Attending A Boat Party? Here’s The Dos & Don’ts You Don’t Want To Miss

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If you have no idea what to wear to a boat or yacht party, check out this helpful guide for the best outfit ideas and tips on dress code.

So, you’ve been invited to a boat party. That’s exciting! Boat parties are a fun and luxurious way to enjoy the summer (or fall!). It’s where you can let your hair down and enjoy a day (or night) out on the water with your closest friends. This type of party is great for celebrations like birthdays, summer parties, dinner parties, or even cocktail parties.


What Is A Boat Party, Anyway?


For the unacquainted, a boat party is an exclusive party typically held in a boat, or in more luxurious cases, a yacht. The boat will sail out into the water so you and your friends can enjoy the view of the city from the sea, and you can also change into your favorite swimsuit so you can dive and swim around. This is a type of casual affair that really doesn’t need formal wear like long gowns – at best, the most formal you can go for is a cocktail dress and a nice pair of high heels.


What Should You Wear To a Boat or Yacht Party?

1. Linen


First off, we highly recommend wearing clothes made of linen. Linen is made of natural fibers, and it is an absolute staple and favorite when it comes to beach clothing because of its light material. It is breathable, and it dries easily when it gets wet. It’s best to go for a casual look like a linen shirt and a pair of chino shorts.

The sea breeze will pass through the clothing and will make you feel extra good on a sunny day. Another good alternative would be rayon or chiffon, although chiffon is more widely used for coverups.  


2. Comfortable Flat Shoes


As for footwear, you can wear either a comfy pair of Toms, flip flops, sandals or a pair of boat shoes. You can also bring a light jacket with you in case it will get cold on the boat ride. Nautical colors like light blue and white a good choice too, because these are light colors that are so easy on the eyes, especially on a sunny day out on the boat deck.

But if you want to stray from the classic look and you want to spice things up a bit  by wearing a boat party outfit with a chic look, a stylish way would be to incorporate one of the following:


3. Rompers 


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White linen romper for What To Wear To A Boat Party

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Rompers are very chic and laid-back, making them one of the most perfect outfits to wear to a boat or yacht party. Plus, they are light and easy on the eyes! There are tons of linen rompers you can find at different fashion boutiques.


4. Wide Leg Pants


What To Wear To A Boat Party: Blue floral wide leg pants

Get these wide-leg pants at Shein


 Wide-leg pants can be used as loose coverup pants after a day of soaking in the sun and the water. You can pair wide-leg pants with your favorite bikini top, or a linen tank top.


5. Wrap Skirts 


What To Wear To A Boat Party: Brown midi skirt

Get this skirt at Hello Molly


Flirty, flouncy, and free. It’s best to get a wrap skirt with chiffon material so that it will feel lightweight and breezy. Like wide-leg pants, you can pair your flowy skirt with your favorite bikini top or a cute tank of your choice.


6. Flowy Dresses


What To Wear To A Boat Party: Flowy blue maxi dress

Get this dress at Lulus


For ultra comfort, go for a flowy dress. Not only are they stylish, but your tanned body would look amazing in a maxi dress, making you look like a bronzed goddess. If maxi dresses are not your thing, you can also go for a knee-length summer dress. Just make sure that the dress isn’t so short that the wind could catch it in a bad way! (Or if you wear one, make sure to wear some biker shorts underneath the dress).


7. Jumpsuits


What To Wear To A Boat Party: Cream jumpsuit

Get this jumpsuit at Lulus


Like rompers, jumpsuits are a safe choice to wear on a boat or a yacht, as they won’t get caught in the wind. 


For a hassle-free weekend boat trip, we made a list of gorgeous outfits that you can wear to a yacht or boat party. Keep in mind that not all of these outfits are made up of linen fabrics, but they are nonetheless still comfortable to wear for a good day out on the sea.


10 More Boating Outfit Ideas For Women




Cute boating outfit for women


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Cute boating outfit for women


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: Blue wide-leg pants


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Cute boating outfit with midi skirt


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Cute casual boating outfit for women with florals


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: White jumpsuit


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: Midi skirt


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: button up shirt and shorts in linen


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: maroon wide leg pants


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What To Wear To A Boat Party: White wide-leg pants


Get these wide-leg pants at Shein


What Not To Wear To A Boat Party


What you wear to a boat party is very different from what you wear on land. What looks good at the club or beach might not be appropriate for a yacht, so keep these things in mind when putting together your outfit:

1. High heels 

You don’t want to fall overboard! Wear flat shoes like sandals or flip-flops instead. If it’s nighttime and if there will be dancing, then consider wearing wedges that are still easy enough to walk on without falling over.

2. Tight clothing

You’ll be on a boat, so you can expect to get wet and windblown. What looks good dry might not look as great when it’s all soaked in water and sticking onto your skin. Wear clothes that are loose enough that they won’t cling to you even if there is some splashing or spray from the ocean waves.

3. Dressy outfits

What makes yacht parties different than other types of summer events is its exclusivity and luxury factor. Overdoing your outfit will take away from this special occasion feel because it just screams “trying too hard.” Avoid wearing anything dressy like sequined dresses or gowns; these things belong at fancy dinners, not necessarily at yacht parties with your friends.

Instead, wear things that are comfortable enough to dance in and good-looking but not so fancy that it will outshine the event itself. What you should be wearing is outfits suitable for a summer day at sea or even just for chillin’ on the beach. 

Now that we’ve covered the general etiquette of yacht and boat parties, let’s take a look at other considerations you might want to know for the day.


Essentials To Bring To A Boat Party


Firstly, it’s not a boat party without swimming! Don’t forget to bring your favorite bikini with you.

It also pays to protect your skin from the sun, so make sure to pack your sunblock with you in your bag. A good sunblock should be at least SPF 30, since SPF 30 can block about 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Plus points if you can find a reef-safe sunblock, so you can protect not only yourself but also the corals and sea creatures.

This one is optional but highly recommended: a sunhat. There are loads of fashionable sunhats you can purchase anywhere, and they do a great job of adding an extra layer of protection for your face! But if you can’t find a sunhat, a baseball cap would be just fine.

A pair of sunglasses are also important to bring so you can protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

We don’t want your lips to flake from the seawater, so please pack some lip balm on your beach tote as well.

Yachts provide beach towels for guests, but it might not be the same thing for boats. To be safe, bring your own beach towel with you, as well as an extra change of clothes.


We hope you found this guide about what to wear to a yacht/boat party helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.


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