Unveiling The 9 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With Light Blue Dresses

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In the world of fashion, the right shoe color can make all the difference, regardless of the event that you’re attending. If you’re looking for the best shoe colors to wear with your light blue dress, read on for our top tips.

Light blue is a gorgeous color to wear to weddings, cocktail parties, and everyday affairs thanks to its dainty, powdery hue. It’s a color that exudes elegance, tranquility, and a touch of whimsy.

Light blue dress with crystal boots and grey coat
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Whether you’re preparing for a formal event, a casual outing, or a day at the office, choosing the perfect shoe color can elevate your overall look and complement your light blue dress flawlessly.

Below, we will explore the top 8 shoe colors that harmonize beautifully with a light blue dress, providing you with inspiration and guidance to enhance your look with confidence. From timeless and sophisticated looks to more playful and daring styles, our curated selection of shoe colors will fit any personal style.

The Best Color Shoes To Wear With A Light Blue Dress

1. Silver Shoes

Light blue feather dress with silver heels
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Silver shoes are a perfect match for light blue dresses, creating an elegant and harmonious combination. The metallic sheen of silver beautifully complements the soft and serene nature of the dress, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to the ensemble.

This makes silver-colored shoes our top choice to wear with light blue dresses if you’re looking to attend special occasions or formal events. For the best effect, coordinate your look with other accessories, such as silver jewelry or silver handbags, to tie the entire look together.

Alternatively, if you prefer comfort over intricate heel styles, switch up your look by slipping into a pair of comfy silver-colored Golden Goose glitter sneakers instead – this is a great way to elevate any everyday look.

Silver Shoes We Love
Cult Gaia

Kacey Sandal

At Cult Gaia

Silver Mach and Mach heels with bow
Mach & Mach

Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump 

At Nordstrom

Silver Gianvito Rossi stiletto sandals
Gianvito Rossi

Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

2. White Shoes

Light blue dress with white heels
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White shoes and light blue dresses form a match made in fashion heaven. The crisp, clean and versatile nature of white footwear effortlessly complements the delicate and serene hue of a light blue dress, allowing it to take center stage.

Whether you’re attending a garden party, a summer wedding, or simply running errands with your children, white footwear can effortlessly adapt to the dress code while enhancing the light blue dress’s allure. White also provides a pleasant bright contrast to your outfit, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look perfect for hot summer days.

While white strappy heels are the perfect accessory to complement a formal outfit, if you’re looking for more practical footwear, you can’t go wrong with white sneakers, flat sandals or loafers.

White Shoes We Love
White mule wedges

Gaia leather wedge mules

At Net-A-Porter

White Golden Goose sneakers with pearls and gold star
Golden Goose

Super-Star leather sneakers

At Net-A-Porter

White Tory Burch Miller Leather Sandals
Tory Burch

Miller Leather Sandal

At Nordstrom

3. Neutral Shoes

Light blue Zimmermann dress with nude heels
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Neutral shoes, such as beige, tan, nude, or light brown, offer a timeless and sophisticated appeal that effortlessly blends with the romantic aesthetic of a light blue dress.

By their very nature, skin-tone-colored shoes don’t draw a lot of attention, allowing the focus to be on the dress’s design, silhouette, or intricate details. They provide a foundation that supports and enhances the overall aesthetic of your look, making them a versatile choice for coordinating with handbags, jewelry, or other accessories. Plus, nude shoes often create the illusion of longer legs, especially if you opt for heels.

Nude Shoes We Love
Neutral braided sandals from Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita

Ronin Slide Sandal

At Nordstrom

Nude sandals with gold statement piece
Jeffrey Campbell

Linques 2 Flip Flop

At Nordstrom

Nude slingback heels
Sam Edelman

Baylor Ankle Strap Sandal

At Nordstrom

4. Gold Shoes

Light blue turtleneck dress with gold sandals
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Much like silver, gold heels add a touch of opulence and glamour, making them a stunning choice for special occasions. Gold heels provide a statement-making element to the overall look while still maintaining a sense of subtlety, allowing the light blue dress to remain the focal point of your look.

Gold Shoes We Love
Comfortable gold sandals from Cult Gaia
Cult Gaia

Rene Metallic Cantilevered Heel Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

Gold lace up flat sandals
Mach & Mach

Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump 

At Revolve

Gold lace up heels

Tamu Ankle Wrap Sandal 

At Nordstrom

5. Black Shoes

Light blue linen dress with black dad sandals
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Black shoes are always a great option to wear with light blue dresses, especially if you have dark hair that balances the contrasting colors.

