What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: The 8 Best Picks

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With the rise of balletcore this year, tulle skirts are set to be one of the major trend pieces in 2022. If you’re a little unsure about what to wear with tulle skirts, have a look at our styling guide below!

As the ballet aesthetic is gaining momentum online, tulle skirts are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why: they are feminine, flirty, and fun!

Tulle skirts are made of a light, airy fabric that is often used in bridal gowns and ballerina tutus. They are typically A-line or circular in shape, and they can be short or long. Tulle skirts can be worn for any occasion, from a day out with friends to a night out on the town.

So what tops do you wear with tulle skirts? This is a question that a lot of women have when they are buying or wearing tulle skirts. Tulle skirts are statement pieces in themselves, so it’s important to style them with the right items so that you look well-balanced.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to wear this very fun and poofy skirt, along with some examples of our favorite tulle skirt outfit ideas that you can re-create. Read on below!

What To Wear With Tulle Skirts

1. Plain Tops

A plain top is a great option to wear with tulle skirts. It’s simple and elegant, and it will let the skirt shine as the star of the show. Look for tops that are in solid colors or have minimal details. This will help keep the focus on your beautiful tulle skirt.

Plain tops come in various styles, and you can choose whichever one you want: an off-shoulder top, tank top, cami top, crop top, or even a basic tee, as long as it is plain and reflects your personal style.

For a cute and feminine datenight look, we recommend wearing a mini black tulle skirt with a cute white satin cowl-neck top. Complete the outfit with black strappy heels and a statement necklace.

2. Button-Down Blouses

A button down blouse is an elegant and sophisticated way to style your tulle skirt and the combination often looks like something out of fashion week.

Look for tops that are in white or have interesting details. To complete the look, simply tuck your blouse into the skirt, and seal it all together with a statement belt like in the outfit idea above.

3. Lace Tops

A lace top is a great feminine piece to wear with tulle skirts, especially if you’re planning to wear your skirt to a wedding. Pairing lace and tulle create a graceful and elegant outfit, which will be hard not to love.

Look for tops that are in neutral colors or have delicate details, and opt for a maxi or midi-length tulle skirt to amp up the elegance. Wear this with a nice pair of high heels and you’re good to go!

4. Denim Jackets

A denim jacket is a great layering piece to balance out a tulle skirt. It’s casual and fun, and it will help you look cool and relaxed with a bit of extra sass.

For a casual look, we especially love this outfit idea featured above – look for a long tulle skirt in blush, and wear a white top underneath your cropped denim jacket. Complete your look with a pair of sneakers and you’re ready for your picnic date!

5. Sweaters

What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Black tiered maxi tulle skirt

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A sweater can look surprisingly chic when styled with a tulle skirt. While most of the other styling tips we’ve included are typically best to wear during warmer weather, sweaters are one of the best ways you can bring out your tulle skirt in a colder climate, too.

We especially love the idea of wearing a tulle skirt with a sweater to semi-casual Christmas or NYE parties! Style this ensemble with a complementing long coat and black heels for added style points.

Alternatively, pair a cream sweater with a white tulle skirt and a pair of flats for that minimalistic, clean winter whites look.

6. Blazers

Trust us when we say that blazers pair especially well with a tutu skirt or a tulle skirt. No matter how relaxed your blazer is, it always elevates your outfit and makes it look a bit smarter.

Alternatively, if blazers are not your thing, you can also opt for a leather jacket. They are edgy and cool, and will help you achieve a rocker chic vibe!

7. Chambray Shirts

A chambray shirt is a cute and casual option to wear with tulle skirts, especially if you want your skirt to be the main focus of the outfit.

Although chambray looks remarkably similar to denim, the two are actually different fabrics. Chambray shirts are lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear than denim, as the fabric is less rugged.

8. Sequin Tops

A sequin top is a great option to wear with tulle skirts if you’re looking to create a party outfit that wows. These tops are flashy and fun and will help you stand out from the crowd. The sequins will make you look and feel like a ballerina or a princess, and will perfectly balance the tulle fabric.

To tone down the impact of the sequins, look for tops that are in neutral or metallic colors. This way, you don’t risk going too overboard with your outfit.

As you can see, there are SO many different tops you can wear with tulle skirts to create the most beautiful outfits.

However, don’t let these suggestions stop you from playing around with different top styles too! You can most certainly wear tulle skirt with other styles like off-shoulder tops, asymmetrical tops, tube tops, bralettes, graphic tee, and a whole lot more.

Where To Get Tulle Skirts

Tulle skirts can be quite hard to find among major fashion retailers, as the go-to piece to create with this fabric is usually a dress. However, there are several small businesses that offer stunning tulle skirts online, mostly on Etsy. We’ve linked to a couple of our favorite ones below!


What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Floral off-shoulder top with mini orange tulle skirt

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What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Blush tiered maxi tulle skirt

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What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Dark red tulle skirt

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What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Soft pink midi tulle skirt and white top

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What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Red tulle skirt

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What To Wear With Tulle Skirts: Black maxi tulle skirt with leather jacket

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are tulle skirts still in style?

Yes, tulle skirts are still in style. In fact, they’re becoming more and more popular every day as the balletcore trend gains popularity. So don’t be afraid to wear one!

Are tulle skirts too girly?

No, we don’t think that tulle skirts are too girly, especially if you style them with more mature or edgier pieces, like a leather jacket, a blazer or a blouse.

How do I avoid looking like a ballerina while wearing a tulle skirt?

To avoid looking like a ballerina, try pairing your tulle skirt with a casual top like a denim jacket or chambray shirt. This will help tone down the girlyness of the skirt and make it more wearable for everyday.


As discussed, there are so many tops you can wear with tulle skirts! It all depends on what vibe you are going for.

A plain top is a good option because it’s simple and elegant, but if you want to dress up your outfit then try pairing your skirt with lace or a satin blouse instead. You could also try wearing something a little more unexpected with your skirt, like a blazer or a sweater.

We hope this article has helped answer the question of what tops should be worn with tulle skirts. We hope you’ll now be able to recreate a couple of cool balletcore outfits without feeling out of place.

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