15 Brands like Missoma For Stunning Jewelry

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If you are looking for some really gorgeous jewelry that won’t break the bank, we’ve got some great options for you in this list of brands like Missoma.

Missoma was founded in 2008 by Marisa Hodern with the aim to create jewelry that was both high quality and affordable, Missoma has now grown to become one of the top demi-fine jewelry brands. The London-based brand designs all of its pieces at their Notting Hill offices, creating super fashionable jewelry, that is sustainably made and created to be layered so that everyone creates their own look.

All of the pieces of jewelry are totally luxurious but without a really high price tag, with necklaces ranging between $59 and $1,100 and earrings selling for between $38 and $890.

If you love Missoma pieces but are looking for some new jewelry brands to explore and some exciting pieces to add to your jewelry box, then you are in the right place as we have brought together all the top brands like Missoma.

15 Brands like Missoma

1. Mejuri

Gold Mejuri Croissant Dôme Hoops
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Gold Mejuri Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace
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We love the wide range of stunning jewelry available at Mejuri – there is everything from more simple, minimalist pieces that are perfect for layering to bold, eye-catching jewelry that would be perfect for a special occasion.

The jewelry created by Mejuri is intended to empower and strengthen women and nurture a community of strong women. All Mejuri jewelry is sustainably made to the highest quality so you know your jewelry is good for the planet too.

With pieces available in yellow gold, white gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver, there really is an option for every style, as well as a men’s range too! We particularly loved the Croissant Dôme Hoops as a simple piece for everyday wear, and the Bold Herringbone Chain Necklace which is so on trend at the moment.

2. Monica Vinader

Silver Monica Vinader Siren Friendship Bracelet
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Gold Monica Vinader Nura Teardrop Eternity Ring
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Monica Vinader feels that luxury is defined by exquisite quality and craftsmanship, which shouldn’t have to be exceptionally expensive. Monica Vinader jewelry has a very similar price range to Missoma, with necklaces on sale for between $55 and $1,190, while earrings can range from $30 to $995.

There are some more paired back pieces that are classic staples you really need in your collection, in both gold and silver, as well as some diamond-encrusted necklaces and pairs of earrings that are really special and will add an extra glam element to your look.

Monica Vinader is one of our top picks because they also have a complimentary engraving option so you can really personalize your jewelry to you.

3. Luv AJ

Gold Luv AJ Cecilia Chain Necklace
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Gold Luv AJ Baby Amalfi Tube Hoops
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The Luv AJ jewelry brand began when founder Amanda Jane was 14 years old, creating jewelry in her bedroom at home, and has turned her teenage hobby into a successful company that offers a wide range of gorgeous jewelry. Luv AJ jewelry is intended to perfectly finish off your look and instill that extra little bit of confidence you need to tackle the day.

All of Luv AJ’s jewelry is super trendy and fashionable, just like Missoma, with gold chain necklaces that are perfect for layering, statement earrings that will complete your look, and rings and necklaces with an element of glam with the addition of diamonds.

Luv AJ jewelry is available at really affordable prices too so your jewelry doesn’t have to do too much damage to your credit card.

4. Oma the label

Gold Oma the Label Timepiece Bracelet
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Gold Oma the Label Nova Choker
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We love the mix of influences and the unique designs of jewelry from Oma the Label. The brand was founded by fashion stylish Neumi Anekhe in 2018 in New York and has quickly become a beloved brand that has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and New York Magazine.

Neumi saw a lack of representation of POC in the fashion industry and decided to create her own brand to add diversity to the fashion and jewelry industry. Alongside timeless jewelry design, Oma the Label also creates a small range of clothing that is equally as gorgeous.

Just like Missoma, Oma the Label creates lots of stunning staple pieces that can be worn with any look, day or night, ensuring endless versatility.

5. Lily & Roo

Lily & Roo Solid Gold Small Round St Christopher Medallion Necklace
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Silver Lily & Roo Huggie Pearl Drop Earrings
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Both Lily & Roo and Missoma are known for their minimalist jewelry, perfect for the modern woman, all created to the highest standard.

Many Lily & Roo pieces are hand-made in their Hatton Garden studio in London so you know this jewelry is going to be very high quality. This fine jewelry brand offers loads of timeless pieces that you will want to wear every day and will become a staple in your wardrobe.

The contemporary aesthetic also means the pieces are perfect for layering to create your own look or engrave your Lily & Roo piece to really make it one of a kind and unique to you.

6. Gorjana

Gold Gorjana Port Chain Link Bracelet
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Gold Gorjana Newport Beaded Necklace
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The minimalist, paired-back look of Gorjana jewelry makes it the perfect alternative to Missoma pieces. As one of the best affordable jewelry brands, California-based Gorjana creates a wide range of stunning pieces that are totally irresistible.

Gorjana Reidel was inspired by the beachy, relaxed California lifestyle when she founded her namesake brand. The clean lines and classic design make Gorjana jewelry perfect for layering and stacking.

We especially love this Newport Beaded Necklace that would look great layered or on its own, and the Port Chain Link Bracelet which is an essential piece for your jewelry box.

7. Aurate

Gold Aurate XL Diamond Bezel Necklace
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Gold Aurate Bold Infinity Gold Hinged Bracelet
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Similar to Missoma, Aurate takes great care in the creation and production of their jewelry, ensuring it is of the highest standard. This New York-based Aurate has become one of the most popular jewelry brands because of its classic timeless designs and commitment to sustainable practices.

All of their solid gold pieces are made from recycled gold, all diamonds are ethically sourced using the Kimberly process and all pearls are sustainably harvested so the planet is kept safe and not damaged by the jewelry.

Aurate is also a very diverse and inclusive company so if you are looking for a jewelry brand with great morals, Aurate is perfect for you.

