18 Cult-Favorite Woodsy Perfumes With Depth & Complexity

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Woody fragrances offer a sensual and complex signature scent for those who want something a little different. Woody scents have depth and earthiness that help them stand out from more light and sweet girly perfumes!

Woody aromas can have a reputation for being heavier and feeling more manly. But there’s actually a large variety of different woodsy notes out there. Your best woodsy perfume may contain more fruity notes, floral scents, a spicy fragrance, or a sweet vanilla base. And if you’re looking for the best perfumes with a woody leaning, look no further than our definitive list.

The 18 Best Woody Perfumes For Her

1. Matiere Premiere Santal Austral Eau de Parfum
Matiere premiere santal Australia perfume
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Matiere Premiere Santal Australia is a complex yet smooth blend of woody notes. It’s inspired by the bold and almost bitter note of Australian sandalwood. The scent is an ode to the outback, with a cacophony of white wood notes really taking you to that sunbaked desert.

Santal Austral Eau de Parfum begins as a creamy, powdery, almost milky and nutty scent. These borderline gourmands and sweet aromas give way to the more woody base notes. Intense base notes of Australian sandalwood offer a sharp and bold contrast to the tonka bean and vanilla bourbon. Benzoin adds a woody leather element to the composition which brings further structure to the scent.

This is the perfect scent for those who love sandalwood, but want something with extra complexity. It’s the type of perfume that develops on the skin, with a sweet creaminess and a sharp woodiness balanced perfectly throughout.

2. Maison Margiela Replica by the fireplace
Margiela by the fireplace perfume
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One of the most popular perfumes in the brand’s iconic fragrances, Margiela By The Fireplace is a realistic olfactory interpretation of a cozy wood fire. It’s a comforting and warm scent, perfect for the cooler months. The scent offers a unique combination of smoky woods and sweet gourmands for a surprisingly mouthwatering cult favorite.

Replica By The Fireplace is a deeply evocative scent, thanks to its prominent guaiac wood note. This note offers an almost salty, savory component to the scent, which is perfectly balanced by the creamy nuttiness of the chestnuts and vanilla.

Spicy notes of cloves and a resinous Peruvian balsam reminiscent of pine needles help to add extra complexity to this well-rounded scent. If you love the smell of a wood fire, but want it elevated into one of the best women’s perfumes out there, By The Fireplace is for you. Try it in a sampler alongside other incredible Replica fragrances here.

3. Maison Franic Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 perfume
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For fans of floral fragrances looking for a woody twist, Baccarat Rouge 540 is a beauty editors’ favorite. It’s an incredibly indulgent and rich scent that really makes a statement. It’s the type of fragrance that feels unique and therefore ideal for more special occasions. The complex fragrance blends sweet, woody, salty, and even metallic notes for an unforgettable perfume experience.

A woody black amber note dominates the opening of Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540, which gives the scent a woody oriental feel. You’ll also notice the decadent yet delicate floral accords of saffron. Saffron is one of the rarest spices in the world, and alongside its sweet floral notes, it gives the perfume earthy tones and a whiff of leather-bound books.

The addition of cedar and fir pine help elevate the single note of wood the perfume exemplifies. There’s also white musk, courtesy of ambergris, and notes of jasmine for an intoxicating floral finish. You can try Baccarat Rouge 540 alongside more Maison Francis Kurkdijan scents in a sampler set here.

4. Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum
Byredo Gypsy Water perfume
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If you enjoy a woody note to your fragrance but prefer something more aromatic and light, Byredo Gypsy Water is absolutely perfect. It combines a prominent sandalwood note with uplifting and refreshing citrus and balsamic hits for a light and bright fragrance experience.

Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum opens with a burst of juniper. This aromatic and balsamic pine-esque note offers lots of brightness and greenness to the composition. This sharp herbaceousness is well-balanced with a soft vanilla note, which adds creaminess and comfort to the mix.

