What To Wear To The Zoo: 8 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Going on an outdoor adventure soon? How about paying a visit to the local zoo? If that sounds good, check out our guide to what to wear to the zoo, as well as some of our favorite outfit ideas.

If you’re like most families with kids, then chances are that you love spending the day at the zoo. It’s a fun way to learn about some of our world’s most amazing creatures upfront. Plus, it just feels so good to do outdoor activities and to enjoy nature with your friends or family.

But when you’re going to the zoo, knowing what to wear is so important. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold, and you don’t want any uncomfortable seams or fabrics rubbing on your skin. The general rule is to wear comfortable clothes, but most especially comfortable footwear – there will be a lot of walking around.

Additionally, you don’t want to be too casual or too dressy—the perfect outfit is one that lets you enjoy yourself while still showcasing your personal style! You want to be comfortable, but you also want to look cute. ]

This can be tricky, since there are so many different factors that go into clothing choices—including the weather (like whether or not it’s rainy), and type of zoo you’re going to. It’s best to check the weather forecast so you’ll be able to plan your zoo outfit ahead of time!

In today’s article, we’re sharing our top tips on what to wear to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

What To Wear To The Zoo

1. Linen Clothing

What To Wear To The Zoo: Beige colored linen crop top and skirt
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The first thing to consider when choosing a summer outfit for the zoo is what kind of fabric you most enjoy wearing. In our experience, t’s best to go for breathable fabrics like linen.

Linen is natural, lightweight, and soft — all things we want in our clothing on a hot day! It’s also versatile, comfortable and durable. These are all reasons why linen has been so popular since ancient times.

There are many different styles of linen clothing out there, from organic boho dresses to striped button-downs you can wear with your favorite pair of jeans or loose shorts.

The material lends itself well to casual looks with its relaxed drapey fit that allows freedom of movement while still feeling polished enough for dressing up on occasion; think: linen tunic dress + ankle boots = perfect fall outfit, too!

2. Shorts

What To Wear To The Zoo: Light wash distressed denim jeans
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Shorts are a great option for wearing to the zoo. Not only are they comfortable, but they can also be flattering on all body types.

They’re perfect for hot days, activities like walking around and exploring the zoo, and even wearing with sandals or flip flops! Pair your shorts with a short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Denim shorts are a popular choice for this kind of warm weather, but you can also go for looser fabrics like linen or khakis. All in all, this is a simple, casual outfit that will never fail you.

3. (Midi) Skirts

What To Wear To The Zoo: Blue floral tiered midi wrap skirt
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Skirts are a great alternative to pants, shorts and dresses. If you’re not feeling the idea of exposing your legs in public, a breezy midi skirt will give you coverage while still keeping cool.

They also come in a variety of lengths, so it can be easy to find one that works for your style and comfort level.

And when you’re going to the zoo in cool weather, you can also pair this with a light jacket or a cropped sweater.

4. Sleeveless Tops

White ribbed tank top with black leggings
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For the ultimate summer fit, you can’t really go wrong with tank tops. This way you’ll feel free to move around with ease without worrying about anything falling off or getting tangled up in any equipment or crowds of people around you at the park!

Pair your favorite simple top with denim jeans or shorts, or even leggings, especially if you’re a parent and you’re bringing small children with you. (You want to be able to move and sprint quickly in case they start running around the zoo park!)

Keep your hands free with a fanny pack wrapped around your waist instead of a handbag – we love these designer options in particular!

5. Sundresses

White and pink floral shift dress
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A comfortable sundress is one of the most versatile clothing pieces out there, so it’s perfect for a day at the zoo, especially if you’re going on date. It’s a one-and-done outfit, and you won’t have to worry about pairing your top to your bottom.

For a simple, chic look, pair your floral sundress with white sneakers or a flat sandal – whatever fits your style. Also, we recommend going with a crossbody bag instead of a purse or a shoulder bag; it’ll keep you free especially if you’re going on a petting zoo.

6. Jeans + Light Top

What To Wear To The Zoo: White babydoll top and straight leg jeans
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Jeans are a great choice for a hot summer day, because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. If you want to dress up your denim look, try pairing it with a floral puff-sleeve babydoll top. A light-colored tank top or cardigan is another ideal option for this look.

We recommend going for mom jeans or boyfriend jeans as opposed to skinny jeans. That way you’ll feel breezy and comfortable. Complete your look with a sun hat and a pair of sleek sunglasses.

7. Maxi Dress

What To Wear To The Zoo: Green cutout floral maxi dress
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Maxi dresses are comfortable because they’re long and loose, making them ideal for hot days. Plus, the longer the material, the more sun protection you’ll get!

They also look great when worn with a hat and sunglasses, helping you keep protected from sun damage while also keeping you cool by shading yourself from the heat of the sun.

You can also wear your maxi dress with boots or sandals – whichever works best depending on what time of year you’ll be visiting the zoo.

8. Animal Print

What To Wear To The Zoo: Leopard print kimono
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Animal print is a fun way to incorporate some personality into your outfit. You can choose any animal print, but you’ll want to make sure it’s appropriate for the zoo. We’re big fans of leopard print or zebra prints—if you’re worried about looking too formal, these are good options for keeping things casual.

This is also a great opportunity to wear something that shows off your love of animals or nature.

Additional Tips

Here are some tips for nailing the right outfit:

  • Wear loose clothing that won’t rub against your skin. Flowing maxi dresses are great because they keep cool in warm weather! If possible, choose cotton or linen fabrics; they breathe well when you sweat and will dry quickly after getting wet at a splash pad.
  • Don’t forget comfortable shoes! We recommend going for anything flat – sneakers, sandals, mules, Birkenstocks, etc. If you want some added height, a pair of kitten heels or low block heels would be okay.
  • Be comfortable: You should wear something loose enough so that you can breathe and move around with.
  • Don’t wear something too tight: If it feels like a second skin, then leave it at home!


Hopefully, these outfit ideas have inspired you to start planning what to wear to the zoo next time! We know that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide what outfit will work best for a fun day out with friends or family members.

Just remember that comfort is key and try not to get stressed if something doesn’t look exactly right on you in the end – there are always other options!

We hope you found this style guide helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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