How To Wear Striped Pants & Look Good Doing It

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Striped pants are a summer favorite, and it’s time for you to get on board. Check out our style guide on what to wear with striped pants to create the most stylish outfits!

If you’re like most people, the idea of wearing striped pants probably makes you a little nervous. After all, it can be tough to pull off this look without looking like a clown.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll show you how to wear striped pants and look good doing it. So read on for some tips and tricks on styling your stripes!

What to wear with black and white striped pants: cute crop tops
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Looking good in stripes is all about knowing what to wear them with. There are different styles of stripe pants, but the ones with vertical stripes are the most popular.

Pants with horizontal stripes are rare to find (and quite frankly, not really pleasing to look at), so in this article, we’ll be focusing purely on pants with vertical patterns.

Below, we’re sharing some amazing outfits with striped pants that we found just for you! And yes, all of the outfits featured on the right side are shoppable, so if you see something interesting, just click on the photo and it will take you to the retailer’s website for purchase details.

What To Wear With Striped Pants

1. Plain Tees

Plain white tee with black shorts
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A plain white top is the perfect choice to style striped pants, especially for a casual outfit. The white t-shirt keeps the focus on the pants and ensures that you don’t look too busy.

You can most definitely use different colors too as long as they complement your pants.

Pairing a plain white tee with your striped pants is a great way to keep your outfit simple and stylish. We recommend opting for a solid color tee so that your thick stripes can really stand out.

White tees are an easy garment to wear with stripes without looking like you’re trying too hard. And if you’re worried about looking too casual, simply tuck in your tee and add some statement jewelry. You’ll instantly look more put-together and fashionable.

2. Graphic Tees

Orange graphic tee
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A graphic tee is another great option to wear with striped pants for a casual look. It allows you to show off your personality and have some fun with your outfit. Complete your outfit with a pair of black boots.

We recommend choosing a tee with a simple design so that your stripes can really shine. But if you want to make more of a statement, consider pairing your tee with a bold print for a pop of color!

3. Leather Jackets

Oversized black leather blazer
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One of the more modern ways to dress up your striped pants outfit is to wear it with a leather jacket. A black leather jacket is the perfect way to add an edge to your outfit, especially in cooler weather. It also helps to break up the stripes and gives you a more polished, trendy look.

Of course, complete your overall look with a pair of white sneakers, ankle boots or loafers for an upscale chic look.

4. Crop Tops

Baby blue crop top
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Pairing a crop top with striped pants is a great way to show off your midsection. We recommend choosing a top that is fitted so that your colorful stripes can really stand out. It makes for a cute simple outfit with a fresh touch that’s perfect for a day out.

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You can choose a short sleeve crop top or a spaghetti strap crop top; whatever style you prefer. Since the crop top is already fitted, you can wear it with striped palazzo pants or any other loose-fitting, wide-leg pants.

5. Denim Jackets

Denim jacket with white turtleneck
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Denim jackets go with everything, and striped pants are no different. To keep things streamlined, we recommend color coordinating your denim jacket with your striped pants: if your denim jacket is mostly blue, wear it with blue striped pants.

However, if it’s black or white, you have more options as these colors pair well with stripes of any color. This is a cute choice if you want to appear laid back and grounded, especially on a day out.

6. Sweaters

Chunky beige sweater
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A sweater is a great way to add some warmth to your outfit. It also helps to break up the stripes and gives you a more comfy look. If you have striped skinny jeans, an oversized black sweater would be perfect. If you don’t want to go for a sweater, any long sleeve top would do too.

Complete your outfit with sneakers, or classic pumps if you’re looking to dress up!

7. Dressy Blouses

Baby pink gingham peplum blouse with white jeans
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A dressy blouse is a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit. It also makes you look more sophisticated and elegant – we totally recommend copying the blue and yellow outfit combination above for a cute summer look!

Complete your look with any footwear you like, but if you’re going for a romantic feminine vibe, we suggest opting for strappy sandals – these are perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

8. Tank Tops

White tank top with beige shorts
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For a simple, laid-back outfit, you can never really go wrong with a classic-style tank top. A tank top is a great way to show off your arms. It’s also perfect for super casual settings, like grabbing coffee or going shopping downtown.

And there you have it! If you’re looking for an outfit idea for the warmer months ahead, we totally suggest wearing striped pants. They are easier to pull off than you may think, and there’s no need to be afraid of them!

Let us know in the comment section if we missed anything. If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below!

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