The fragrance is given some extra zing thanks to notes of bergamot and lemon. Pine needles also reinforce that balsamic, outdoorsy feel. You may also notice some deeper notes of incense and amber, which ground the scent and prevent it from feeling too lightweight. You can try out Gypsy Water alongside other bestselling Byredo scents in a sampler here.

5. Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Parfum
Diptyque Philosykos perfume
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Diptyque Philosykos is probably the most well-known and beloved fig scent on the market. But it’s more than just a fruity accord – it’s an olfactory impression of the entire fig tree. This means it evokes the woodiness of the bark and the greenness of the leaves for a fragrance that’ll transport you to a grove of fig trees.

Philosykos Eau de Parfum opens with a hyperrealistic vegetal note of the fig leaf. This intensely green note borders on the bitter, but it is perfectly balanced by the complex fruitiness of the flesh of the fig. The fig note is both sweet and honeyed while also offering lactonic and even slightly green elements. Put simply, if you like fig, you’ll adore this scent.

Philosykos also employs extra woody notes of cedarwood oils and the mossy earthiness of the fig tree. You may also notice extra vibrancy, thanks to more green notes, and a creamy sweetness courtesy of coconut. You can try out Philosykos alongside other bestselling Diptyque scents here.

6. BDK Gris Charnel Eau de Parfum
BDK Gris Charnel perfume
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BDK Gris Charnel is a sweet and spicy take on a woody perfume. It’s smooth and honeyed but with intriguing herbal, woody, and gourmand notes to elevate the scent to luxury status. It’s a scent with a masculine edge, making it an offbeat and surprisingly sexy choice for her to wear, too.

Gris Charnel Eau de Parfum is built around a prominent accord of sandalwood. This sandalwood note is highly complex, with elements of sweet, creamy nuttiness combined with a sturdy, rich woodiness, and even a slightly sharp, green aroma.

The woody santal note is complimented by spicy cardamon and the multifaceted fruitiness of fig. But if you’re concerned about things becoming too sweet, there’s a hit of bitterness, courtesy of black tea, plus some extra woodiness thanks to earthy vetiver.

7. Hermes Eau de Merveilles
Hermes eau de Merveilles perfume
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Hermes Eau de Merveilles is an absolute classic in the realm of woody perfumes. First launched in 2004, it was inspired by the marvels of the natural world. It’s a deeply joyful scent, celebrating all that is magical and enchanting about the great outdoors.

Eau de Merveilles is a remarkably versatile scent. It’s equally as lovely on a man as on a woman, and suits most occasions and weathers. It’s quite a delicate and reserved perfume, but it still offers depth and complexity that makes it a fun one to try out.

The scent opens with a burst of juicy orange and piney elemi resin. This gives the fragrance a clean, sharp, and slightly spicy feel. There’s also a strong fir and cedar accord, which gives the scent an evergreen take on the woodsy genre. Amber helps to add warmth and sweetness, while pepper brings heat and oakmoss grounds the scent in an earthy finish.

8. Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum
Le Labo Santal 33 perfume
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Le Labo Santal 33 is arguably the most iconic sandalwood scent out there. As with many Le Labo scents, it’s built around one primary accord, which is ideal for those who are big fans of a sandalwood note. This scent is one which attracts compliments and has a cult following. It’s also extremely recognizable, giving it a singular status.

The sandalwood note in Santal 33 Eau de Parfum is complex and multifaceted. It offers a deep, woody element to the scent, but also has a sharp, green, almost citrusy aroma. It manages to smell both light and fresh, and dark and mysterious, all at the same time.

Supporting that sandalwood note is a leathery accord, plus some mossy, smoky notes courtesy of papyrus. There’s also a cardamom note which adds sweetness and spice, and even some slightly minty, vegetal hits. But the scent always returns back to that delightful sandalwood centerpiece. You can also try Santal 33 as part of a sampler set.

9. Mizensir Perfect Oud Eau de Parfum
Mizensir Perfect Oud perfume
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Mizensir Perfect Oud is a fantastic woodsy scent for anyone who is a particular fan of oud. Oud, or agarwood, is a highly aromatic woodsy note traditionally found in middle eastern incense and perfume oils. This note offers a sensual and exotic vibe to any perfume, and Mizenir has created a scent that truly lets the oud note shine.