8. Notte

White Notte Bianca Pearl Necklace
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Multicolor Notte Florentina Pearl Earrings
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The price range of Notte jewelry is very affordable and around the same prices as Missoma, with rings sold for between $60 and $112, while necklaces are between $70 and $160. However, the design of Notte jewelry is a little bit more colorful and bolder than Missoma pieces.

Founder Jessica Tse was inspired by her time living between New York and Florence, Italy for her jewelry line, mixing the classic, contemporary design aesthetic of New York with the touch of summery, la dolce vita Italy.

All jewelry is designed and made with precious metals, including sterling silver- and gold-plated brass, and then combined with other materials and textures, including pearls and seashells. If you are after some jewelry with more color and quirky designs, then Notte is perfect for you.  

9. Uncommon James

Gold Uncommon James Criss Cross Ring
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Gold Uncommon James Flower Huggie
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The style of Uncommon James jewelry is very similar to that of Missoma, with a classic silhouette and minimalist decoration, all at an affordable price point.

Uncommon James was founded by fashion entrepreneur and TV personality, Kristin Cavallari, who wanted to create stunning jewelry for busy women on the go that doesn’t break the bank – which is why all pieces of jewelry in the collection range between $29 and $74.

There is a jewelry and demi-fine collection to suit every budget, plus they also offer some home accessories, hair accessories, and kids pajamas – so cute. There are also Uncommon James stores in Nashville, Chicago, and Dallas so you can see these beautiful pieces in real life.

10. Adinas

Gold Adinas Jewels Classic Thin Tennis Necklace
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Gold Adinas Jewels Pavé Open Claw Ring
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Adinas Jewels is an incredible, family business that creates some of the most gorgeous jewelry. The silhouette of the jewelry is similar to that of Missoma, but Adinas adds a little more sparkle and shimmer to their pieces.

If you are looking for the perfect piece to add to your everyday look, then Adinas is a great place to head for. The jewelry is intended to make the wearer feel more confident and really to take on the world – who doesn’t want that!

The brand began in New York City but has now grown to be shipped all over the world. With everything from dainty rings to chunky chains on offer from Adinas, there is something everyone will love.

11. Edge of Ember

Gold Edge of Ember Beaded Sapphire Hoop Earrings
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Gold Edge of Ember Zodiac Diamond Necklace
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Edge of Ember is a stunning jewelry brand that has sustainability at the center of all of its designs and creations. Founder, Lynette Ong, aimed to create a jewelry brand that looks luxurious but is still affordable, made by top craftsmen with sustainable materials.

Edge of Ember uses recycled materials, ethically sourced stones, and lab-grown diamonds in order to create jewelry that protects the planet. The small London-based team creates jewelry that is classic and timeless, suiting a range of different looks and pieces that can be layered to be entirely individual.

Edge of Ember also holds charity sample sales and has created the Stronger Together collection in which 100% of profits go to Black Lives Matter groups – so this fantastic brand not only creates beautiful jewelry but supports the community too.

12. Catbird

Catbird Tinsel Bracelet, Yellow Gold
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Catbird Threadbare Ring, Yellow Gold
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Catbird is a great alternative to Missoma because they both have similar styles of minimalist jewelry with pops of color.

We love the range of jewelry Catbird offers, there is everything from bold, statement pieces to something a little more delicate – so there is a new piece everyone will want in their jewelry collection. Catbird also has a lovely range of engagement and wedding jewelry, as well as home and beauty items as well!

Catbird currently has around 40 jewelers who work in their New York jewelry studio to create their stunning pieces, ensuring all Catbird jewelry is made to the same high standard.

13. Astrid & Miyu

Gold Astrid & Miyu Mariner 18ct gold-plated brass bracelet
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Gold and blue Astrid & Miyu Wave 18ct yellow-gold plated recycled sterling-silver and enamel earrings
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Just like Missoma, Astrid & Miyu’s jewelry is designed to be stacked and layered to create your own, individual look. With a gorgeous range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets, you are bound to find something you love.

Astrid & Miyu jewelry aims to celebrate self-expression, empowerment, and diversity as well as innovate new designs and products. The brand was launched in 2012, and after two weeks of opening, fashion editors from Grazia and Stylish noticed the incredible jewelry the brand was creating and included it on the pages of their magazines.

Similar to Missoma, Astrid & Miyu also offer stacking and layering sets which makes it really easy to find necklaces to pair together to create a sophisticated look.

14. Completedworks

Gold Completedworks Classicworks gold-plated pearl bracelet
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Completedworks Gold vermeil pearl earrings
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The deep thought and care that goes into all the Completedworks jewelry make it a really special brand that you should know about. London-based Completedworks was founded by Anna Jewsbury, who is now the artistic director of the brand after she finished her degree in Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford.

Completedworks jewelry combines high-quality materials with timeless designs and purist elements to create some utterly irresistible pieces.

The jewelry has been worn by celebrities including Emma Watson and Naomi Harris, and has been included in major publications, including The Guardian, Vogue, W Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar – so you should definitely get your hands on a piece of incredible Completedworks jewelry.

15. & Other Stories

Gold & Other Stories Seashell Charm Necklace
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Gold & Other Stories Textured Gemstone Ring
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You may have seen & Other Stories featured in fashion articles because they produce some super stylish and trendy clothing, that is just as gorgeous as their jewelry collection.

& Other Stories is part of the H&M group, so you know they are going to deliver on beautiful design at affordable prices. The price tag on & Other Stories jewelry is a little more affordable than Missoma, but the pieces, designed in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles are just as stunning.

All pieces are made sustainable and there is always new jewelry being added to the collection for each season so you can really build a great collection that will work all year rounds. Coming into summer, & Other Stories have some lovely beachy, seaside-inspired pieces available right now!

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