50 Best College Graduation Gifts For The Guys in Your Life

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Graduations are one of the most memorable milestones in life and if you have a guy in your life who will be celebrating his graduation soon, it’s time to think of a perfect gift to show just how proud you are of his achievement thus far! This list of the best college graduation gifts for guys is here to help you out!

You’re probably searching all over the internet for the best gifts to give to recent college graduates, whether that’s your son, grandson, boyfriend, brother, or friend. Regardless of who it’s for, we know that you just want to get the perfect graduation gift to mark this special occasion. 

The good news is we’re here to help. Below,  you’ll find a comprehensive list of perfect college graduation gift ideas for that special guy in your life!


The Best College Gifts For Guys

Son or Grandson

1. Playstation 5


Best college graduation gifts for guys: Playstation 5 console

Get this from Walmart

Now that college deadlines, projects, and exams are over; it’s time to catch up on gaming. If you want to reward his hard work at college with something that he’ll absolutely love, give him a state-of-the-art Playstation 5 console. It is a pricy gift, but the hype speaks for itself  – when it launched at the end of 2020, it was impossible to get for months.

The new console comes with more pro features than ever, such as incredible graphics and visual effects of the games, lightning-fast loading, breathtaking immersion with 3D audio immersion, and more.


2. A Sleek Wallet 


Black Gucci wallet for men's college graduation gift

Get this from Gucci

Is he still keeping that velcro wallet that he got when he was 15? Upgrade it to something like the one we have above. A leather wallet from a luxury designer such as Gucci will look more professional and age appropriate now that he’s done with college!

These wallets come in different colors, but if he likes understated designs, we recommend going with a minimalist black one.

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3. Nintendo Switch


Best college graduation gifts for guys: nintedo switch

Get this from Target

If he already has a PlayStation, then another great graduation gift for guys is the Nintendo Switch, which has a vast array of different Nintendo-only games that he can play, such as the Legend Of Zelda! The console is also portable so that he can bring it with him anywhere. 

He can play this for hours, even when he’s out and about. This will most definitely bring out the inner child in him!


4. Office Backpack 


Black Ted Baker backpack

Get this from Nordstrom

If he’s looking to find a job in the corporate world, consider giving him a sleek and stylish office backpack.  This Ted Baker backpack has many compartments for organization, and enough room to fit a laptop, tablet, and other necessities that he’s going to be needing. 

Alternatively, if he already has a backpack that he’s happy with, consider getting him a new duffel bag for the gym and travel, such as this one.


5. Black Leather Dress Shoes 

Black dress shoes for him

Get this from Nordstrom

After college graduation, he’ll be venturing out into the real world. Equip him with the right pair of dress shoes that will take him throughout his job interviews and ultimately, when he starts working for that dream job! 


6. Instant Pot


Best college graduation gifts for guys: instant pot

Get this from Walmart

If he’s moving into another apartment because of work, give this instant pot as a joint housewarming and graduation gift. There are bound to be long and busy days wherein he wouldn’t have an ounce of energy to whip up a meal. He could just order pizza every night, or he could make up something healthy with an instant pot in a matter of minutes.


7. Gift Card 

Target gift card

Get this from Target

You might be unsure what he’d like, or maybe he’s very picky and particular with gifts. If he is, just give him a gift card. This saves the hassle of returning a gift to a store. Plus, you’re assured that he’ll be getting himself something that he actually wants. 


8. New Clothes


Best college gifts for guys: new clothes

Get this on Reiss

Men are notoriously bad at shopping for themselves, so why not go ahead and purchase a few clothing items for him from his favorite stores? It’ll make his life a whole lot easier!

If he’s looking for smart, office-appropriate clothing that’ll prepare him for the working world, check out Reiss – it’s one of our favorite places to go for high-quality clothing.


9. Apple Watch


Best college graduation gifts for guys: Apple Watch Series 7

Get this from Target

If you’re looking for practical gifts, and your son or grandson is big into their fitness, consider getting them the latest Series 7 Apple Watch that will make his life so much easier, as well as help him track his fitness goals. Not only can he measure his steps and heartbeat, he can also track his blood oxygen levels, take an ECG, and monitor his health throughout the day. 

