What To Wear With Harem Pants: 7 Comfy Outfit Ideas

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Looking for a new and unique style to add to your wardrobe? Then harem pants are the perfect choice for you! Check out our guide on what to wear with harem pants to create the comfiest (and stylish) outfits!

Have you ever watched Aladdin and wondered what style of loose pants these main characters wore throughout the film? Well, if you’re not familiar yet, we’re here to talk about harem pants.

Harem pants, also known as “buddha pants” or “drop-crotch pants”, are a style of pants that have a loose crotch designed to sag down to the feet.

They’re a popular pant style with an elasticated waistband that originated from South Asia and the Middle East, and they’re usually worn in the West by hippies in music festivals and yoga enthusiasts for their super comfortable, breezy style.

What to wear with olive green harem pants: burnt orange bandeau top
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In the late 2010s, it also garnered worldwide attention thanks to Youtube dancers who started wearing harem pants to their online dance class.

Although it’s not as popular as other pant styles, harem pants are well-loved by free spirits and hippies.

So if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable alternative to jeans, harem pants may be just what you need for a lazy day!

These pants come in a variety of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find the perfect pair for your wardrobe. In this article, we will discuss what to wear with a pair of harem pants.

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What To Wear With Harem Pants

1. Plain Tops

A simple and easy way to style black harem pants (or any other color for that matter) is to pair them with a plain top for casual outfits. This can be a t-shirt, tank top, or even a cami top. The key is to keep the top simple so that the focus is on the pants.

Don’t wear anything too loose or baggy on top. This will make you look larger than you are and can be unflattering.

Avoid patterns or prints on your top, if your pants already have busy patterns. Again, this will take away from the pant’s look. For footwear, you can wear this with a pair of strappy sandals or flip-flops.

2. Crop Tops

If you want to show a little more skin, then pairing your harem pants with a crop top is a great option. This look is perfect for summertime or a tropical holiday. To accessorize, a simple crossbody clutch would suffice, as well as some mala bracelets.

Harem pants can come in solid colors or patterned ones. For a chic look, wear harem pants with a purple paisley pattern – this is one of the most common and popular designs, and is easily one of the prettiest choices.

3. Tank Tops

Black tank top
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A fitted tank top is a great option for those hot summer days. It will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking stylish. When choosing a tank top to wear with your harem pants, make sure it’s not too loose or revealing. You want the focus to be on the pants, not your tank top.

For a sophisticated look, wear a white tank top with loose linen harem pants. There are a variety of accessories to choose from, like a nice long necklace or some bangles.

For something a little more street style, you can wear your harem pants + tank top combo with a pair of white sneakers – but avoid the chunky ones please! It will make you look baggier.

4. Bandeaus

What To Wear With Harem Pants: White bandeau and dark grey harem pants
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If you’re looking to show a little more skin, then a bandeau is a great option. This type of top is perfect for those hot summer days or when you’re traveling to a warm destination.

Harem pants are a great alternative to yoga pants too, so if you want to show up at yoga without the usual tight, constricting yoga pants, then go for casual harem pants.

5. Bralettes

What To Wear With Harem Pants: Black bralette and paisley harem pants
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A bralette is a great option for something a little freer. This type of top is perfect for warm days on the beach, or if you’re looking to do some yoga.

If bralettes are not your thing, you can also go for a sports bra instead!

6. Dressy Tops

What To Wear With Harem Pants: Blue paisley harem pants and orange top
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Harem pants can also be dressed up for a more sophisticated occasion, like a casual dinner. Pair them with a dressy top, such as a blouse or an off-shoulder top.

You can even wear a dressy tank top if you want to show a little bit of skin. To elevate your whole look, accessorize with some tassel earrings or a statement necklace.

7. Bikini Tops

If you’re headed to the beach or pool, then a bikini top is a great option. This will keep you cool and comfortable while still looking stylish. The best thing – harem pants are also great to use as bikini cover-ups!

Since harem pants are loose and baggy, they are ideal for casual, warm days. With that said, the ideal footwear for harem pants is flip-flops, flat sandals, and even ballet flats. But hey – one of our favorite ways is to just go barefoot, especially on the beach!

Commonly Asked Questions

What are harem pants?

Harem pants are a type of pants that is loose and baggy on the hips and legs. They usually have an elasticated waistband and can be made from a variety of materials, such as cotton, linen, or even silk. Harem pants are typically worn by women and can be worn by men as well.

These are baggy pants that are fitted at the ankle. They are inspired by Middle Eastern and South Asian styles. Aside from yoga and meditation, harem pants are also often worn when doing chores, as their baggy fit allows the wearer to be comfortable when completing household tasks.

Are harem pants still in style?

Though they are not as popular as before, harem pants are still a favorite choice of clothing among hippies and yogis.

But don’t let this stop you from getting your own pair of harem pants! As we mentioned earlier, harem pants are very comfortable when worn at home, especially when doing household chores.

These are a great choice to wear especially if you want to feel comfortable at home, regardless if they’re the most fashionable item of the moment.

What’s the difference between harem pants and parachute pants?

The main difference lies within the cut of the pants. Harem pants typically have a consistent width down the leg but are gathered at the ankle.

Parachute pants, on the other hand, are wider at the thigh area and begin gathering below the knee, resulting in a tight fit around the ankle.

And there you have it! These were just a few of our favorite ways to wear and style harem pants. We hope you found this style guide helpful!

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