12 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Bags Available Right Now

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Louis Vuitton creates some of the most in-demand handbags, but if you are looking for something extra luxe from the brand, just check out this list of the 12 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags.

The global brand, Louis Vuitton, was first founded in 1837 and has been creating beautiful luxury bags ever since. Over the decades, countless designer bags have been created, available at a wide range of prices.


Louis Vuitton Petite Malle bag
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Some of the most expensive Louis Vuitton handbags ever sold include the Crocodile Lady Bag, sold for $54,500, the Kusama Pumpkin Minaudière Jewel Bag created by the famous Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama, sold for over $133,000, and the crocodile skin City Steamer, sold for $55,500!

This list of the 12 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags just focuses on the most expensive bags available right now, secondhand on Fashionphile so that you can add an extra special Louis Vuitton bag to your own collection if you wanted to!


12 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags

1. Jacquard Monogram Light Up Keepall Bandouliere – $18,450 

Black and multicolour Louis Vuitton Jacquard Monogram Light Up Keepall Bandouliere

Browse all Keepall Bandoulieres on Fashionphile

One of the most expensive Louis Vuitton bags available, the Jacquard Monogram Light Up Keepall Bandouliere is completely unique with the glowing multicolored monogram that decorates the exterior of the.

The Keepall is an iconic designer handbag, that has received a high-tech update – the bag is made from woven optic and synthetic fibers with black leather trim, while the light-up monogram is controlled by an app on your phone!

This Light Up Keepall still has all the same elements that made this bag so popular, including top handles, a shoulder strap, and a spacious interior.


2. Crocodile Twist Shoulder Bag – $13,500 

Blue Louis Vuitton Crocodile Twist Shoulder Bag

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Some of the most expensive leather goods from the Louis Vuitton brand are those made from exotic skins, just like this Crocodile Twist Shoulder Bag.

This bag is made from deep sapphire blue glossy crocodile leather, with a gleaming gold LV twist lock on the front flap.

The luxe Louis Vuitton purse is finished with a gold chain link strap, with a crocodile skin shoulder bag, and opens to reveal a leather-lined interior with two pockets – so gorgeous!


3. Ostrich, Crocodile, and Monogram Eclipse Gran Sac – $13,050
Black Louis Vuitton Ostrich Crocodile Monogram Eclipse Gran Sac  

Browse Louis Vuitton Gran Sacs and Totes on Fashionphile

Tote bags are so handy, and we just love this extra special expensive tote featuring both ostrich and crocodile skin.

The Gran Sac bag from Louis Vuitton is a timeless classic and has received a high-quality upgrade, with the bag now crafted from black ostrich and crocodile skin, with a black and grey coated canvas panel running through the middle.

This luxury handbag also comes with a matching zipper pouch which will help you keep this roomy bag organized. The structured handles are made from supple leather and the bag is embellished with sparkling silver hardware.


4. Ostrich Capucines Mini Bag – $10,350
Peach Louis Vuitton Ostrich Capucines Mini Bag 

Browse Ostrich Capucines on Fashionphile

Although many of the most expensive bags are limited edition, this Louis Vuitton Ostrich Capucines is a little more easily available.

The Capucines bag has quickly become a beloved bag in the luxury brand’s collection, and is now available in this beautiful peach pink ostrich leather, with an ostrich leather top handle and shoulder strap for endless versatility.

The front of the bag is decorated with a glittering gold Louis Vuitton logo, while the leather-lined interior is split into two to help you remain organized.


5. Lizard Mini Twist Shoulder Bag – $9,985 

Black Louis Vuitton Lizard Mini Twist Shoulder Bag

Browse Lizard Twist Shoulder bags on Fashionphile

Lizard skin is one of the more unusual exotic skins to opt for, but how can you resist this striking Louis Vuitton Lizard Mini Twist Shoulder Bag?!

The shiny black lizard leather is paired with a smooth black calfskin trim and gold hardware, often embellished with crystals for a sparkling finish.

The Twist is a recent addition to the collection by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière and this glam edition is completely irresistible. The compact size and long gold chain link strap make this bag ideal for nights out.


6. Ostrich Keepall Bandouliere – $8,235

Blue Louis Vuitton Ostrich Keepall Bandouliere

Browse all Keepall Bandoulieres on Fashionphile

The Louis Vuitton Keepall is the ideal duffle bag for weekends away and we just love this luxurious version of the bag, crafted from vibrant blue ostrich skin.

