses 


Black and gold Chanel Oval Sunglasses

Get these on Chanel

Chanel is one of the best sunglasses brands with a range of classic and trend-based frames to choose from so everyone can find a pair they love! If you are looking for something a little more fashionable, then these Chanel Oval Sunglasses are just ideal for you.

The glossy black acetate frames feature a gold panel along the brow line of the sunglasses, which has been engraved with the Chanel brand name for that quintessentially Chanel look. The stylish sunglasses are finished with grey gradient lenses and a dainty CC logo on the wide, tapered arms.


8. Gucci Rectangular-frame sunglasses


Black Gucci Rectangular-frame sunglasses

Get these on Gucci

These Gucci Rectangular-frame sunglasses have a trendy, futuristic look that is super fashionable at the moment.

The black acetate frames have a winged-out rectangular shape, with thicker outer corners and wide arms decorated with the Gucci logo in glittering gold. These stylish sunglasses, which retail for just $520, will really elevate your summer outfits and any glamorous looks.


9. Fendi Fine 59mm Square Sunglasses

Brown Fendi Fine 59mm Square Sunglasses

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Oversized frames are eternally stylish and these Fendi Fine 59mm Square Sunglasses are the perfect option. These square sunglasses have slim dark tortoiseshell frames with matching gradient brown lenses, while the Fendi logo subtly decorates the arms.

The Fendi sunglasses are a beach bag essential due to their off-duty cool look. Plus, there is a shiny beige and brown option if you fancy a little more color!


10. Tom Ford Selby Square Plastic Sunglasses

Black Tom Ford Selby Square Plastic Sunglasses

Get these on Neiman Marcus

Tom Ford always delivers gorgeous, chic sunglasses that will look stunning during the sunny months year after year. The Selby Square Plastic Sunglasses are another fantastic option if your face shape is oval or round.

The glossy black frames feature a gold T logo on the temples and are fitted with grey-purple gradient lenses for a little pop of color. There are also light brown and tortoiseshell frames available each retailing for the great price of $395.


11. Chanel Square Sunglasses


Gold and brown Chanel Square Sunglasses

Get these on Chanel

These Chanel Square Sunglasses are a more pricey option, but the stunning frames and handy chain makes it so worth it. The square sunglasses are fitted with sleek gold metal frames and brown lenses with black detailing along the arms – but we particularly love the leather threaded gold chain that ensures you never lose your sunglasses!

The chain references the strap found on Chanel handbags, and is further decorated with the Chanel name and five lucky charms! One of the best parts about the Chanel website is that you can use their virtual try-on feature to make sure the sunglasses suit you before you buy them.


12. Gucci Oversized Oval GG Sunglasses

Gold and brown Gucci Oversized Oval GG Sunglasses

Get these on Neiman Marcus

These Gucci Oversized Oval GG Sunglasses have an attention-grabbing, striking look with oversized frames and glamorous embellishments. The thin gold metal frames hold brown gradient lenses with full UV protection.

The stunning gold arms start with a fork-shaped hinge, featuring stripes of green and red, colors synonymous with the Gucci brand, and are then embellished with a gold GG interlocking logo. Also, these beautiful sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses – just perfect!


13. Prada Rectangle Acetate Sunglasses

Black Prada Rectangle Acetate Sunglasses

Get these on Neiman Marcus

Prada is an Italian fashion house well known for its classic yet fashionable aesthetic, which is exemplified in these Prada Rectangle Acetate Sunglasses.

These sunglasses have thick glossy black frames in a chic rectangle shape with wider outer edges, while the statement, angular arms are decorated with the Prada Milano logo. These are some of the best women’s sunglasses for a trendy look this season.


14. Bottega Veneta Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Black Bottega Veneta Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Get these on Neiman Marcus

We love the playful and quirky style of Bottega Veneta pieces, including these bold Acetate Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

If you are looking for eye-catching cat eye frames, then these are the ideal option for you, with chunky black frames, wide tapered arms, grey lenses, and a gleaming gold detail on the temples – so chic! These sunglasses are available for just $400 and guarantee a gorgeous summer look.


15. Dior DiorPacific S1U Sunglasses


Black and white Dior DiorPacific S1U Sunglasses

Get these on Dior

The black and white color combination on these Dior DiorPacific S1U Sunglasses makes them a striking irresistible pair that would be perfect for sunny days during the winter and summer months.

The sunglasses have a square silhouette and have been crafted from black acetate, finished with white detailing on the arms and around the frames to accentuate the strong shape. Delicate gold stars decorate the frames, while the Christian Dior brand name features on the arms.

We hope you loved this list of the 15 best designer sunglasses! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below. 


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