The Definitive Guide To The Best Hot Curling Brushes For Fine Hair

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Have you been looking for a hot hair tool that won’t damage your hair? We rounded up the best hot curling brush for fine hair for you to compare.

We have all been there. You’re getting ready to go out and you realize that you haven’t gotten a chance to curl your hair. You can either spend hours doing it with a flat iron or blow dryer, or just a few minutes with a hot curling brush!

This article will discuss how hot curling brushes are different from flat irons and blow dryers, why they are better, and our top picks of the best hot curling brushes for fine hair available on the market today!

The best hot curling brush for fine hair -ranked


What Is A Curling Brush?


A hot curling brush is a tool that creates beautiful, bouncy curls quickly and easily. Hot curling brushes work by using hot air instead of direct heat on your hair, which leads to healthier hair overall and less heat damage.

Hot curling brushes are also great for adding volume and they can also be used to add texture and definition to hair that needs it.


How To Know If You Have Fine Hair?


You’ll know you have fine hair by its lack of volume. Fine hair is also typically delicate and thin. If you use dry shampoos to texturize your hair and add volume instead of getting rid of extra oil, you know you have fine hair.


Why Use A Hot Curling Brush?


Hot curling brushes are an excellent alternative to flat irons or blow dryers because they give you more control over your curls. Plus, as we already mentioned, they create much less heat damage than a flat iron or a traditional curling wand, as the tool uses hot air instead of having direct contact with your hair.

They also allow for faster styling time if you’re running late, because you can skip using a blow dryer entirely. Lastly, hot curling brushes usually produce better looking results than either of the tools used alone.


Hot Curling Brush vs. Flat Iron


When using hot curling brushes, you have more control over the finished look. With a flat iron, it is easy to accidentally burn your hand or snag some of your strands in its hinge and end up with weird looking lumps.

Plus, hot curling brushes help you achieve perfect curls without completely frying them with intense heat like straighteners do. You also don’t get as much movement in the curl using a straightner when compared to hot curlers!

In short, a hot curling brush is far superior to a hair straightener when it comes to making your hair look good in half the time. It also replaces the need to dry your hair with a blowdryer after a shower, giving your invaluable time.


Curling Brush vs. Blow Dryer


Blow-drying takes forever and usually results in barely any volume at all (or worse, a frizzy mess). Moreover, it’s usually more difficult to create any substantial volume with a blow dryer, and much harder: you’ll need to use a brush in conjunction with your dryer, requiring you to use two hands instead of one. Hats off to anyone who can do this! 

In contrast, hot curling brushes are much easier to use, plus, when used properly on damp hair, hot curling brushes are very gentle on the hair.


Hot Brush vs Curling Iron


A curling iron uses a metal clamp that heats up the hair. The heat is typically much higher, and the surface area of the metallic clamp is quite large, which makes it easier and quicker to create curls, but on the downside, this also leads to heat damage over time. 

Hot curling brushes on the other hand uses no clamp at all. They typically use hot air to create curls, which is a much gentler way of achieving a volumized, wavy head of hair. Also, using a hot air brush cuts down your styling time, as they replace the need to use a blow dryer!


What To Look For In A Hot Curling Brush


1. Brush material

Since you’re looking for a hot curling brush that will serve you for a long time, you should consider the quality of the brush and make sure that it is made with supreme materials. You should look for a brush with a barrel that is made of materials like ceramic tourmaline or titanium. These materials are known to provide durability and are known to be the most effective way of getting frizz-free wavy or curly hair since these are charged with negative ions.

2. Different heat settings

We don’t want your hair to overheat and get heat damage, so look for a hot curling brush that has different settings with easy temperature control. Thin and fine hair is prone to damage, so make sure to get a curling brush with adjustable heat settings. You can also find hot air brushes with different speed settings.

3. Multiple barrel sizes

It’s just better to have different choices. Thick and larger barrels create bigger and loose curls, while thin barrels tend to give tighter curls. 

4. Cord length

 Of course, we don’t want a curling brush with a very short cord length – we want freedom and we want to be able to walk around easily while doing our hair – maybe to grab a setting spray or a drink.


The Best Hot Curling Brushes For Fine Hair 

1. Dyson AirWrap Set


Dyson AirWrap Set for best hot curling brushes for fine hair

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The Dyson Airwrap is the ultimate hot tool that everyone’s been raving about ever since it came out. You’ll never have frizz again with this lightweight tool that dries your locks quickly without overusing heat. The tourmaline ceramic technology builds up negative ions, which help reduce static electricity and leaves you with a shiny finish.

This model is versatile and can be used in multiple ways to achieve different results. it comes with different attachments that you can use to achieve wavy hair.

The Dyson AirWrap retails for $549, however, you can typically find it much cheaper on eBay, especially around the holidays when people have received it as an unwanted gift. Typically, you can save $100 for a set that has never been touched!

The Dyson Airwrap is the most expensive out of this list, but for this price, you’ll get a whole set of tools and a head full of gorgeous locks. Plus, the 5-star reviews speak for themselves – this is definitely the best hot curling brush for fine hair that’s out on the market, no questions asked.


2. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer for best hot curling brushes for fine hair


Get this at Walmart


The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is pretty basic compared to the Airwrap, however, it’s hands down the best affordable hot brushes for fine hair that you’ll find. It’s even won the Allure Best Of Beauty award in 2019 for its great performance!

