26 Indian Luxury Brands You Need to Check Out

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India has one of the world’s richest textile histories. So to celebrate that, we’ve put together 26 of our favorite Indian luxury brands!

India’s luxury market is said to be one of the fastest growing in the world, and in the near future may overtake one of the biggest players; China. It’s no secret that Indian consumers love luxury, but the luxury sector hasn’t been as quick to expand retail stores to India’s cosmopolitan cities as they have been to East Asia.

Luxury spending online isn’t always an option, owing to India’s high import duties for global luxury brands. Indian women turned towards home-grown Indian brands for their luxury fix.

If you’re intrigued to know more, it’s your lucky day. We’ve scouted out the best Indian brands that the fashionistas of Mumbai and New Delhi are raving about!

26 Indian Luxury Brands to Know

1. miripret

Like many of the brands on our list, Miripret is proudly Indian. Drawing inspiration from India’s history as a center of fashion excellence, their designs represent the modern, elegant woman.

Specializing in resort wear, Miripret’s designs rival international luxury brands like Zimmermann and Charo Ruiz Ibiza, while keeping the core Indian heritage alive.

2. Ritu Kumar label

Ritu Kumar is one of the most respected and tenured Indian designers, who first became notable for her traditional Indian wear with traditional techniques like hand embroidery. 

After gaining notoriety, she turned her sights to the growing fashion-conscious younger populations who wanted home-grown brands to be making the clothes that they wanted to wear, and so Ritu Kumar Label was born.

3. Dhruv kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor is one of India’s few luxury street-wear brands, part of the Indian luxury market, which is expected to grow exponentially and has been dubbed one of the fastest growing globally.

Before starting his own brand in 2013, Kapoor worked in the womenswear design team at ETRO. In his own brand, he has successfully broken the rules of what it means to be a ‘womenswear brand,’ instead designing for creative expression over social norms.


This slow fashion brand understands conscious production better than any. Slaet produces all their designs on a made-to-order basis – this is common for brands operating in India, where skilled artisans can be found easily.

Their pieces are inspired by the feminine silhouette while incorporating sharp tailoring.


Drawn launched in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, with a focus on timeless pieces to stay with you for years to come.

They focus on small batches of production to cut out wastage and to allow the brand to perfect its designs as opposed to churning out bad-quality pieces.

Indian Clothing Brand Verb Gingham Midi Dress
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Pallavi Singhee has been designing romantic, fun pieces under her brand ‘Verb’ since 2007.

Her designs range from embellished party dresses to flowy floral maxi dresses and blouses, perfect for making a statement on any occasion.

7. Polite Society

Founded in 2020 by Surmai Jain, Polite Society aims to be inclusive above all else, both in brand and approach.

The designs are innovative, undiluted, and transcend beyond trends and fads – and will have everyone asking ‘where is that from?’

8. Kanika Goyal

The brand was founded in 2014 by experienced designer Kanika Goyal after internships at Prada, Marchesa, and Adidas Group. Kanika Goyal has since been awarded a long list of accolades for its authoritative position amongst the new age of Indian-founded brands.

Like many of the young founders on our list, the brand straddles old and new world luxury, keeping quality craftsmanship close to its core whilst keeping a youthful spirit in its designs.

9. Sand by Shirin

Sand by Shirin was born from the ethos that your clothes’ purpose is to make you feel good, and so it is India’s first ‘fluid fit’ affordable luxury label. Meaning if you usually find it difficult to find clothes to fit your exact measurements, this is the brand for you.

The brand uses only the best natural fabrics, like linen, to keep you cool in the summer and cashmere and pashmina to keep you snug during the cold months. 


Bhavya Ramesh is a self-taught jeweler whose designs are influenced by the ‘Banjara’ culture – an Indian group who have a nomadic way of living.

The silverware brand produces jewelry and eyewear in bold shapes and designs that put Schiaparelli to shame.

11. ATSU
Indian luxury brand Atsu's Green Bow Evening Gown Indian Brand
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Atsu is a clothing brand that hails from India but is readily available in the US and specializes in embellished evening wear. Because hand-embellished clothing is usually produced in India by designer brands, the prices of Indian-founded international brands are usually much more affordable for the same or higher quality products.

If you’re looking for your next stand-out party look but don’t want to venture into the thousands of dollars territory, this is the perfect brand for you.

Ashish Gupta Embellished Two Piece Set Multicolor
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One of the top luxury fashion brands to come from an Indian founder, Ashish Gupta was born in New Delhi and completed his studies in Fine Art before graduating from renowned university Central Saint Martins.

The international brand blends a bold combination of colors and graphic designs, gaining popularity amongst the fashion-elite; Victoria Beckham, M.I.A and Madonna, to name a few.

Beyond his designs, Ashish has been instrumental in questioning the fashion industry’s approach to diversity, being one of the few notable designers of color to be supposed by fashion’s big institutions.


Founded in 2021 by husband-wife duo Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen and Karandeep Singh Chadha, this new brand is inspired by artisanal design, like handloom woven fabrics and hand block printing – two of India’s most famed crafts.

