Why is Loro Piana So Expensive? The 6 Top Reasons To Know

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The Italian luxury fashion brand Loro Piana has a rich history of gorgeous ready-to-wear clothing, bags, and shoes, but why is Loro Piana so expensive? We’re here to find out!

Loro Piana is a top luxury brand that has recently become an incredibly popular label because of its chic and sophisticated aesthetic, which fits perfectly into the quiet luxury trends. This Italian brand has a long and rich heritage, first founded in 1924 creating wool and cashmere pieces, before expanding to a whole men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection, accessories, homewares, and kids’ clothing too!

Chic Loro Piana outfit with pink cashmere skirt, white boots and white sweater
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If you are looking for a brand with luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Loro Piana is the best brand for you. Loro Piana pieces are stunning, but the price tags are pretty high, which is why we are here to answer the question, why is Loro Piana so expensive?

We will explore all the aspects that play into the pricing of Loro Piana luxury goods, and look at some of the best-selling pieces that are worth the price tag and deserve a place in your wardrobe!

Why is Loro Piana so expensive?

There are many different parts of the Loro Piana brand that have an effect on the high prices, so we will break each of these down so you know exactly what you are paying for.


Part of the reason why Loro Piana is so expensive is the brand’s incredible history and how this history has influenced the luxurious brand and its luxury goods we know and love today. Loro Piana was founded by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona, Italy in 1924 as a wool-making company, although the family has actually been wool merchants since the early 1800s.

The family opened their wool spinning mill, Zignone & C, at the beginning of the 20th century, and shortly after Pietro decided to establish a brand. The wool brand expanded in the 1960s when Franco Loro Piana, the grandson of Pietro, began to ship the fabrics to the rest of Europe, America, and Japan.

The 1970s were the decade in which the brand decided to focus on finding top-quality materials, traveling the world in order to find the finest wools, and sumptuous cashmere. Under the guidance of Franco’s sons, Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana, the fashion house diversified into ready-to-wear clothing, adding a collection to the brand in the 1980s. The interiors and homeware collection was added to the brand in 2006.

Now, there are three parts to the Loro Piana brand; the textile division that creates cashmere, vicuña wool, and merino wool, the fashion division, and the homeware division, and over 136 stores all over the world, plus is stocked in department stores throughout the United States, Europe, China, the Middle East, South Korea, and Japan.


Just like many other luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Brunello Cucinelli, Bottega Veneta, and Salvatore Ferragamo, Loro Piana puts a lot of care and attention into the materials they use in their clothing, accessories, and homewares, which makes Loro Piana products expensive.

As established, the Loro Piana family put time and attention into sourcing the best materials throughout the 1970s, research that continues to this day to ensure top-quality fabrics and raw materials. Cashmere, wool, linen, and cotton are the most commonly used materials in Loro Piana clothes, so let’s take a look at where some of these are sourced from.

Vicuña Wool

Vicuña wool is one of the rarest animal fibers in the world and is sourced from the Vicuña’s that live in the mountains of Peru and Argentina. A Vicuña is a member of the camel family, with a smaller size and incredibly soft coat. The fibers can only be gathered once every two years and each Vicuña only produces 120 to 150g grams of soft Vicuña wool, which is why this material is so expensive.

After decades of research, time, and attention, Loro Piana is now one of the top processors of Vicuña wool in the world and even worked closely with the Peruvian government to increase the numbers of Vicuña to make sure the animal would not go extinct.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand, the natural habitat of the Merino sheep. This wool is known for its ultra-fine and lustrous look and feel, which is used in many of Loro Piana’s clothing and homewares.

Each year, there are many bales of Merino wool produced, but Loro Piana only buys the Record Bales, which are the best bales of extra-fine Merino wool produced in New Zealand and Australia.


