Think Pink: 10 Best Shoes To Pair With Your Pink Dress

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Expand your footwear choices with this guide on what color shoes to wear with a pink dress!

When we see pink, we automatically associate this color with femininity, youth, and playfulness. It is also a very fashionable color that looks good in anything – from shoes to accessories, to bags, to clothes… and yes, to dresses as well.

While pink is a trendy color, it can be quite hard to come up with the right color of shoes to wear with it, especially if your dress is a loud color like hot pink.

The most common and the safest option would be to go for nude or black shoes (including heels, pumps, boots, and sandals), but we’re here to help you expand your choices in footwear and to give you a guide on the best options that will complement your pink dress.

Firstly, we have to take into account the shade of the dress. If you have a hot pink sheath dress on you or any shade of dark pink, you can wear something to balance it out such as a pair of gold shoes or purple shoes.

Blush pink dresses or pale pink dresses would be gorgeous when paired with a pair of light grey shoes or silver shoes.

Pink Dress with White Strappy Heels Styling
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Carnation pink (or the classic pink color) would go really well with nude, gold, blush, brown, and white. But don’t fret, we’ll dive deeper into the exact shoe colors in just a bit.

Whether you’re going to a formal event at night or you’re going for a cute summer look, we’re going to help you make the perfect choice for the best shoe color to go with your pink dress!

The Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Pink Dress

1. Nude Shoes

A great choice if you’re looking for something chic is nude shoes or beige shoes. What makes these the best option to wear with pink dresses is that they are very versatile and can be worn in many different settings; whether it’s a formal occasion or just hanging out on the weekend!

Nude tones go well with everything so this means no matter what type of dress you have, your footwear will compliment it perfectly! In addition to this, they also elongate your legs, which adds a beautiful touch to your overall look.

The neutral color also ensures that they’ll match any outfit which saves you time when getting ready to go somewhere special. Plus, skin tone colors do a great job at balancing out a bold color such as fuchsia or neon pink.

Pair your pale pink dress with nude heels or beige sandals for a subtle look. For a romantic look, opt for a pair of nude satin heels!

Bottega Veneta Leather-trimmed Crystal Nude Pumps
Bottega Veneta

Leather-trimmed Crystal Pumps 

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Piferi Mesh Vegan Sculptural-Heel Mules

Mesh Vegan Sculptural-Heel Mules

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Valentino Garavani Private Crystal Satin Stiletto Mules
Valentino Garavani

Private Crystal Satin Stiletto Mules

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2. Gold Shoes

Light pink Lanvin dress with gold heels
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Gold is a color that complements any shade of pink. These metallic shoes will definitely bring out the color in your dress! What’s great about this combination too is that it does not take away from the femininity of this lovely hue.

Gold has been known to symbolize wealth and royalty for centuries so you’ll be sure to feel like a queen while wearing them with your pretty fuchsia dress!

You can wear gold heels or even strappy sandals if you want to go the open-toe route instead. If you’re going for an evening look then opt for some glittery gold flats instead – they are more party-appropriate but still have plenty of pizzazz!

For a more romantic and chic great shoe option, go for a pair of rose gold shoes.

Gold Shoes That We Love
Bottega Veneta Brass Metallic Strappy Heeled Sandals
Bottega Veneta

Stretch metallic leather sandals

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Gold Tony Bianco heels that look like Amina Muaddi
Tony Bianco

Shy Sandal

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Gold Gucci GG Metallic Sandals

GG Metallic Sandal

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3. Black Shoes

While black is a classic color that can be paired with pink, it might overwhelm your entire outfit with its bold, dark hue.

It’s best to go for subtle black shoes like strappy sandals and strappy high heels, as these give off a sleek look that won’t take the attention away from your dress.

Black shoes we love
Saint Laurent Black Satin Jerry Logo-embellished Sandals
Saint Laurent

Jerry Logo-embellished Sandals 

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Prada Black Patent Platform Sandals

Patent Platform Sandals

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Santoni Black Walnuts Block Heel Angular Sandals

Walnuts 85mm Sandals

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4. Silver Shoes

Silver, like other metallic colors, pair well with almost any other color that you can think of. It’s also one of the best, classic choices to go with when you want to go for a trendy look.

Silver is a cooler tone, so it tends to look sleeker and more formal than gold. Expect that your entire look will automatically be elevated when you wear silver shoes!