In addition to this, the Apple Watch instantly syncs into his iPhone and makes it easy to stay connected to friends and family.


Best Gifts for your Brother 

10. Personalized Mug


Best college graduation gifts for guys: personalized graduation mug

Get this from Etsy

Congratulate your brother on his graduation by giving him this funny mug. He’ll surely crack up upon seeing this mug and remember his awesome sibling every time he uses this. 


11. Custom Face Socks


Best college graduation gifts for guys: personalized face socks

Get this from Etsy

If you want to gift him something that’s really unique and will surely make him laugh, look into giving him a pair of socks with his face. You might be keeping a really hilarious photo of your brother and there is no better time to use it than by putting it on socks. 

This is the perfect present if you’re low on budget!


12. Personalized Beer Caddy


Best college graduation gifts for guys: personalized beer caddy

Get this from Etsy

Have his name engraved on this personalized beer caddy, so his friends know to keep their hands off his beers. Make sure to give this to him together along with his favorite beers so that he gets the complete package. 


13. Lego Fresh Graduate Figure


Best college graduation gifts for guys: Lego personalized mini figure

Get this from Etsy

If you want to give your brother something out-of-the-box, we suggest giving the recent graduate this one-of-a-kind custom Lego mini-figure. You’ll get extra points if your brother is a big Lego fan!


14. Funny Sweatshirt


Best college graduation gifts for guys: personalized hoodie

Get this on Etsy

A hilarious sweatshirt like this one never goes out of style. Congratulate him on his achievement but do it the fun way, as siblings do!


15. Tool Kit


Tool kit for guys

Get this from Walmart

Every guy loves brand new tools, regardless of whether they already have one or not. Either way, a new and shiny set of tools is always a great gift idea for guys to celebrate any kind of occasion.


16. Cool Cocktail Recipe Cards


Cocktail recipe cards

Get this from Etsy

He’ll be having lots of parties from here on out, and you want to make sure he’s going to be a good host. Give him this awesome deck of cards consisting of 52 classic cocktail recipes. Each card comes with a colorful and easy-to-understand illustration. 


17. Bobblehead Graduation Pop Up Card


Best college graduation gifts for guys: bobblehead graduation pop up card

Get this from Etsy

Gifting cards to new graduates is in no way a new tradition. However, if you want to set the bar high up, you can have yours personalized like the bobblehead graduation pop-up card! He’ll definitely have a good laugh when he opens it. 


18. Congratulations Keychain 


Personalized graduation keychain

Get this from Etsy

A keychain might be overrated, but not if it’s funny like this one right here! It’s a perfect constant reminder that he can do anything he sets his eyes on, even if things get in the way – like a global pandemic. 


Gifts for Boyfriend 

19. Personalized Campus Map

Best college graduation gifts for boyfriend: personalized campus map

Get this from Etsy

After the years he spent in college, he is surely going to miss his life on campus. This personalized campus map will serve as a sweet reminder of his journey as a student and the many incredible memories he made with all the people there. 


20. Coffee Maker 


Best college graduation gifts for guys: keurig coffee maker

Get this from Walmart

He’s probably going to move into a new apartment once he lands a job after graduation, so a housewarming gift like a coffee maker would be truly handy. This will be perfect if your guy loves having coffee in the morning before his daily grind begins. 


21. Personalized Business Card Holder


Personalized business card holder

Get this from Etsy

Business cards are essential in order to let people know who he is, especially when he’s on the lookout for employment and business opportunities. Give him a business card holder with a personal touch, so he knows where to find it when he needs to give one card away. In addition, it will make him look extra professional. 


22. Bluetooth Speaker 

Best college graduation gifts for guys: Marshall acton bluetooth speaker

Get this on Target

Upgrade his Bluetooth speaker that he’s had for years to something like this sophisticated  Marshall Acton II Speaker. Aside from its terrific sound quality, it’s nice eye candy and a good conversation starter when he has people over at his place. 


23. Grooming Set 

Jack Black men's grooming set for men

Get this from Nordstrom

Men need their self-care routine too. If he doesn’t have this routine yet, you can initiate it by giving him this gift set from Jack Black. It’s basic and no-fuss, just like how any guy would want it. 