Many oud scents are rather sweet and heavy, but Perfect Oud Eau de Parfum uses other woody notes to compliment the oud and add extra nuance to the scent. Juniper offers a brighter, greener woodsy note, while cedar adds a soft and comforting mossy vibe.

Alongside all the woods, the perfume has prominent notes of rose and iris, which add feminity and delicacy to the vibe. A bergamot note adds some citrusy zing, which keeps the fragrance from feeling too heavy for everyday wear. Try Perfect Oud alongside other Mizenir fragrance offerings in this fabulous set.

10. Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum
Chloe Nomade perfume
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Chloé Nomade is a more conventionally feminine take on a woody perfume. It was designed to be a more wild and dirty take on the signature Chloé scent, while still evoking that sexiness and sweetness the brand is known for.

Oakmoss and Mirabelle are the two dominant notes at the heart of Nomade Eau de Parfum. Oakmoss brings an earthy, inky bitterness, while Mirabelle offers a fruity, juicy, and fleshy element similar to a ripe plum. This fruity note is backed up with fuzzy peach, plus a citrus cacophony of mandarin orange, lemon, and bergamot.

Alongside this sweet fruitiness though, there’s earthy patchouli, plus amber and sandalwood. These notes give some grit to the scent, adding structure and a hint of rock ‘n’ roll. This is the perfume that the coolest girl at the party wears.

11. Les Exclusifs De Chanel Sycomore eau de Parfum
Chanel Sycomore perfume
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Chanel Sycomore Eau de Parfum is an ode to one of the lesser-known woodsy perfume notes – the sycamore tree. This tree has a soft and delicate woodsy fragrance that leans a little musky and sweet. It’s a gentle and understated woody scent that’s delightfully feminine and beguiling.

A woody hit of vetiver dominates Sycomore Les Exclusifs. This offers an earthy, green landing point for the scent. As it develops, resinous notes of juniper and cypress add a sharp and balsamic hit. Pink pepper helps to add some spice, which livens up the composition, while aldehydes offer a soapy, even slightly frosty feel that makes the scent feel very Chanel. You can try Sycomore alongside other Exclusifs in this fantastic sampler set.

12. Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne
Jo Malone English Oak and Hazelnut perfume
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Unlike other woody perfumes on our list, Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut is an Eau de Cologne. This means it has a lighter and airier feel on the skin, which is perfect for anyone who fears woody scents may lean rather dark and dingy.

English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne is a mature and sophisticated scent that’s soft and unexpected. The opening note of hazelnut is creamy and nutty, with a slightly salty, savory kick. It intermingles perfectly with the woody notes of aromatic cedar and powerful, earthy oak.

13. Amouage Meander Eau de Parfum
Amouage Meander perfume
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Amouage Meander is a mossy, ambery version of a woody fragrance. As the name suggests, the fragrance is evocative of an outdoor stroll, enjoying different plans and trees you encounter on the way. It feels similarly relaxing and gentle to wear, too.

Spicy top notes of olibanum, carrot seeds, and pink and black peppers open Meander Eau de Parfum. The carrot seed note is particularly prominent and offers a musky, fluffy, animalic vibe to the scent. This musky vibe is elevated by hits of orris, while gentle floral notes of narcissus and rose add sweetness and femininity.

The base notes of the scent are where the woody notes really become dominant. Sharp sandalwood and mossy vetiver balance each other out perfectly. There’s also a resinous frankincense note which adds to the realistic feel of a walk in a tree-filled forest. You can try Meander as well as other Amouqge fragrances in this sampler set.

14. Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum
Byredo Bal d'Afrique perfume
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Byredo Bal D’Afrique is the perfect woody scent for those who also enjoy a bright, citrussy freshness to their perfume. The scent is inspired by a blend of Parisian avant-garde and traditional African art styles. It’s a unique and vibrant scent and pays homage to some of the African continent’s most delectable fragrance ingredients.

