20 Supreme Collaborations That Are Totally Irresistible

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Supreme is a top clothing and skate brand, known for its incredible collaborations – here are the top 20 Supreme collaborations you need to know about.

The Supreme brand was founded in 1994 with the opening of a Supreme store on Lafayette Street in New York City, selling clothes and accessories for skateboarding. The brand has grown exponentially since the 1990s and the brand has become the king of head-turning collaborations.

The Supreme founder James Jebbia has been collaborating with high fashion brands and artists since the early 2000s and they have quickly become known for their unexpected releases and drops. If you love the Supreme brand, here are the top 20 Supreme collaborations you should be aware of. But keep checking the Supreme website because there are new collabs and releases all the time!

20 Supreme collaborations

1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Black Supreme x Louis Vuitton Epi Christopher Backpack

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One of the biggest Supreme collaborations was with the French luxury fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. The collaboration between these two major brands included clothing, skateboards, luggage, and leather bags – like this Epi Christopher Backpack.

The block capitals of the Supreme logo were combined with the LV monogram to create eye-catching, super fashionable designs.

We love the paired-back look of this Louis Vuitton x Supreme backpack, luxuriously crafted from Epi leather and then embossed with the Supreme brand name for a sleek look. There are rumors that a second collab may occur in 2022.

2. Supreme x Burberry

Pink Supreme x Burberry box-logo hoodie "SS22"

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Supreme collaborated with the British luxury fashion house, Burberry, in 2022 to create a range of outerwear, Supreme tees, hoodies, joggers, bucket hats, and skateboards.

The collaboration combined the silhouettes and heritage check of the Burberry brand with the skate aesthetic of the Supreme brand to produce an incredible new collection.

This Burberry x Supreme box-logo hoodie is just one piece from the collection – on the pastel pink cotton hoodie sits a Supreme box logo with the Burberry heritage check as a background.

3. Supreme x Missoni

Red and navy Supreme x Missoni reversible knitted jacket

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Missoni is a beloved Italian fashion house that was founded in the 1950s and has become world famous for its colorful knitwear. The historic Italian brand perhaps unexpectedly collaborated with Supreme in Fall 2021, releasing a line of cozy knitwear.

This Supreme x Missoni reversible knitted jacket perfectly shows how these two brands have been combined, the contemporary silhouette reflects the Supreme brand, while the intricate knitwear design is emblematic of Missoni. The back of this stunning jacket is embroidered with both the Supreme and Missoni brand names.

4. Supreme x Nike

White Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneakers

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Nike Air Force 1’s are iconic sneakers – eternally stylish and effortlessly versatile. These incredibly popular sneakers are just one element of the Nike brand that has been included in the Supreme x Nike collaboration.

The first Supreme x Nike collaboration took place in 2002 when Supreme played around with the design of the popular Nike SB skate sneakers. Since then, the collab has expanded and now includes sportswear alongside sneakers.

These Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low have the classic, timeless look, but with the addition of a small red Supreme logo on the outside of the shoe.

5. Supreme x The North Face

White, green and pink Supreme x The North Face Trekking Convertible Jacket

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The Supreme x The North Face collaboration first started in 2007 and still continues today, with new releases each year.

Each collection is usually made up of mostly outerwear, with the practicality and functionality of The North Face, but decorated with Supreme style print and pattern.

This Supreme x The North Face Trekking Convertible Jacket is just one example of the collaboration – the warm hooded jacket is printed with a vibrant pink and green floral pattern, and the hood and long sleeves can be removed to convert this jacket into something suitable for warmer weather.

6. Supreme x Emilio Pucci

Black, white and grey Supreme x Emilio Pucci sport jacket

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Last year, Supreme dropped a new collaboration with Italian luxury brand Emilio Pucci, filled with vibrant colored tops, jackets, shorts, shirts, logo box tees, and accessories. Emilio Pucci is known for its geometric prints in a vivid kaleidoscope of colors and this element of the brand is a highlight of the collaboration.

As you can see from this sports jacket, geometric style prints decorate items from the collection – this grey colorway is just one example, but hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts are available in bring blues and pinks as well.