24. Cologne


Best college graduation gifts for guys: Sior sauvage elixir perfume

Get this from Nordstrom

There’s definitely something about earthy and woody perfumes that make a man wearing them even more attractive. Increase his confidence with just a few spritzes of this Dior Sauvage Elixir – he’ll definitely leave a lasting impression on interviews and meetings. 


25. Turntable 


Best college graduation gifts for guys: Vintage turntable

Get this from Target

Is your boyfriend a lover of music? Is he old-school? Well, if he’s both, why not give him a turntable as a graduation gift? This particular Victrola Hawthrone 7-in-1 record player meets vintage and modern design. Make him even happier by including some vinyl records of his favorite musical bands and artists. 


26. A Tailored Suit


Tailored men's suit


He’s going to be jumping from one interview to another right after college, and to help him get ready and look his best, give him a suit that’s tailored just for him. It would be great if you knew his measurements, but if you don’t, steal some of his clothes to bring to a professional tailor. If that won’t work either, then you can just bring him along so they can take the correct measurement. 

Regardless if you’re giving it as a surprise or if he knows about it, he’ll surely appreciate the thoughtfulness. 


27. Weekend Getaway 


Couple's roadtrip vacation


If you can afford it, a romantic getaway is definitely one of the best college graduation gifts for any guy!

Reward your boyfriend with some well-deserved pampering and relaxation by surprising him with a weekend getaway. You two could rent an Airbnb in a destination that both of you’ve been wanting to visit, or simply staycation in a local fancy hotel if you don’t want to venture far.

Take the stress off his hands by planning an itinerary of all the things you’ll be doing and visiting on the weekend. Alternatively, if you want to be adventurous, you can be spontaneous about it! In the end, make it memorable and relaxing for you and the new graduate. 


Gifts for your Guy Friend

28. Pizza Money


Best funny college graduation gifts for guys: Pizza money gift for college graduates

Get this from Etsy

You want to make sure your pal gets something he likes – just like how he loves pizza. So, how cool would it be to give him this personalized Pizza Money box? He’ll definitely be laughing when he finds out what’s inside!

29. Personalized Comic Book Cover 


Personalized comic cartoon gift

Get this from Etsy

In case your guy friend is crazy about Marvel, DC, and other comics, this would be a great idea to make him feel like a hero on his graduation day. You can either choose between a digital file or a canvas print. But, if you’re going to give it as a gift, you might as well have it printed so he can hang it on his bedroom wall!

30. A Funny Book 


Best college graduation gifts for guys: stuff you should know book

Get this from Target

He’s going to enjoy reading through the pages of this book that tackles random information that he might still not know about. It covers weird, fascinating, and delightful things around a multitude of topics. 


31. Indoor Griller 

Smokeless indoor grill

Get this from Target

Almost every guy loves to grill. Why? It’s still a question that many women don’t know the answer to. If your guy pal likes grilling, you can give him this indoor griller that he can keep in his apartment. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s smokeless!

32. Insulated Thermos


Insulated thermos

Get this from Walmart

Your buddy is going to need his own thermos when he starts working. It’s always handy to have at your desk in case you need a few sips. Regardless of whether he likes cold drinks or hot coffee, he will make a lot of use of this gift. 


33. Multitool Pliers

Multi tool pliers

Get this from Walmart

If your best guy pal likes the outdoors and enjoys going on camping, having a multitool gear like the one we found above will be necessary for him to have all the time. It features 15 small everyday tools that he’ll find extra handy in case unexpected tasks come up. 


34. Hot Sauce Gift Set


Hot sauce four gift set

Get this from Etsy

This is the perfect gift for your friend who loves adding hot sauce to everything he eats. The gift set comes with 4 different varieties of hot sauce so he can have more options to choose from. 

35. Personalized Wine Glass


Personalized graduation wine glass

Get this from Etsy

Let your friend announce to everyone that he’s graduated from college with this personalized wine glass. It’s quirky, funny, and great to give your guy friend to congratulate him on this milestone. 

36. Funny Statement T-shirt 


Funny college graduation gifts for guys: personalized Friends-inspired graduation t-shirt

Get this from Etsy

Another sure-fire graduation gift idea that your guy friend will find funny is this statement t-shirt that lets everyone know he’s done with college – despite the pandemic!If your buddy is a fan of Friends, this is definitely one of the best affordable college graduation gifts for guys!