African marigolds, Moroccan cedar wood, and African orange flowers are the notes that give Bal D’Afrique Eau de Parfum its name. This floral and woody centerpiece is the perfect balance between light sweetness and deep earthiness.

The scent also employs a sharp and tart fruity accord. Lemon, bergamot, and blackcurrant bring a mouthwateringly sour note that cuts through the heavier wood. You’ll also notice sensual and animalic notes of amber and musk as the scent develops. You can try Bal D’Afrique as part of a sampler, here.

15. Initio Parfums Prives Paragon Eau de Parfum
Initio Paragon perfume
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Initio Parfums Prives Paragon is inspired by the spiritual world and the different esoteric practices that help boost positivity and self-confidence. It’s certainly a cheerful and uplifting scent, and those woody spicy notes are certain to grab attention wherever you go.

Paragon Eau de Parfum has the feel of a warm, crackling wood fire. The woodsy warmth feels comforting and cozy, like a relaxing winter evening. Initio fans will also love the sweet spiciness that the brand is known for.

Soothing lavender and sharp, fizzy bergamot open the fragrance. There’s also a herby, slightly ambery hit of sun-warmed white sage. But as the scent progresses, the prominent heart note of palo santo becomes more obvious. This is a woody note with both a citrusy and a smoky facet and gives the fragrance plenty of sturdiness and structure. It also gives the scent that cleansing, spiritual feel the perfume was inspired by. You can enjoy Paragon as part of a fragrance set here.

16. by Kilian L’heure verte Eau de Parfum
By Kilian l'Heure Verte perfume
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By Kilian L’Heure Verte is a scent inspired by the green fairy of the absinthe bottle. Indeed, it even has an opening note of absinthe, which offers a heady, boozy, and slightly licoricey hit. This adds an element of fun to the scent, which could otherwise feel rather earthy and serious.

As the initial burst of absinthe wears on the skin, L’Heure Verte Eau de Parfum becomes more deep and mossy. Licorice and patchouli add a grounding earthiness to the perfume. Vetiver helps add a woody element to this earthy vibe, while sandalwood gives a sweet and sensual sharpness. These woody notes are offered a feminine kick, thanks to the ozonic, cucumber note of violet. This is a perfume that feels a little bewitching and intoxicating, just like the absinthe it was inspired by.

17. Diptyque Tam Dao Eau de Parfum
Diptyque Tam Dao perfume
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Diptyque Tam Dao is the brand’s most straightforwardly woodsy scent. It also offers floral and musky elements, though, which help keep it feeling feminine and sexy in spite of its intense woody strength.

Alongside more popular woody notes like sandalwood and cedar, Tam Dao Eau de Parfum also includes some more offbeat choices. Brazilian rosewood offers a more nuanced woody note, with a floral and spicy edge. There’s also cypress, which gives a resinous, evergreen feel to the woody accord.

As well as all that wood, you’ll notice some romantic sweetness, courtesy of rose, plus some sweet spices and sexy white musk. But the scent is firmly in the woody family, and that’s where it truly shines.

18. Xerjoff Ivory Route Eau de Parfum
Xerjoff Ivory Route perfume
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Xerjoff Ivory Route is a scent inspired by adventure and exhilaration. It’s a classic woody oriental perfume that feels rich and mysterious and has a seriously spicy kick on top of that sandalwood base.

The primary woodsy note of Ivory Route Eau de Parfum comes from soft and sturdy sandalwood. This note is complemented by earthy patchouli, plus the faraway notes of eastern spices. You’ll notice allspice alongside the unexpected greenness of aromatic basil.

Like a walk through an Arabian spice market, the perfume grabs at the senses with each note vying for attention. Similar to an unexpected trip to an unknown land, it feels exciting, intriguing, and just a little unsettling.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the 18 best woody perfumes for her. There’s a huge variety to be found when focusing on woody fragrances, so there’s a perfect woody choice for every perfume lover!

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