15 Best Brands Like LoveShackFancy For A Whimsical Wardrobe

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LoveShackFancy is known for their whimsical, romantic dresses that place femininity at their core. However, another thing that they are known for is their luxury price points, with some dresses maxing out at $2,000 and even basic T-shirts starting at $125. That’s why today, we’re sharing 15 more affordable brands like LoveShackFancy that make for great alternatives if you’re looking to spend less.

All these brands bring to life much of the same aesthetic and elegance, but without the steep price tag. Their romantic designs bring back the days of fancy Sunday outfits and flowing designs that are perfect for those weekend picnics. 

We’ve also included sustainable and ethical brands that command a higher price tag (around $200-$300), which are perfect if you have a little more to spend, but don’t feel quite comfortable splurging $400+ on a LSF dress.

The Best Brands Like LoveShackFancy:

1. ASTR the Label


Light green ASTR the Label floral tiered dress.
Get this dress at ASTR The Label

ASTR is a brand that’s focused on crafting refined designs at affordable prices compared to other brands like LoveShackFancy. Many of their dresses wouldn’t look out of place on a weekend picnic or as a formal dress for celebrations. Their designs can be bright and colorful, yet without stepping over boundaries.

You may especially love their floral designs which are both eye-catching and subdued to better accentuate your beauty versus other brands which seem to grab all the attention. As a bonus, their dresses are easy on the wallet, with their most popular dresses retailing between $100-$150.

Also available at Nordstrom.

2. Selkie

Long floral maxi dress from Selkie
Get this on Revolve

Selkie is a brand that is utterly feminine and romantic. Famed for its beautiful puff and corset dresses, the brand offers everything you could want to fulfill your fairytale fantasies.

As Selkie is an ethical brand, its dresses typically retail around $200-$300 for shorter dresses, and more for long special occasion dresses. These designs would be so perfect to wear to a wedding!

3. Petal + Pup

Beautiful cottagecore dress from a brand like LoveShackFancy, Petal+Pup
Get this at Petal+Pup

If you love some of the pieces on LoveShackFancy, but not a big fan of too much lacy or their billowing skirts and blouses, Petal + Pup might be perfect for you! They tend to tone down their dresses and skirt designs to focus more on floral and natural prints as the way to bring fashion and glam to their pieces.

Their dresses especially have this refined elegance, harboring back to vintage styles while updating their designs for a trendy twist. They also venture into leaner tops and comfortable bottoms like draw-string pants and cuffed jeans.

4. For Love & Lemons

The best affordable brands like LoveShackFancy: For Love And Lemons
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For Love & Lemons might be one of the closest competitors to LoveShackFancy as their dresses echo that enchanting vintage appeal with a slightly high price tag. With that said, they still are able to under-cut LoveShackFancy while having dresses and pieces that allow for more variety and sparkle.

Many of their designs market towards a younger crowd interested in that vintage appeal without venturing too far from the modern aesthetic of today of tighter, more flattering cuts.

Their lace dresses and pieces with lace integrated into them are drool-worthy and worth picking up! This is even counting their lingerie for someone looking for vintage lacing for more private occasions.

5. Etsy Boutiques

Pretty floral cottagecore dress
Get this dress on Etsy

Etsy is such a treasure trove of amazing fashion from independent designers. While their styles might not be so widespread and pop up on Instagram in everyone’s feeds, many Etsy stores are so unique not to mention.

The best way of finding dresses like LoveShackFancy is simply by typing “Cottagecore dresses” on Etsy’s search bar, and you’ll be sure to find beautiful whimsical dresses. 

6. Reformation

The best sustainable brands like LoveShackFancy: Reformation
Get this dress at Reformation

Reformation is a brand with an amazing vision. Their main focus since 2009 has been providing sustainable fashion from improving the cotton farmer’s lives to their eco-friendly packaging. But don’t fret! Their styles echo the same vintage appeal as LoveShackFancy with modern designs at a fraction of the price.

They’re heavily inspired by the slim cuts of the 80s while bringing along lace and floral designs that echo modern fashion. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly and slim-fitting pieces, Reformation is one of your top picks. As a bonus, their plus-size lineups are to die for and accentuate a curvy figure amazingly well.

Also available at Nordstrom.

7. Christy Dawn 

White vintage cottagecore dress
Get this dress at Christy Dawn

If you’re searching for that classic American vintage feel, both elegant but not overstated and with unique twists, Christy Dawn is a great choice. Their styles are one of the more conservative on the list but have their adorable appeal.

They also have a great focus on sustainability and helping farmers and the makers of their clothing with a variety of efforts in organic farming and upcycled fabrics to help the earth.

