What To Wear With White Boots (Ankle & Knee High)

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If you’ve bought yourself a pair of white boots but can’t seem to style them in a fashionable way, check out our guide on what to wear with white boots and feel like the ultimate fashionista!

You could say that white boots have become a new staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe: they look striking by themselves and amazing in photos. Plus, their neutrality makes them very versatile and they can be paired with virtually any color!

White boots can also be worn year-round, as they can be styled with multiple seasonal items, from sweater dresses all the way to short shorts.

This article discusses what to wear with white ankle and knee-high boots to create the most flattering outfits. We also compiled some cute and chic white boots outfits that you can take inspiration from!

So, if you’re ready to let your usual black boots take a couple of days off, let’s get started with the styling ideas!

What To Wear With White Ankle Boots

1. Dresses (Any Length)

Grey-beige long sleeve dress with white ankle boots
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A dress is one of the best ways to show off your white booties. Try wearing a maxi, midi, or mini dress to create different looks!

To elevate the rest of the outfit, wear this one with a black leather jacket, or even a trench coat that is slightly longer than your dress.

2. Skirt (Any Length)

The great thing about ankle boots is that they work with any skirt length, so you can definitely wear them with skirts that fit your personal preference.

We suggest wearing your pair of white boots with a nice leather skirt of your choice. To elevate your entire look, add some statement jewelry.

3. Flare pants

Go retro with flare pants! This 70s style is making a comeback, and what better way to wear it than with cute white ankle booties?

4. Jeans

Cute top and mom jeans with white ankle boots
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Jeans of any style will work well with ankle boots, but we are partial to mom jeans especially if you wear denim on a daily basis.

They’re a popular choice when it comes to ankle boots, and they are conveniently cut just right above the ankle to give some spotlight to ankle boots. In addition to classic blue jeans, light or white jeans also pair really well with these trendy boots.

Alternatively, you can also wear acid-wash jeans for a grunge look. Anything that will reflect your personal style is a good shout!

What To Wear With White Knee-High Boots

1. Short Dresses

White mini dress with white thigh high cowboy boots
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Since knee-high boots stop above or just right below the knees, they don’t typically work well with midi or maxi dresses, unless the skirt has a high slit to show off the boots.

Thus, mini dresses are usually the best choice to wear with white knee-high boots! For a monochromatic look, wear your white knee boots with a white dress, and a cream white coat to complete it.

Other light colors or neutral colors like beige, blush pink and even khaki green work really well with white boots, as long as you combine the look with a bag and coat in the same color scheme.

2. Shorts and Skirts

Skirts that end before the knee are a great way to show off your white knee-high boots both in the cold months and the summertime. Just make sure that the length won’t touch the hem of the boots!

Knee-high white boots are great to pair with any color of your skirt, and you’ll instantly look like those street style stars.

3. Leggings

You could also pair your white boots with leggings if you want an outfit that’s halfway between formal and casual. Leggings are a closet staple so chances are you already have at least one pair in your closet!

For a polished look, wear white leather boots and an oversized blazer.

12 More Outfits Ideas Below


Red flare pants with white boots

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We love this outfit idea as it’s something you don’t see very often. The red pants add a grungy vibe that’s topped off by the graphic tee. If this is too colorful for you, you can switch the red pants for black ones too.


Shackets and oversized shirts are super trendy during the fall! If you own an oversized shirt dress, try combining the look with your white boots and see how you like it.


This look gives us Emily In Paris vibes – so chic!


Brown bodycon long sleeve dress with white knee high boots

Get this dress on Princess Polly


If you opt for wearing your white boots with a short dress or a skirt, top it off with a long coat. Plaid coats are particularly popular this season, and they flatter most body types.

You can opt for both a neutral-colored coat or something more striking, like a seasonal red plaid coat.


Blue long sleeve sweater dress with white ankle boots

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Adding black thighs is a great way to elevate your winter or fall look! This works best if the rest of your outfit is monochromatic, has light colors, or already has some black elements in it.


We love this gorgeous look with the houndstooth coat! The good thing about white boots is that they usually pair really well with a black outfit, such as a black knit dress.

However, if you throw in a black and white statement piece like this coat, the whole outfit looks even better!



Beige wide leg pants with white ankle boots

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Orange sweater dress with white ankle boots

Get this sweater dress on Pink Lily

Sweater dresses can be worn with both knee high white boots as well as white calf boots – it depends on the look and mood that you’re after!


We hope you found this guide helpful for your next outfit idea! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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