The entire bag is made from ostrich leather, including the top handle and detachable leather strap, and is then finished with black hardware and a neon green zipper for a bright pop of color.

The interior is lined with black leather and fitted with a zipper pocket – so handy! This striking bag does have a high price tag of $8,235.


7. Satin Sequin Embroidered Monogram Coussin – $6,595

Silver Louis Vuitton Satin Sequin Embroidered Monogram Coussin Bag

Browse Satin Sequin Coussin bags on Fashionphile

Add a little sparkle into your life with this Louis Vuitton Satin Sequin Embroidered Monogram Coussin bag.

This eye-catching LV bag was a part of the 2021 spring summer collection and is crafted from satin, with the entire front of the bag covered in tiny silver sequins that glitter and sparkle in the light.

Both the front and leather back of the bag have been embossed with the LV monogram, for that quintessentially Louis Vuitton look. This expensive Louis Vuitton handbag is finished with gold hardware and a leather shoulder strap.


8. Taurillon Ayers Capucines Mini Bag – $5,795

White Louis Vuitton Taurillon Ayers Capucines Mini Bag

Browse Taurillon Ayers Capucines bags on Fashionphile

The combination of lizard leather and snow white Taurillon leather looks incredible on this Mini Capucines bag.

The structured silhouette of the bag is made from taurillon leather, with a brown-toned lizard leather top handle and LV logo sitting on the front of the luxury bag.

The long leather strap, that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, is also made from white taurillon leather, while the interior is lined with smooth white leather for a luxe finish.


9. Taurillon Illusion Keepall Bandouliere – $5,595

Blue and green Louis Vuitton Taurillon Illusion Keepall Bandouliere

Browse Illusion Keepall Bandouliere bags on Fashionphile

The Keepall Bandouliere is consistently one of the most expensive Louis Vuitton handbags, this Taurillon Illusion Keepall Bandouliere is another example of an extra special LV bag, with a hefty price tag of $5,595.

This Keepall bag is made from luxurious Taurillon leather, embossed with the LV monogram, in an ombre vibrant green and blue color combination, giving a 3D illusion to this bold bag.

The luxury bag then features green leather top handles, a longer shoulder strap, and a matching luggage tag for an attention-grabbing finish.


10. Matte Alligator Alma Bag – $5,500

Brown Louis Vuitton Matte Alligator Alma Bag

Browse all Alma bags on Fashionphile

The Alma bag has been a key part of the famous Louis Vuitton bag collection since the 1930s, and its timeless design has ensured it has remained an ever-popular bag still to this day.

This chic edition of the Alma bag is crafted from rich brown alligator leather for an elegant and sophisticated finish.

The curved top handles reflect the curved silhouette of the bag, which is then embellished with gleaming gold hardware for a glam touch.


11. Satin Crystal Embellished Monogram Coussin – $5,395

Multicolor and white Louis Vuitton Satin Crystal Embellished Monogram Coussin Bag

Browse Satin Crystal Coussin bags on Fashionphile

This Louis Vuitton Satin Crystal Embellished Monogram Coussin is completely unique and so stunning with its bright floral pattern and sparkling crystal embellishments!

The Coussin bag has been reinvented again, this time made from white leather and satin, which has been printed with a vintage floral pattern in pink and green hues.

The front of the bag is then decorated with the LV monogram, made from sparkling crystals that catch the light. The silver hardware, white leather shoulder strap, and organized interior are flawless finishing touches.


12. Monogram Rei Kawakubo Bag With Holes – $5,295

Brown Louis Vuitton Monogram Rei Kawakubo Bag With Holes

Get this on Fashionphile

This incredible bag was part of the limited edition Rei Kawakubo x Louis Vuitton collaboration!

The designer handbag has the traditional LV bag look, crafted from Louis Vuitton monogram coated canvas, but this time with cut-out holes in the front and back where a second terracotta canvas bag pokes through, printed with the Louis Vuitton brand name.

Rei Kawakubo is the founder of Commes Des Garcons and Dover Street Market and is best known for her unique and individual designs that subvert expectations and classic looks – as you can see in this Bag With Holes.

We hope you loved this list of the 12 most expensive Louis Vuitton bags! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below. 


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