Loro Piana’s cashmere is world-renowned and the luxury fashion brand claims to be the world’s largest cashmere manufacturer. This cashmere is sourced from the mountains of Mongolia, where Loro Piana has built a close relationship with the herders who breed the Hircus goat, which produces cashmere fibers.

Once a year, the goats undergo a combing process to harvest the fibers. Each coat produces about 500 grams of raw materials, but once the coarse hairs have been removed, there are only about 250 grams of soft cashmere fibers.

You will also find that the baby cashmere material is sourced from China, while lotus flower fibers are harvested from Myanmar. The time, research, and rarity of these materials mean the raw materials themselves are pretty expensive, which is why Loro Piana’s clothing and textiles are so expensive.


Loro Piana takes great pride in their Italian heritage and their craftsmanship, which is why it continued to produce all its textiles, clothing, and leather goods within its Italian workshops.

Mills and factories

In Piedmont, you will find the Loro Piana Roccapietra mill where the yarn for cashmere, baby cashmere, and Vicuña wool is produced. The state-of-the-art technology within this production center measures each batch of raw materials to make sure they reach Loro Piana’s high standards.

There is then another factory in Quarona, where the yarn is transformed into a fabric before it is then made into clothing or homewares. The innovative machines weave the yarn into a roll of fabric before this fabric is washed, soften, and sheared to ensure a top-quality look and feel.

Before any clothing is produced, each millimeter of fabric is then manually inspected to guarantee an exquisite finish each and every time. These materials are then used to create beautiful clothing, which is made by expert craftsmen and artisans to make sure each piece of clothing has a high-quality finish to match the fabric.


Loro Piana is also working towards creating a more sustainable brand, all the way from raw materials to the production of clothing. The brand works closely with each country they source materials from to protect the animals that produce cashmere and wool. For example, in 2008 the Reserva dr. Franco Loro Piana was created in Peru, which is 2,000 hectares of protected land for the Vicuña to roam freely.

They created the ‘Loro Piana Method’ in 2009 in Inner Mongolia which is a sustainable model that creates a balance between animals, the environment, and the local people.

Back home in Italy, the Quarona workshop has a wastewater treatment plant on-site to clean any water and there are solar panels on the company’s buildings in order to reduce the fossil fuels used and the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Loro Piana also built the first wastewater treatment plant in Mongolia in 2012 to make sure no harmful chemicals are released into the waterways of the country.

As you can see, each step to create a cashmere sweater or wool coat is at the highest standard to ensure top-quality pieces that are sustainably made, which pushes up the cost of Loro Piana clothing.


Loro Piana also wants to have high prices so there are fewer people buying their clothes and they cement their place as an expensive brand for wealthy customers. All luxury brands want an element of exclusivity and do not want lots of people wearing or buying their clothes and accessories.

This exclusivity makes the luxury brand extra special, giving it a higher status that only some people will be able to afford, distinguishing them from other consumers. The expensive prices mean that Loro Piana is not a common brand that is seen everywhere by lots of people, adding an element of rarity to the brand.

Only people with a lot of money can afford Loro Piana, making the brand exclusive and giving high status to the people wearing a Loro Piana piece.

The shopping experience

To match the luxurious products, the shopping experience has to be exquisite too! All of the Loro Piana stores have been expertly designed to create a luxe and relaxing shopping environment, making people feel comfortable in the store, and so you can see all the incredible Loro Piana luxury goods on offer.

The shop assistants are also highly trained to give the best customer service and hold all the knowledge on Loro Piana pieces so they can answer any questions you have before you pick up a new sweater or handbag. There is now an e-concierge service so that anyone who cannot make it to a store is able to talk with a product specialist via the chat function or email to answer questions.

You can also book one-on-one in-store appointments, where you can have a guided tour of the collections, have any questions answered, and try on pieces at your leisure. This extra time and care that has gone into the shopping experience, whether that is online or in-store, for customers means the prices are higher for each Loro Piana piece.

Also, when you are spending this much money on a new piece for your wardrobe, you want an incredible shopping experience and outstanding customer service.