7. Supreme x Comme Des Garcons

White Supreme x Comme Des Garcons SHIRT Split Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

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Founder of Comme Des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo is known for her deconstructed and reconstructed clothing that plays around with the silhouette and form of the body.

This aesthetic is an important element of the Supreme x Comme Des Garcons collaboration. One of the iconic aspects of the Supreme brand is their box logos, which have been split up and flipped around to decorate the Supreme x Comme Des Garcons collection – as you can see on this Split Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt.

This hoodie is also available in black, while there are also t-shirts and jackets available in the collection.

8. Supreme x Stone Island

Red Supreme x Stone Island camp cap

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Stone Island is a men’s streetwear brand that was first founded in the 1980s and has since become a cult brand of anyone who loves streetwear.

Stone Island first collaborated with Supreme back in 2014, and there are still collections being released today.

Each new Supreme x Stone Island collection is filled with original artwork and new silhouettes – each item is a must-have piece. This camp cap is totally irresistible, a staple piece in your wardrobe, available for just $135. The cap is decorated Supreme x Stone Island logo and comes in this striking red camo design.

9. Supreme x Levi’s

Blue and red Supreme x Levi’s Quilted Reversible Trucker Jacket

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Levi’s is a top denim brand, known for incredible, high-quality jeans, shorts, and denim jackets with a stylish, chic look. In 2019, Levi’s teamed up with Supreme again to create a new line of nylon and denim trucker jackets, all embroidered with the Supreme name.

The Supreme x Levi’s Quilted Reversible Trucker Jacket, pictured above, is just one piece from this collaboration – one side utilizes Levi’s high-quality denim, while the other is quilted red nylon if you fancy adding a pop of color to your look.

10. Supreme x Hanes

Pink Supreme x Hanes crew 4-pack socks

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Supreme stores in the United States began to drop the Supreme x Hanes collaboration first in 2009 and then many years since.

The collaboration between the streetwear brand and underwear and casual wear brand comprises simple t-shirts, underwear, and socks decorated with the Supreme brand name.

Hanes is known for their top-quality pieces, that are super comfortable and soft, so this collaboration is a great option if you are looking for some cozy socks – like these crew 4-pack socks – or basic white t-shirts to wear all year round.

11. Supreme x Lacoste

Navy Supreme x Lacoste small messenger bag

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The latest Supreme x Lacoste collaboration occurred in 2019 – this is the third collaboration between these two top brands. Lacoste, founded by French tennis player Rene Lacoste, brings the classic tennis style to the collab, while Supreme infuses the pieces with a street-style edge.

The collection includes polo shirts, jackets, pants, hats, and bags – just like this small messenger bag. This super practical bag has a spacious interior, secured with a front flap that has been decorated with the Supreme x Lacoste logo.

The adjustable shoulder strap, zipper pocket, and back slip pocket ensure this messenger bag is incredibly functional as well as looking stylish.

12. Supreme x Rimowa

Red and white Supreme x Rimowa Topas Multiwheel 45L Suitcase

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Rimowa is becoming one of the top brands for luxury luggage and has begun collaborating with other major luxury brands. Rimowa collaborated with Supreme in 2019 and last year collaborated with Christian Dior.

The Supreme x Rimowa collab was made up of wheeled suitcases made with aluminum to ensure durability printed with the Supreme brand name in giant white letters on a red background – as you can see in this Topas Multiwheel 45L Suitcase.

The suitcases were available in multiple different sizes and the cases came in black as well but has an equally striking look.

13. Supreme x Yohji Yamamoto

Green Supreme x Yohji Yamamoto New Era beanie

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Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most popular Japanese fashion designers, known for Avant Garde tailoring in his stunning collections.

This year, in Fall 2022, Supreme collaborated with Yohji Yamamoto to create a range of casual clothing decorated with original artwork and the Supreme and Yohji Yamamoto logos – which are displayed on this New Era beanie.

The collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, and accessories – all with a bold, eye-catching look. Many of the pieces from this collaboration are available on FarFetch for affordable prices – just perfect!