Wear your gorgeous blush or hot pink dress with a subtle pair of silver sandals. To complete the look, bring a little silver clutch with you!

silver shoes we love
D'ACCORI Silver Lust Metallic Leather Mules

Lust Metallic Leather Mules

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CHLOÉ Silver Susan Studded Metallic Boots

Susan Studded Metallic Boots

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Rene Caovilla Silver Strass T-Strap Thong Sandals
Rene Caovilla

Strass T-Strap Thong Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

5. White Shoes

Wearing white shoes with a pink dress is another great option because it really makes this hue pop! What’s wonderful about these shoes is that they can be worn during the day or for special occasions – so you don’t have to feel like you need to save them just for nighttime.

What we love most about wearing white on your feet though is how chic and classy it looks. Pair it with some tan-tipped pumps or strappy sandals instead of heels if you want something more simple but still cute!

Mach & Mach White Lace Double Bow Crystal Pointed Pump
Mach & Mach

Double Bow Crystal Pointed Pumps

At Nordstrom

Jimmy Choo Sacora Pearl-embellished Sandals
Jimmy Choo

Sacora Pearl-embellished Sandals

At Net-A-Porter

Roger Vivier White Patent Buckle Slingback Pumps
Roger Vivier

Patent Buckle Slingback Pumps

At Neiman Marcus

6. Grey Shoes

Grey will also go well with a pink dress! What’s great about this combo is that it looks very sophisticated and stylish.

If you want to look like an elegant woman then wear grey shoes because they’re the perfect way to show off your femininity while still looking put together as can be.

If you want to elevate your pink dress look, opt for some animal print shoes in grey!

Manolo Blahnik Grey Suede Maysli Slingback Pumps
Manolo Blahnik

Maysli Buckled Slingback Pumps

At Net-A-Porter

Brunello Cucinelli Suede Monili Slingback Pumps
Brunello Cucinelli

Suede Monili Slingback Pumps

At Neiman Marcus

Saint Laurent Grey Feather Pom-Pom Mae Slingback Sandals
Saint Laurent

Mae Feather Slingback Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

7. Blush Shoes

Blush is a more pastel color of pink and it’s very pretty on footwear. Pair blush heels with a gorgeous dusty pink dress, and you got an ideal look on you that just oozes “Barbie Girl” all over.

However, you can also pair blush shoes with hot pink or fuchsia dresses. They are both rather cool tones from the same color family, so they’ll go together very nicely.

Badgley Mischka Nelly Ruffle-Bow Satin Sandals
Badgley Mischka

Nelly Ruffle-Bow Satin Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

Amina Muaddi Gilda Crystal Ankle-Strap Sandals Blush Pink
Amina Muaddi

Gilda Crystal Ankle-Strap Sandals

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Loro Piana Blush Summer Charms Slide Sandal
Loro Piana

Summer Charms Slide Sandals

At Nordstrom

8. Green Shoes

Wearing green shoes with a pink dress can create an interesting and bold color contrast.

The style of the dress can also influence how well it pairs with green shoes. If you’re wearing a formal pink dress, like a cocktail or evening gown, you might want to go for more elegant or understated green shoes, such as pumps or strappy heels.

Alexander McQueen Green Crystal Platform Sandals
Alexander McQueen

Crystal Platform Sandals 

At Nordstrom

Mach & Mach Tulip Green Crystal Stiletto Sandals
Mach & Mach

Tulip Crystal Stiletto Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

Valentino Garavani Green Divine Crystal Embellished Sandal
Valentino Garavani

Divine Crystal Embellished Sandals

At Nordstrom

9. Purple Shoes

Purple is a great color to wear with pink because it brings out the deepness in pink. If you’re wearing a deep or hot pink dress, then purple shoes can complement it beautifully.

Gianvito Rossi Lilac Crystal Organza Sandal Mules
Gianvito Rossi

Crystal Organza Suede Sandals

At Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo PVC Crystal Saeda Square Toe Sandal
Jimmy Choo

Saeda Crystal Square Toe Sandals

At Nordstrom

Off White Pink and Purple Patent Lea Mule Sandals

Shade Bulky Patent Lea Mules

At Revolve

10. Pale Yellow Shoes

Yellow shoes are also a great option to wear with pink dresses because it’s another color that brings out the femininity of this hue.

What makes yellow so amazing is that it can be worn in many different settings too; whether you want an outfit for day or night, at school or work – yellow will always look good!

But if you especially have a light pink dress on you, then light yellow would look sooo good when paired with it.

Alexandre Birman Pastel Yellow Clarita Curve Suede Platform Sandals
Alexandre Birman

Clarita Curve Suede Platforms 

At Neiman Marcus

Prada Yellow Crystal-Covered Satin Sandals

Crystal-Covered Satin Sandals

At Moda Operandi

Roger Vivier Virgule Floral-Embroidered Colorblock Slingback Pumps
Roger Vivier

Virgule Floral-Embroidered Pumps 

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