Celebrities in Loro Piana

The last reason why Loro Piana is so expensive is because of the celebrities who have been seen in Loro Piana and the status that comes with wearing a brand commonly worn by celebrities or wealthy famous faces. The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Margulies, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been seen in Loro Piana’s pieces.

These celebrities bring awareness to an otherwise unstated, quiet luxury brand. There is also an added desirability around a brand when celebrities have been seen in an item from this brand since fans or fashion enthusiasts will want to wear pieces, they have seen their favorite celebrities or style icons in.

This exclusivity and high status Loro Piana has as a brand beloved by celebrities means they can charge a high price for their clothes and accessories.

Best-selling Loro Piana pieces

There are lots of gorgeous pieces on offer from Loro Piana for you to choose from, all with the quintessentially Loro Piana luxe materials and elegant aesthetic! We have brought together some of the best-selling items from this luxury label so you can easily find a beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe that will never go out of style!

1. handBags
Black Loro Piana Sesia Grained Calfskin Satchel Bag
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Brown Loro Piana Bale Fine-Grain Leather Crossbody Bag
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This chic Loro Piana Sesia Grained Calfskin Satchel Bag not only looks incredible but is super practical too with the organized interior and the option of both top handles or a crossbody strap – just perfect! This Italian-made bag is crafted from grained calf leather with a structured silhouette and looping top handles to slip over your shoulder.

The top opens with a zipper to reveal a spacious interior fitted with a zip pocket so you can easily keep everything organized. This satchel is available in three different colours so you can find the shade that best suits your personal style! The timeless bag, perfect for work, is available for $4,575 and will really stand the test of time.

This Loro Piana Bale Fine-Grain Leather Crossbody Bag is a fantastic everyday handbag, with plenty of room for all your daily essential items! This bag has a soft structure, which is made from supple grained calf leather and is finished with top handles.

The front of the bag is decorated with a small silver foil Loro Piana brand name, while the interior comes with a zip pouch to help you stay organized. The shoulder strap is detachable so you can style this bag across the body or carry it in your hand. The tan color of the leather is guaranteed to suit a wide range of outfits, plus this stylish bag retails for $3,600.

2. Shoes
Beige and brown Loro Piana 360 Flexy Walk Sneaker
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Sandy beige Loro Piana Babouche Charms Walk Suede Mule Loafers
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We love the neutral color scheme and practicality of these Loro Piana 360 Flexy Walk Sneakers! The sneakers have a soft, sock-like beige knit upper with a chevron pattern and are then decorated with dark brown leather panels for stunning contrast.

The upper is actually knitted from thermoregulating merino wool for a functional yet still luxurious finish. The thick rubber sole ensures a comfortable feel, making these sneakers the best shoes to wear if you are on your feet all day. Pick up these beautiful sneakers, that will add a touch of sophistication to any casual outfit, for $995.

These Loro Piana Babouche Charms Walk Suede Mule Loafers are exactly what you need for the summer months – perfect to pair with a midi skirt or your favorite wide-leg trousers. The sand-colored suede loafers have an almond moc toe, a notched vamp, and then a strap across the vamp.

The front of the loafers is embellished with an engraved logo charm for a little extra glamour. These loafers have a mule style, which means they are backless and can be easily slid on and off your feet – just perfect when you are in a rush! These shoes are also available in a pale blue shade too, and retail for $980!

3. Tops
Light blue Loro Piana Arona V-Neck Cashmere Sweater
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White Loro Piana Cam. Filomena Cotton Linen Drill Crop Top
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We of course had to include a cashmere sweater in this list, one of the pieces that this luxury Italian brand is best known for. So much time and research have been put into sourcing the highest quality cashmere to ensure a luxe look and feel. This sumptuous cashmere has been used to create a classic Arona V-Neck Cashmere Sweater in a dusty blue shade.