14. Supreme x Fender

White Supreme x Fender Stratocaster

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One of the more unexpected and unusual collaborations that Supreme has been a part of is with Fender – this is one of the few Supreme collaborations that are outside of the fashion industry.

The result of this Fender and Supreme collab was a custom Fender Stratocaster. The all-white guitar features a red Supreme logo in the center and a white woven Supreme strap.

This guitar has a maple wood neck, tremolo bridge, and 5-way selector switch – all the top-quality Fender elements. The perfect finishing touch is that this guitar comes with a custom Supreme case and picks.

15. Supreme x Thrasher

Black and red Supreme x Thrasher Sweatshirt

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Thrasher was stocked in the first Supreme stores in New York and Los Angeles, and now the skate label is collaborating with the Supreme label.

The latest Supreme collection with Thrasher was released in 2021 and included jeans, hats, hoodies, sweaters, varsity jackets, and t-shirts.

The collab is instantly recognizable with the combination of the Trasher and Supreme logos. The two logos feature back to front on this black and red Supreme x Thrasher Sweatshirt – the sweater is 100% cotton and so super comfortable, plus the black and red color combo make this sweater so versatile.

16. Supreme x Antihero

Black and white Supreme x Antihero hoodie

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The Supreme x Antihero collaboration is one of the brand’s most recent collabs, only released in Spring 2022. The collection is marked by the combination of the logos of these brands.

By taking the start of the Supreme logo and the end of the Antihero logo, the brand has created a mashed-up Supr/Hero logo which decorates many pieces in this collection – just like this hoodie. The back of the hoodie features a larger version of this logo and a dog motif too.

We love the hoodie because the neutral color palette makes it a go-to item in your wardrobe, but there are also t-shirts, caps, and skate decks in the collection.

17. Supreme x Timberland

Oatmeal Supreme x Timberland Hoodie

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Timberland is a beloved fashion brand, known for its chunky durable boot that features the Timberland tree logo. In 2021, this cult classic brand collaborated with Supreme to create a super stylish collection that is totally irresistible.

The collection includes Timberland boots printed with the Supreme logo, as well as winter weather essentials, such as fleece zip-ups, hoodies, and beanies. This Supreme x Timberland Hoodie is just one piece from the collection. A giant Supreme x Timberland logo is printed on the back of this off-white toned hoodie.

18. Supreme x Kangol

Red and white Supreme x Kangol Bermuda Spacecap

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One of the new collaborations from Supreme is with the British brand, Kangol. This clothing label, known for its hats and headwear, was first founded in 1938 and has been creating popular headgear ever since. The Supreme x Kangol collection is made up of different style hats all embroidered with the Supreme and Kangol brand names.

The bucket hats and space caps are available in a wide range of different colors so you are bound to find the perfect option to suit your style.

19. Supreme x Pat McGrath Labs

Red and gold Supreme x Pat McGrath Labs MattTrance lipstick

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Another unusual collaboration from Supreme is with the makeup brand Pat McGrath Labs.

Pat McGrath Labs was founded by incredible makeup artist Pat McGrath in 2006, McGrath is best known as a makeup artist to the stars and often creates makeup looks for luxury brand fashion shows.

The collaboration includes gorgeous Pat McGrath Labs makeup in limited edition red and gold Supreme packaging. If you are a lipstick lover, you really need this long-lasting MattTrance lipstick in your life.

20. Supreme x Junya Watanabe

Yellow, Red and brown Supreme x Junya Watanabe zip-up hoodie

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The amazing fashion designer, Junya Watanabe launched his eponymous brand in 1992 and over the years has become known for innovative shape and construction with unusual materials and colors.

Junya Watanabe’s collections often include staple pieces such as leather jackets, trench coats, or hoodies that have been playing around with and adapted to create something unique – just like this zip-up hoodie. This hoodie combines color, prints, and motifs to produce a stunning, attention-grabbing piece.

The Supreme and Junya Watanabe logos decorate the hood and back of the hoodie, while graphic images and motifs are printed on the front and the sleeves of the hoodie.

We hope you loved this list of the top 20 Supreme collaborations! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below. 

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