Last-Minute Gifts 

37. Weighted Blanket 

Grey weighted blanket

Get this from Target

Those sleepless nights rushing projects and doing homework might have taken a toll on his sleep quality. Weighted blankets are a good way to help relieve anxiety, stress and get a good night’s sleep. 

If you know your guy friend has trouble sleeping, this is one of the best college graduation gifts that you can get him.

38. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Black Beats by Dr Dre earbuds

Get this from Walmart

He’ll be needing a pair of these, especially if he wants to avoid active noises while he works. These active noise canceling earbuds by Beats by Dr. Dre are an ideal tool at work during times when he needs to focus, making these one of the best practical college graduation gifts for guys.

Alternatively, you can also get him a classic pair of Apple AirPods Pros if he’s wanted them specifically.


39. Electric Shaver 


Electric shaver by Philips

Get this from Walmart

Upgrade his conventional shaver into this electric one to make his mornings hassle-free and nick-free. This would be a nice addition to his grooming kit, especially if he’s always in a hurry. 


40. Activity Journal 


Blue activity journal for young adults

Get this from Target 

This would be a meaningful activity for him to do in order to reflect more on life. There are moments in life that are meant for fun, and there are occasions when you just have to sit down, ponder and maybe write down your thoughts. This journal will be a good thing for him to self-reflect on eventually down the line. 


41. Scented Manly Candle 


Whiskey & Oak wooden wick candle perfect for guy's college graduation gift

Get this from Target

Yes, guys also like scented candles, especially if they smell like wood and whiskey! He can place this in his bedroom when he wants to have a cozy night or use it in the bath when he wants to have a couple of minutes of relaxation. 


42. Electric Wine Opener


Oster electric wine opener

Get this from Target

Opening wine bottles can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re already tipsy. So, it’s always smart to have something like this electric wine opener to avoid any future mishaps or embarrassment. 


43. Smart Projection Alarm Clock 


Smart projection alarm clock

Get this from Walmart

He’ll never have to wake up startled ever again if he has this smart projection alarm clock from Sharp. It has the option to project the time on the ceiling and features eight soothing sleeping sounds to help him have a good night of sleep. 


Special Mentions

44. Foot Massager 


Electric foot massager

Get this from Walmart

At the end of the day, all everyone really needs is a good foot massage after working for long hours. Since he’s not going to be able to go to a spa every day for a foot massage, the next best thing is getting him a foot massager like this one. 


45. Monopoly (Target Edition)


Target edition Monopoly

Get this from Target

It’s necessary to have a couple of board games in case he decides to have some of his friends and co-workers come over. This Target Edition Monopoloy might just be the perfect addition to his boardgame sets. 


46. Go Pro  Hero

Gopro hero 8 in black

Get this from Walmart

Some new graduates choose to go on trips abroad before settling down and starting their new lives as young professionals. So, giving them an action camera like this Go Pro Hero 8 to document their trip would be a fantastic gift idea. 


47. Personalized Poker Set 


Personalized poker set

Get this from Etsy

He’s probably going to have a few boys’ nights over at his place here and there. To make sure that he and his buddies have a great time, consider giving him a poker set that they all would definitely enjoy. 


48. Luggage


Best college graduation gifts for guys: American tourister luggage

Get this from Walmart

He’s definitely going to need trusty and durable luggage in case he needs to travel for a few days for work. This American Tourister luggage will fit a couple of days worth of clothes as well as all the things he will need for the trip.


49. 3-Piece Kettlebell 


3-piece kettle bells

Get this from Walmart

If he’s into working out or now has time to focus on his fitness, you can give him something like this 3-piece kettlebell set. For sure, he’ll be more motivated if he has some gym equipment that he can use at home. 


50. Phone UV Sanitizer 

UV sanitizer for phones

Get this from Target

Sanitizing your hands and your appliances is crucial in this time of our lives. Make sure that his phone (which he probably always uses) is always clean and virus-free with the help of his phone UV sanitizer hub

So that wraps it up! We hope that you enjoyed browsing through our list of best college graduation gifts for guys. If you’re looking to find more gift inspirations, check out some of our posts below!


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