I Bought The Viral Adidas Samba Sneakers – Here Is My Honest Review

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If you are thinking of adding a new comfortable sneaker to your shoe collection, Adidas has got you covered! Adidas offers an array of cool and comfortable sneakers, among them, the trendy Samba OG sneakers. If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy this viral shoe, make sure to read our full Adidas Samba review below!

Adidas Samba OG Sneakers

I consider myself a sneaker girl over anything else. Therefore, when it comes to fashion and styling my everyday outfits, comfort is a key factor. Sneakers are versatile and lend themselves to anything in your wardrobe. So much so that you can pair sneakers with dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, or even a tailored suit for a chic and effortless look.

The fashion world offers a variety of sneakers to choose from. Nonetheless, there is a particular shoe we see on every influencer’s foot time and time again and that is the Adidas Samba OG sneakers.

Adidas Samba outfit with white tee, navy blue sweater and tailored trousers

After a year (that’s right, a whole year!) of dreaming about these sneakers, I finally got my hands on them! Just in time for fall/winter and they are everything I dreamt and hoped they would be. These sneakers have been the IT sneakers for a whole year and have graced our social media for a while. In this Adidas Samba article, I review why, and if the hype is worth it.

About Adidas Samba OG Sneakers

Something unique about the Adidas Samba OG sneaker is its long history. This shoe dates back to the 1950s and was originally made for soccer players. The idea was to create a shoe that could be used to train on slippery and icy grounds. Nowadays, this trendy sneaker is not only leaning towards the soccer world but also the fashion scene. I believe this sneaker is not going anywhere, and the proof is that every It-girl is still wearing them.

Honest Adidas Samba OG Review

Sizing and Fit

First off, let’s get into sizing. The Samba OG Sneakers are true to size and thus, I recommend ordering your usual size. I bought my pair in a size UK 5 which is a US size 6.5. I am normally a size UK 4.5, US 6 in sneakers, however, my size was out of stock (typical). Therefore, in a desperate attempt to acquire these sneakers, I bought them in half a size larger.

White Adidas Samba OG Sneakers
Black Adidas Samba OG sneakers

As a result of this, I can confirm they are true to size and I should have bought them in my usual size. Even just by half a size, they are still a bit too big. Nonetheless, I have kept them and just wear them with a slightly thicker sock, because they are just too comfortable to return.

On another note, in terms of structure, the Samba sneakers are a narrow shoe. I have narrow feet, so in my case these work well for me. However, I have read that for those who have slightly wider feet, it is wise to go half a size up for a more comfortable fit

Quality and Materials

As far as sneakers go, I am very impressed with the quality of the Adidas Samba sneakers. I have worn mine roughly 10 times now, and they remain in exceptional condition. The composition and structure of these sneakers are very durable. This is attributed to the Samba’s history of creating a shoe for soccer players to train on harsh surface conditions.

Adidas Samba OG sneakers

The Samba sneaker is crafted from full-grain leather with suede overlays and a rubber sole. The OG Samba currently comes in 17 different colorways, all available on the Adidas website. With this said, the most popular colors are (unsurprisingly) Cloud White and Core Black.

For my first pair, I decided to buy the classic Cloud White. I personally find this colorway matches my wardrobe color palette more than the other color options. That said, after using the white sneakers for a month, I also ordered them in Core Black – I just loved the style too much to pass them up.

To emphasize, when it comes to choosing the colorway, I believe in choosing the color that matches your wardrobe and personal style. I prefer selecting a neutral color to ensure it’s a shoe that I can continue to combine with many different outfits for seasons to come.

Are They Comfortable?

Adidas Samba OG sneaker outfit paired with jeans, white tee, grey short coat and grey sweater.

If you can’t already tell, I love these sneakers a lot, and for good reason. They’re incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and offer a lot of flexibility. As the shoe was originally crafted for professional soccer players these are all very important factors. The Sambas were very easy to break into and did not require the usual few wears—all things, which add to why I love this style as much as I do.

With this said, they do run narrow, so this may vary for someone with a wider foot.


Let’s get into the pricing. The Samba OG sneakers are timeless shoes, which I believe will not be going out of style anytime soon. This sneaker is a good quality and durable shoe to add to your wardrobe, and therefore worth the investment. Due to their neutral colors, they can easily be combined with many outfits and will quickly become a staple. Therefore, I consider the price point of $110 reasonable.


Adidas is quickly becoming the IT sneaker brand to follow. Their Samba OG sneakers gained a lot of momentum on the fashion scene this past year and will continue to grow this year. These viral shoes are featured in Vogue and styled by every influencer across Instagram and TikTok.

This has affected their availability and therefore they are usually completely out of stock. That said, they are being stocked across many different retailers now so, make sure to sign up to restock alerts.

These sneakers are not only found on the Adidas website but can be purchased from many other retailers. You can find them on Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Revolve, Foot Locker, and Farfetch. Make sure to keep an eye on restocks, as I have found they are restocking them more often now. This is how I managed to get the Adidas Samba in Core Black from Net-a-Porter.

Styling Tips

Adidas Samba sneaker outfit with white tee, long coat, wide leg jeans and Chanel bag

I can confirm that the Samba sneakers are wearable and easy to style. The design is sporty and chic, with its eye-catching three stripes and signature gum soles. I like pairing mine with black trousers and a white tee.

For a chic date night look swap out the black trousers for a black or white maxi skirt. These sneakers add a touch of sporty sophistication to any outfit. For a chic fall look, pair your Sambas with straight-leg jeans, a white tee, and a trench coat.

Would I Buy The Adidas Samba OG sneakers Again?

Yes, I would for sure. They are a great staple to add to your sneaker collection. There are versatile and in my opinion worth the price. They come in many different colorways, so if you do not want to re-purchase in the same color you can try another version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adidas Samba True To Size?

Yes, very much so. I bought the Cloud White Samba’s in a size US 6.5 and the Core Black version in a size 5.5. The white Samba’s come out slightly large and the black version is on the smaller side. My usual size is a size US 6, and I can confirm (if they had my size in stock) that I would have purchased my usual size.

Are Adidas Samba Vegan?

Adidas offers a Vegan Adidas Samba option. For now, these can only be found on the Adidas website, as they do not sell them through other retailers. Sign up to restock alerts on the Adidas website and hope they come back in stock soon!

Are Adidas Samba Unisex?

Yes, the Adidas Samba is unisex. They were originally intended to be used as men’s soccer shoes, but now Adidas has added to their size range to accommodate women.

Are Adidas Samba Still in Style?

Yes 100%. The Adidas Samba is here to stay, we are seeing them everywhere once again on every IT girl’s feet. I believe this shoe will be around for a while, due to its timeless and sleek design. So, this is your queue to sign up for those restock alerts and get your hands on them!

I hope you enjoyed my honest review of the Adidas Samba OG Sneakers!

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