8 Stylish Outfits To Wear With Birkenstocks This Season

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For the ultimate comfortable footwear this summer, we suggest wearing soft, chunky sandals. That’s right, Birkenstocks are the perfect choice. For the best summer outfits, check out our style guide on what to wear with Birkenstocks!

Sure, Birkenstocks have been called the original”ugly shoes”, but with the rise of streetwear fashion, dad sneakers and sandals have become some of the trendiest items to own, Birkenstocks included.

These hyper-comfortable sandals are well-loved by celebrities and ordinary people alike – so let’s take a look at the best outfits to wear with this summer staple.

Black chunky sandals
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Birkenstocks are a type of sandal known for their cushioned footbed, leather strap with a big buckle and flat or cork sole. They’ve been around since 1774, when Johann Adam Birkenstock, a German shoemaker, developed his first clog.

The company has since evolved into a global footwear brand, selling unique styles that are popular both in Europe and US. While you might associate Birkenstocks with tie-dye and peace symbols, they’ve also colleborated with some big names in fashion, such as Manolo Blahnik most recently.

The most popular version of the shoe is definitely the Arizona style (featured above), which comes with a cork footbed that gives you arch support and makes walking easier on your feet.

If you want something a little sportier, you can also pick up one of those sandals made by the collaboration between Birkenstock and New York-based brand Proenza Schouler.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Birkenstock sandals come in different colors and styles, and some are more casual while others are more trendy or dressy – so you may want to do some research before buying them online.

But regardless of what type you choose, they’ll always be comfortable due to their flat sole design and roomy toe box (which means there will be space between your toes!).

Now, let’s get started with some of the best outfits to wear with Birkenstocks.

What To Wear With Birkenstocks

1. Summer Dresses

What To Wear With Birkenstocks: Sage green cutout dress
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This one is obvious, but don’t underestimate the power of a cute, feminine dress + chunky sandals ensemble. The simplicity of this look will make your trendy Birkenstocks stand out even more.

While dresses of all lengths work well wih Birkenstocks, we recommend opting for a shorter one to really show off your shoes. To style, you can complete the outfit with your favorite designer bag,

For colder days, throw on a denim jacket or a blazer depending on the vibe that you’re going for – très chic!

2. Linen Co-Ords

What To Wear With Birkenstocks: Cream linen co-ords
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Linen co-ords are a great summer outfit as they are so breathable. They are also, as it turns out, the perfect outfit to wear with Birkenstocks. You can match them with any color of sandal and they look great!

For a cute monochrome outfit, wear a pair of white linen co-ords together with white Arizonas. This look is the ultimate proof that less is definitely more.

3. Oversized Unbuttoned Shirts

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Another great way to wear your Birkenstocks is with an oversized unbuttoned shirt and jeans (or shorts if you prefer). This can be a casual look, but you can definitely add a few accessories to make it trendy and even dressy.

Trendy sunglasses and the perfect designer beach bag are definitely some of the best accessories to consider pairing your Birkenstocks with.

4. Tee + Jeans

What To Wear With Birkenstocks: Jeans
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Jeans are a versatile piece of clothing, and everyone definitely has more than a few pairs in their closets. Wear your favorite pair of light-wash or dark-wash jeans with a loose, casual tee for the quintessential cool girl look, or opt for a graphic tee if that’s more your style.

If you want something slightly more formal than just jeans and t-shirt, try pairing a black or white blazer on top for an outfit that’s both stylish and comfortable enough for long days at work or play!

5. Summer Tops + Midi Skirt

Cobalt blue floral midi skirt with slit
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A top and a midi skirt are both ideal options for pairing with Birkenstocks. For the ideal daytime look, go for a top that’s loose-fitting, but not too baggy, and a midi skirt that’s knee-length or longer. If this feels inauthentic to you, you can also opt for more form-fittin tank tops or bralettes,

In addition to these suggestions, you can pair this look with other clothing items. For example, you could wear your Birkenstocks with a chunky oversized sweater and a ribbed pencil skirt that is more fall-appropriate.

6. Boyfriend Shirts

Boyfriend shirts, also known as oversized button-downs can also double as shirt dresses, which is a fashionable choice to wear with a pair of metallic Birkenstocks.

You can also wear this with denim shorts or jeans if you prefer. This is such a simple yet super comfy look that’s great for summer and beyond.

7. Tank Tops

What To Wear With Birkenstocks: Black racerback tank top
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A tank top is a simple, lightweight top with no sleeves. It’s the perfect summer garment because it can be worn on its own or underneath a cardigan or blazer.

Depending on your style, you can wear it loose and casual or tucked into a pair of shorts – and of course, don’t forget your preferred pair of Birkenstock sandals.

8. With A Trench Coat

What To Wear With Birkenstocks: Soft sage green trench coat
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A trench coat is a classic piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways. It’s a great transitional piece, and it’s a great way to keep warm while you look cool.

The best part is that the trench coat goes with everything – whether it’s sunny out or rainy outside, whether your outfit is casual or sophisticated, whether you’re wearing jeans or dress pants…the possibilities are endless.

Birkenstocks are a great comfy choice especially when the weather is a little chilly but you don’t want to wear boots or covered shoes.


This guide should show you that Birkenstocks can be worn with anything. While they might seem like a clunky footwear option at first glance, they can be surprisingly versatile.

As long as you follow any of the tips we mentioned above, you’ll be able to build an outfit around your sandals and make them look chic!

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