Malie is ultimately Indian craftsmanship and textiles that meet Scandinavian aesthetics and designs – the perfect marriage of the co-founders.

14. Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill has been a well-known brand in India for over two decades. Her inspiration is said to come from her experience in the United States, specifically her time at New York’s prestigious  Fashion Institute of Technology.

She is a founding member of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and is dedicated to making Indian brands, global brands. Her own brand is available worldwide and is a must-have for your next vacation or party.


Founded by Aarohi Shah, ĀROHI was born with a vision of harmonizing traditional techniques of Indian design with modern aesthetics.

Indian traditional brands usually sell clothing as complete outfits as opposed to individual pieces. ĀROHI have incorporated this aspect of Indian clothing with their matching sets and jumpsuits – perfect if you can never find an outfit to wear!

16. Sttavoss

No one does resort wear quite like Indian brands, and Sttavoss might be at the top of the list.

The designs are dramatic, with luxurious embroidery and fabrics, available in a large size range, something often not accessible by European luxury brands.

17. Essgee

Founder Sagrika Grover founded her resort brand Essgee after working for a Miami-based resort wear label. Grover comes from a long line of garment exporters, and so her comfortability with textiles came naturally.

After realizing that there weren’t many options for luxury resort wear in the Indian market, especially compared to the US and Europe, she wanted to make a change – and so came Essgee.

18. Adagio

ADAGIO is one of the many Indian fashion brands on our list, with slow fashion at the core of its identity. Every piece is made to order, and so they also offer custom-made clothing; how fabulous!

They use locally sourced natural fabrics like linen and cotton, and rather than focusing on seasonal collections, they release a series of capsule collections with classic silhouettes.

19. Deepa Gurnani
Deepa Gurnani Embellished Pearl Headband
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India has a rich heritage of design at an accessible price, which is great! The problem is that this is often exploited by Western brands [even in the luxury goods market], who are happy to pay local artisans a low wage to churn out their designs.

Conversely, Deepa Gurnani is an accessories brand founded to preserve and appreciate the craft and cultural heritage of hand embroidery. They ensure their craftsman [also known as ‘karigars’ in India] are paid above standard wages and invest in their well-being, from health and education to retirement and housing.

20. Papa Don’t Preach

This famous Indian brand is potentially one of the fastest growing from the last decade. Founded by Shubhika Sharma in 2010, Papa Don’t Preach redefines what it means to be an Indian brand today.

They dropped the womenswear and size labels from the brand, symbolizing this push for acceptance in the fashion community by marginalized groups. And it paid off. Today, Papa Don’t Preach sits comfortably alongside India’s premium brands in the traditional clothing sector, and it’s here to stay.

21. Pankaj & Nidhi
Indian luxury brand Pankaj & Nidhi's Puff Sleeve Flower Embellished Blouse
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Pankaj & Nidhi are one of the most tenured designers on our list, having launched their label almost 20 years ago. They are truly a brand for the global market with offerings in both traditional Indian wear and ‘western wear.’

Their designs are spontaneous and charming, perfect if you favor originality and authenticity.

22. Sachin & Babi
Indian luxury brand Sachin & Babi's Bridal One Shoulder Bow Mini Dress with Pearls
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Sachin & Babi was founded by [big shocker] Sachin and Babi. They went to fashion school together and became fast friends. Accumulatively they have worked at the world’s biggest fashion houses, including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Manolo Blahnik.

They are one of few high-end brands that market totally to the US market whilst still maintaining production completely out of their own factory in Mumbai, India where each piece is produced from start to finish.

23. Ahluwalia
Ahluwalia Two Piece Blue Set Mini Skirt
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Founded by Priya Ahluwalia, Ahluwalia is one of the biggest brands in the UK, having been awarded the prestigious LVMH Prize. 

The designer’s dual Indian & Nigerian heritage inspires her design through textile and patchwork techniques. Though this is a brand founded in the UK, it doesn’t take long to see the inspiration at its core.

24. Naeem Khan
Indian luxury brand Naeem Khan's Purple Flower Blouse
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Naeem Khan is a red-carpet fashion world favorite in a sea of Western brands. His design journey started whilst seeing his father and grandfather design clothes that were worn by Indian royalty; who would have guessed he would do the same on the other side of the world?

Khan’s designs have been seen on the likes of Queen Noor of Jordan, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Kate Middleton.

25. Saloni
Saloni Floral Mini Ruffle Dress
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Saloni is one of the top fashion designers to come out of India, now one of the biggest brands in the luxury industry. Founded by Saloni Lodha in 2011, her aim was to empower all ages to embrace living in color.

Her brand offers a roster of unique but still feminine designs, all charged in full HD color.

26. Supriya Lele
Indian Luxury brand Supriya Lele's Black Mini One Shoulder Dress Inspired by Sari
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Like Priya Ahluwalia, Supriya Lele was an LVMH Prize finalist after having launched her brand in 2017.  Lele’s designs are confident, sexy, and feminine. Her designs draw inspiration from one of India’s traditional garments; a sari.

This nine-yard piece of fabric is draped around the body according to the preference of the wearer. This draping technique is seen in most Supriya Lele designs.

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