8. Cleobella

Brands like LoveShackFancy: CleoBella
Get this dress at Cleobella

Cleobella is a brand heavily inspired by its founder’s travels through the world. This shows in their designs as they adopt the vintage, bohemian aesthetic of magnificent lace dresses and billowing skirts with designs from all corners of the world.

They love to incorporate traditional designs in a tasteful way to create some of the most unique patterns of artistry for their pieces. They even have their takes on more modern styles such as hoodies and joggers crafted by their artisans to bring unique worldly flair to your wardrobe.

Also available at Nordstrom

9. Sister Jane

Long white and pink cottagecore picnic dress
Get this dress at Sister Jane

If you’re looking for a vintage style that dates back further, into the 50’s and 60’s where England reigned supreme in conservative but bold styles, Sister Jane is good to look into. Many of their styles directly evoke that 60’s lolita looks with the adoption of some of the high fashion of the day.

This makes Sister Jane seem bold and full of expression without feeling gaudy or over-done. But don’t be too put off by some of their styles, they have a wide variety of designs that echo the modern vintage fashion trends that borrow more from the older times without copying them exactly.

10. Free People 

White bohemian mini dress with sleeves
Get this dress at Free People

Free People live up to their name in their style of designs and patterns. They rely heavily on the “bohemian” fashion of the past. This twists the older vintage styles of the past with the bohemian people who used to wander and forage along their journeys.

Much of their designs appear more free-flowing, vibrant and echo parts of the 60s and 70’s hippie trends while incorporating much older touches of the Italian and French twists for those lovely summer afternoons in the vineyard. They are also not afraid to branch out into more modern styles, especially with their denim and swimwear borrowing the same “free” inspiration into modern designs.

Also available at Nordstrom.

11. Sabo

White corset dress with puffy sleeves
Get this dress at Sabo

If you want to feel like you’re walking along a pure-white Tuscany beach with the blue-green waters, Sabo is the perfect brand to choose your outfits from. Sabo takes their main inspiration from the Mediterranean beach scene with a variety of cuts and designs from billowing blouses and flowing skirts, to tighter cut sundresses, and comfy sweaters that hang perfectly off the shoulders.

They love to play with shades of white and pearl while incorporating splashes of pastels and subdued floral designs. Their swimwear lineup is also inspired by the hot designs of the past with updated cuts and designs.

12. Shein

Affordable floral cottagecore dresses like LoveShackFancy
Get this dress at Shein

Shein is a massive marketplace of a variety of clothing ranging from anything your heart desires with amazing prices to boot – we’re talking $10 and up. They are focused on ladies and young women especially, but also tailor to everyone in the family.

They often follow current fashion trends, but as the vintage fashion vibe has only grown, they have an excellent selection of dresses and vintage-style blouses and skirts to choose from. They also run flash sales and offer free shipping at low prices so you can hunt to your heart’s desire and find some amazing pieces for a steal!

13. Lulus  

Bohemian white and blue maxi dress
Get this dress at Lulus

Lulus is one of the brands like LoveShackFancy that don’t seem out-of-place compared to many of the brands we’ve offered in this article. Many of their pieces borrow elements and styles of the past but are designed entirely around the modern fashion scene.

This allows them to be both pointing towards the past without feeling dated if the current fashion trends move on. They also have a great focus on construction and fabric quality while staying affordable.

14. Chicwish

Long white and blue midi length cottagecore dress
Get this dress at Chicwish

Chicwish is one of the best brands like LoveShackFancy to look through for that cosmopolitan chic style that echoes both vintage styles and modern designs. They’re heavily inspired by English and European vintage pieces with touches of 70’s pleats and flat fabric, but verge into every possible style one can imagine.

Many of their outfits would look amazing for everyday pieces. And to add to their amazing styles, their prices are surprisingly reasonable and worth picking pieces up to work into your wardrobe. A few of their lines are hand-made and the quality of these lines are extremely high without burning your checkbook.

Get this dress at &OtherStories

&OtherStories is an interesting brand. From the first look, their designs and patterns can seem subdued and bland, however, they create a bold presence from their adoption of vintage styles.

They’re seen as a one-stop shop for a variety of vintage styles as they have three separate ateliers based in the world. Stockholm to create that European bold and slim styles, Los Angeles for the vintage Californian, and Paris to bring back the romantic era. With this much integration of styles and inspiration, you’re bound to find something you adore and want to wear.

So, there you have it – the 15 best affordable brands like LoveShackFancy, with dresses ranging from cottagecore style to romantic modern florals. We hope that you found your new favorite brand from this list!

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