Gucci’s Latest Price Increase: What You Need To Know

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Gucci is one the most popular luxury brands at the moment, and they have recently increased their prices– here are all the details on the Gucci price increase in 2022.

Gucci is a must-have brand that is beloved by influencers, celebrities, and fashion editors all over the world, while the recent Gucci collaborations with Harry Styles, Adidas, and Palace have made the brand even more irresistible.

Just like many other luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Louis Vuitton, Gucci has recently increased the prices for many of its luxury goods, including handbags, leather goods, and accessories.

This article about the recent Gucci price increases has all the details you need to know about the increase, why it has happened, and what it means for any bags or accessories you may have your eye on.

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We have also discussed some of the most popular Gucci bags that would make the perfect addition to your collection, that you should pick up before any more price increases are implemented.

Compared to many other brands, this year’s price increase at Gucci is actually pretty small, so adding a Gucci Diana bag or a GG Marmont shoulder bag to your wardrobe won’t actually cost too much more. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Gucci price increase in 2022!

Gucci Price increase in 2022

The French luxury group Kering, which owns Gucci, has been subtly raising the prices, but the conglomerate’s proce increases have not been the same across the whole world. For example, Gucci raised the prices of some of its bags by just 9 percent in the US, while in France, a couple of Gucci bags saw a 21 percent increase.

The price increase can also vary greatly depending on the luxury product you are looking at – sometimes the increase is just 3 percent, while some products have increased by 15 percent. For example, smaller items and accessories, like scarves, sometimes just increase by a couple of percent, while it is often the brand’s most popular bags that see the higher increases in price.

It is also worth noting that when a brand increases its prices, the resale price of its products also goes up as a result – so it is worth picking up any Gucci items you have your eye on sooner rather than later before there are higher prices.

Why has there been a price increase?

There are many reasons why luxury brands, including Gucci, have increased their prices in recent years – we are going to explore all those reasons right now.

1. raw materials and labor costs

The first and most obvious reason that has affected many brands and companies is the increase in the cost of raw materials and labor. This means it is costing Gucci more to make their luxury pieces and therefore they have raised the price of their goods to reflect this increase.

All over the world, the production costs of luxury goods, like designer handbags, have gone up, which is why the price of these bags has also increased.

2. The popularity of luxury goods

The proportion of higher-end products being bought has increased since the end of the COVID pandemic last year, this means the luxury market and luxury industry have increased in size, and brand sales going up too.

This means Gucci has lots of customers that are continuing to buy luxury goods, so they can increase their prices a little, knowing customers are still going to buy Gucci bags and accessories.

3. Brands Looking For Revenue Growth

Gucci, alongside many other fashion houses owned by Kering, including Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent, is looking to increase its annual sales volume. and profits, and one way of doing this is by increasing its prices.

Since people are willing to spend more money on Gucci products, the brand can increase its prices, which affects the annual sales and the brand’s revenue growth.  

Best-selling Gucci bags

There are so many incredible designer bags available from Gucci, so we have rounded up a few best-sellers that would fit perfectly into your collection, no matter your style!

1. shoulder bags
Black and gold Gucci GG Marmont medium matelassé shoulder bag
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Black Gucci Jackie 1961 mini shoulder bag
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Gucci has a whole plethora of shoulder bags that are totally irresistible, but one of the best of all time is the classic Gucci GG Marmont medium matelassé shoulder bag. This bag is crafted from shiny black leather, that has been quilted in zig zags and curved shapes to create a stunning textural finish.

The gleaming gold hardware of the GG logo really pops against the black leather, while the leather and chain link shoulder strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body. Inside the bag, you will find several patch pockets and a wall pocket to help you easily find everything you need.

The Gucci Jackie 1961 shoulder bag has been pulled from the archives and reinvented by Alessandro Michele for 21st-century audiences. This sleek bag has a chic curved silhouette and glittering gold hardware, with the piston closure and detachable GG logo chain strap, for a quintessentially Gucci look.

This edition of the Jackie 1961 bag is made from glossy black patent leather, although this bag is also available in green and pink too. The open top makes it easy to access all your daily essential items within this bag. This elegant and sophisticated shoulder bag retails for just $4,200.

Beige and white Gucci Ophidia medium GG tote
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Brown Gucci Diana medium tote bag
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A tote bag will come in so handy at so many different points in your life, so here are two super stylish options from Gucci. The Gucci Ophidia medium GG tote has more of a casual, minimalist look, with a relaxed aesthetic that makes it ideal for everyday use.

This bag is made from GG supreme canvas, in a neutral beige and white colorway that will suit a wide range of outfits, while the front of the tote features a red and green strip, which has become synonymous with the Gucci brand. The top of this tote secures with a magnetic closure, which opens to a spacious interior fitted with a handy zipper pocket.

If you are looking for a tote bag that would be perfect for work, with a smarter look, then this Gucci Diana medium tote bag is exactly what you need. This tote bag is made from brown Cuir leather and has a structured silhouette, giving the bag an elegant look.

The most eye-catching element of this tote is the bamboo top handle, which is so unique, and reference the history of Gucci. This bag also comes with a longer, detachable shoulder strap, making this bag super easy to carry, no matter how much you have in it.

3. top handle bags
White Gucci Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag
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Black Gucci GG matelassé small top handle bag
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Top handle bags are a super fashionable and chic style that you really need in your wardrobe. The Gucci Bamboo 1947 small top handle bag is just one option from the Italian fashion house, that has a striking, timeless look. This compact handbag has a cute, curved silhouette, which is reflected in the bamboo top handle that sits on the top of this bag.

There is also a bamboo turn lock on the front flap, which is such a stunning finishing touch. The bag opens up to a cotton-lined interior, fitted with a zip pocket and an open pocket with a mirror.

The Gucci GG matelassé small top handle bag is a new addition to the Gucci bag collection. This sleek bag is made from shiny black leather, which has been quilted with the GG monogram for a subtle nod to the Gucci brand.

This top handle bag is decorated with a gleaming gold clasp closure and chain shoulder strap for an extra glam finishing touch. The retail price of this stunning bag is just $2,400, and it would make the perfect sophisticated addition to any luxury bag collection.  

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