They offer a sense of versatility, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal occasions, making them a reliable choice for a variety of events. Whether it’s a daytime outing or an evening affair, black shoes lend a polished and chic touch to your look, enhancing your overall appearance.

Black Shoes We Love
Black Tory Burch dad sandals
Tory Burch

Kira Sport Sandal

At Tory Burch

Black strappy sandals
Tony Bianco

Caprice Heel

At Nordstrom

Black wedge espadrilles with lace up detail

Tall Wedge

At Revolve

6. Tangerine Shoes

Short light blue dress with tangerine orange heels
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If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your outfit, our top choice would be a pair of coral or bright orange heels. They create a striking and unexpected pairing, infusing the ensemble with vibrancy and energy that looks interesting and unique.

This contrasting combination adds a playful and adventurous touch to the overall look, injecting a sense of excitement and personality. Whether it’s a casual outing or a summer event, don’t shy away from this color combination before you try it for yourself.

Tangerine Shoes We Love
Orange Bottega Veneta crystal sandals
Bottega Veneta

Sparkle Stretch High-Heel Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

Coral high heeled mules
Dolce Vita

Nitro Sandal 

At Nordstrom

Trendy tangerine colored heels
Steve Madden

Joy Slide Sandal

At Nordstrom

7. Blue Shoes

Light blue dress with blue heels
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Light blue can be matched with a good range of colors, including shades from its own color family.

The monochromatic combination of blue shades creates a visually pleasing and well-coordinated aesthetic that’s modern at the same time. Plus, as there’s plenty of variety within blue shades, you can opt for a completely harmonious look with matching light blue shoes, or instead, go for a slight pop of color with a brighter or darker shade of blue to electrify your appearance.

As for accessorizing, since your outfit is already tonal, you can opt for a different-colored handbag if you would like: harmonious colors featured in this article, like tangerine, lavender, white and light pink are all great options. Of course, neutral and metallic bags are always a safe choice too.

Blue Shoes We Love
Light blue heels with silver crystal details
Jeffrey Campbell

X REVOLVE Apresdouze Heel

At Revolve

Light blue Tory Burch sandals
Tory Burch

Ines Sandal

At Nordstrom

Blue Birkenstock sandals

Arizona Eva Sandal

At Revolve

8. Lavender & Lilac Shoes

Light blue dress with lilac heels
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Lavender shoes create a dreamy pairing with light blue dresses, offering a delicate and whimsical combination that exudes femininity. The soft pastel tones beautifully complement each other, creating a harmonious blend that is unique and interesting at the same time.

While this color combination works wonderfully for special occasions, there’s no need to shy away from trying the pairing for everyday affairs either; thanks to the resurgence of the y2k aesthetic, many ballet flats, sandals and even sneakers are available in this romantic color.

Lavender Shoes We Love
Metallic lilac mules from Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta

Quilted metallic leather mules

At Net-A-Porter

Lavender Birkenstock sandals

Arizona EVA Sandal

At Revolve

Comfy lavender mules with block heel

Mackenzie Heel

At Revolve

9. Light Pink Shoes

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Light pink shoes and a light blue dress form a wonderful, delicate color pairing that evokes femininity and charm. The soft and delicate hue of pink harmonizes effortlessly with the serene nature of the dress, creating a romantic and dreamy ensemble.

The gentle pop of color adds visual interest to the overall look while maintaining a sense of subtlety that you would also get with neutral shoes. While you can wear this color combination to a range of events, a gender reveal party would be a particularly fun and fitting occasion.

Light Pink Shoes We Love
Amina Muaddi

Begum Swarovski crystal-embellished slingback pumps

At Net-A-Porter

Light pink slide sandals
Stuart Weitzman

Cayman 35 Block Slide Sandal

At Nordstrom

Light pink strappy heels

Mel Lace Up Sandal

At Revolve


When it comes to pairing shoes with a light blue dress, several colors stand out as exceptional choices. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of white, the versatile nature of neutrals, the glamorous allure of silver, the opulence of gold, the classic sophistication of black, the boldness of orange, or the dreamy whimsy of lavender and pink, each color brings its unique flair to enhance the beauty of the light blue dress.

The key is to consider the occasion, your personal style, and your desired aesthetic to make the perfect shoe selection. Ultimately, the best shoe color is one that makes you feel your best and looks harmonious with your other features, such as your hair and skin color.

By carefully selecting the shoe color to wear with a light blue dress, you can elevate your look and create a memorable fashion statement that expresses your individuality, whichever shoe style you decide to go with.

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