The Italian-made jumper has a relaxed fit with long sleeves and ribbed cuffs and hem. The simple style and minimalist look of this sweater means it is the perfect staple piece that will suit a wide range of outfits – whether that’s layered in the winter with a shirt, or worn with jeans or a skirt in the spring.

This Loro Piana Cam. Filomena Cotton Linen Drill Crop Top is just gorgeous and a must-have in your wardrobe! The crop top is crafted from a cotton linen drill and has a nautical-inspired silhouette, with the V neckline, a wide spread collar, and a patch pocket on the front, which has been embroidered with the Loro Piana brand name.

The boxy fit and three-quarter-length sleeves give this top an effortlessly cool look. We think this top would look great paired with your favorite blue jeans, a high-waisted midi skirt, or tailored, tapered trousers for a smarter look.

4. Pants and Skirts
Pinky beige Loro Piana Nyack Structured Linen Wide-Leg Pants
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Beige Loro Piana Gonna Gaiole Cashmere Pleated Midi Skirt
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These incredible Loro Piana Nyack Structured Linen Wide-Leg Pants are a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style! These trousers are made from a blend of virgin wool and linen to create a lightweight yet structured look.

The tailoring is just perfect, with the pleated front, mid-rise waits, side slip pockets, pack pockets, and wide legs. The pale almond color is also perfect for the summer months and you have the choice to dress up these pants with a shirt or blouse for work or paired with a white crop top and sneakers for the weekend. These wide-leg pants retail for just $1,525.

This Loro Piana Gonna Gaiole Cashmere Pleated Midi Skirt is just beautiful and a classic piece you need in your life. The pleated skirt is made from plush cashmere, with a soft silk lining – so luxurious!

The high-rise waistline, a-line silhouette, and hem that falls just below the knee give this skirt an elegant and timeless look that can be styled with heels for an evening look, or with flats for something a little more casual. This irresistible Loro Piana skirt is available for $2,775, but will really stand the test of time.

5. Coats
Off White Loro Piana Double-Cotton Iconic Duster Coat
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Brown Loro Piana Reinhold Long Boucle Wool Coat with Leather Trimming
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If you are looking to spend more on a coat you will wear for years and years to come, a Loro Piana coat is a great option to go for. Like their other clothing and accessories, the coats have a timeless and sophisticated look which is just what you need in your wardrobe.

We love the look of this Loro Piana Double-Cotton Iconic Duster Coat, crafted from a cotton and linen blend and finished with a luxe leather trim. The coat has a chic silhouette, with a straight fit, point collar, side welt pockets, a center-back vented hem, and five brown buttons down the front. The light, off-white color is guaranteed to suit a spring or fall outfit when the weather is a little cooler.

This Loro Piana Reinhold Long Boucle Wool Coat has a heavier weight, making it a fantastic, super stylish option for the winter months. The coat has been made from high-quality wool boucle, which is blended with mohair and cashmere to keep you lovely and warm, and then trimmed with tan leather for a stunning textural contrast.

The coat has a relaxed fit, a shawl collar, an open front, and two handy patch pockets to keep your phone or gloves within easy reach. The neutral cocoa color and elegant silhouette ensure this coat will always add an element of sophistication to your outfit.


In conclusion, there are many different aspects that have an effect on Loro Piana’s high prices. The incredible craftsmanship and top-quality materials are the two biggest factors that cause Loro Piana to be so expensive.

There are very few other brands that put so much time and attention into sourcing the best raw materials and protecting the environment and the animals at the same. To create the most luxurious fabrics, and then clothing and homewares from these raw materials, the same intense care and attention goes into Loro Piana’s craftsmanship.

This extra research and attention to detail mean Loro Piana can charge a lot of money for their clothing and accessories. But these exquisite materials and exceptional craftsmanship mean that each piece of clothing will really stand the test of time and are totally worth the expensive price tag.

We hope you found this article answering the question, why is Loro Piana so expensive, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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