25 Fun & Easy Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids That You Have To Try

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Are you looking for fun and easy popsicle stick crafts for kids that your whole family will enjoy making together? If so, you’ll love these ideas!

These boredom-busting popsicle stick crafts for kids are perfect to make if you’re stuck at home on a rainy day with nothing to do. They’re perfect for kids of all ages – there’s crafts for toddlers, for pre-schoolers and elementary school kids (and hey, they’re fun for mom & dad too!).

We all know that the easiest way to get enough popsicle sticks for crafts is to simply store all of your washed popsicle sticks after having ice-cream, but did you know that you can also buy popsicle sticks from craft stores?

They are super cheap, and only cost you around $5 for 100 sticks (or even 1,000 sticks!). So if you have no popsicle sticks lying around right now, consider getting them online. This also saves you from having to wash them off of ice-cream residue.

if you already have some craft sticks with you, it’s time to find some fun crafts for your kids to re-create. In this post, I’ve listed the best 25 popsicle stick projects that I could find – there’s animal crafts, superhero crafts, seasonal crafts and even a DIY fan craft that is perfect for hot summer days.

Let me know which of these crafts are your favorites – I’ve saved some of the best for last!


The Best Easy Popsicle Stick Crafts For Kids To Make:

1. Crocodile Craft


Easy popsicle stick crafts for kids: Crocodile Craft


Get The Tutorial On Easy Peasy And Fun


2. Wooden Popsicle Stick Craft


Easy Wooden Popsicle Stick Craft


Found On VK.com


3. Popsicle Stick Animals


Popsicle Stick Animals


Get The Tutorial On Craftionary


4. Magic Wand Sticks


Magic Wand Reading Sticks

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Get The Tutorial On Creative Family Fun


5. Popsicle Stick Superheroes


Popsicle Stick Superheroes


Get The Tutorial On Glued To My Crafts


6. Kitty Craft


Popsicle Stick Kitty Craft


Get The Tutorial On Crafty Morning


7. Haunted House


Popsicle Stick Haunted House


Get The Tutorial On Happily Ever After


8. Patriotic Flag Craft


Patriotic Flag Craft For 4th July


Get The Tutorial On Giggles Galore


9. God’s Eye Craft


God's Eye Craft


Get The Tutorial On Crafts By Amanda


10. Hearts House Craft


Valentine's Day Hearts House Craft


Get The Tutorial On Glued To My Crafts Blog


11. Popsicle Stick Apples


Popsicle Stick Apples


Get The Tutorial On Simple Mom Project


12. Bunny Craft


Popsicle stick Bunny Craft


Get The Tutorial On The Best Ideas For Kids


13. DIY Pocket Fans


DIY Pocket Fans


Get The Tutorial On Gluesticks


14. Elf Ornaments


Popsicle Stick Elf Ornaments


Get The Tutorial On The Resourceful Mama


15. Unicorn Craft


Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft


Get The Tutorial On A Craftsy Mom


16. Mix-N-Match Popsicle Snake Craft


Mix-N-Match Popsicle Snake Craft


Get The Tutorial On Lady And The Blog Craft


17. Shark Craft


Shark Craft


Get The Tutorial On Glued To My Crafts Blog


18. Ballerina Sticks


Popsicle Stick Ballerinas


Get The Tutorial On Glued To My Crafts Blog


19. Craft Sticks Flower Pots


Craft Sticks Flower Pots


Get The Tutorial On Typically Simple


20. Catapult For Kids


Catapult For Kids


Get The Tutorial On Little Bins For Little Hands


21. Popsicle Stick Airplanes


Popsicle Stick Airplanes


Get The Tutorial On One Little Project


22. Silly Hair Puppets


Silly Hair Puppets


Get The Tutorial On Darice


23. Snowman Craft


Snowman Craft


Get The Tutorial On Artsy Craftsy Mom


24. Car And Truck Popsicle Stick Ornaments


Car and truck Popsicle stick ornaments


Get The Tutorial On Craft Create Cook


25. DIY Picture Frame


DIY Picture Frame for kids


Get The Tutorial On A Few Shortcuts


Which of these crafts are you going to recreate first with your family? Let me know in the comments!


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