While all this is great, we have to say that although this tool is great for volume and drying your hair, it’s not great for curling it. Due to its design, it works best to create straight, slightly wavy hair with lots of volume. If this isn’t what you want, we recommend the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, as discussed below.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the settings. The Revlon hair tool has tourmaline ceramic technology which helps dry your hair faster without damaging it and leaves you with a shiny finish. Despite being bulkier than its AirWrap counterpart, it has received excellent reviews from consumers, many of them stating that using this brush cuts down their blowout time from the usual hour to just under 10 minutes.

The manufacturer also promises 30% less frizz compared to other similar tools. Plus, it comes with 3 heat/speed settings with a cool option to prevent heat damage to your hair and make your volume last longer.

One downside to this brush is that it doesn’t come with any additional barrel sizes (but we have to say, none of the affordable, drugstore hot brushes typically come with this feature!).


3. John Frieda Hot Air Brush (1.5 inch)


John Frieda Hot Air Brush for best hot curling brushes for fine hair


Get this at Walmart


This hot curler from John Frieda is made with advanced ionic technology that promises up to 50% more ions than what has been previously delivered. It comes with a 1.5 inch barrel, which is great for creating everyday waves that last throughout the day. You won’t get tight curls with this one though if this is what you’re after.

The brush also comes with a heat-resistant glove – very important for protection! You can choose between two settings: high temperatures and low temperatures, plus a cool setting to lock in your waves.

The cord rotates 360 degrees which means you don’t have to worry about accidentally tangling yourself up in cords when using this hot hairdryer. However, many have said say that they wish there was an option for even lower heating temperatures/options because sometimes the heat is just too much for fine locks.


4. AmoVee Curling Iron Brush (1 inch)


AmoVee Curling Iron Brush for best hot curling brushes for fine hair


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The AmoVee curling brush comes with a 1-inch ceramic barrel, which is great to create waves that are tighter than what you’ll get with the John Frieda hot brush. Design-wise, the two work in a pretty similar way, the main difference is just the width of the barrel: use the AmoVee curling brush to create tighter curls. If you have fine hair, these should also last longer than the 1″ barrel curls (at least that is my personal experience with fine hair!).

If you’re wondering how much the size of the curls differs, check out this graphic by Medium (keep in mind that these curls are created with a curling iron, not a hot brush! So, in reality, they may be even looser.)

This curling wand is coated with enhanced ceramic tourmaline, emitting negative ions when heated. The brush heats up evenly to reduce damage and protect your hair from over-styling and locks the moisture in your hair, leaving it silky smooth and shiny. It also has a cool touch design – meaning that it features anti-scald nylon bristles and a rubberized handle for a more comfortable and secure grip — all this for an affordable price.


5. Bed Head Blow Out Freak


 Bed Head Blow Out Freak hair tool


Get this at Walmart


For a salon-quality blowout at home, this hot curling brush is for you. This Bed Head Blowout Freak will blow beauty consumers away for being quick to use and light on the hands. It has mix-pattern brushes designed to slide through your hair with ease, and the tourmaline, ceramic coating technology is what’s responsible for smoothing strands to appear shiny and healthy.

As mentioned before, keep in mind that this hot brush is best for creating a voluminous do, not so much for curling your hair.

For around $60, you’ll be able to achieve a quality blowout at home without spending much, compared to the salon. 


How to Use A Hot Curling Brush


1. Turn on the brush – Make sure that the heat setting isn’t too hot (and not too cold either). For fine hair, it’s best to use a low setting to avoid frying your thin hair.

2. Divide your hair into sections – Start from the back of your head, which has the inner layer of the hair. It’s best to divide your hair into thin sections so that the curl will hold up well. 

3. Wrap your hair around the brush – Wrap it gently, and be mindful of the heat – we don’t want your scalp to scald. Wait for 15 seconds (or until the damp hair is dry), and then release it gently. Apply setting spray if you want your curls to hold their form all day.


Commonly Asked Questions

Will a hot curling brush damage my hair?

As long as you use a hot curling brush on damp hair and only clamp down for about 15 seconds or less at a time (you don’t want to burn yourself!), then the damage should be minimal on fine hair, and much less than with any other hot styling tool

Are hot curling brushes worth the price?

Yes! The best hot curling brushes deliver salon-quality results and are truly an investment. As long as you take care of them properly, hot curling brushes should last for years with proper use. If you’ve been using hair straighteners or curlers every day to style your hair, switching to a hot air styler will also help reduce the amount of damage to your hair over time.

Are they safe to use every day?

Yes! Hot curling brushes are safe to use on a daily basis as long as you’re not holding the barrel onto your hair for more than fifteen seconds at a time. It is also safe to use for both dry hair and long hair. It also helps to apply a heat protectant spray onto your hair before using the hot air brush.

Can I use a hot curling brush if my hair is not wet?

No. A hot air brush should only be used on damp (not soaking wet hair!) hair for maximum effectiveness. If done incorrectly, you may risk burning yourself as well as getting frizzy results rather than smooth shiny locks! Additionally, using curling brushes when your hair is dry can result in breakage due to tension and damage.

How long will the curls last after using a hot curl brush?

Using the correct tools like the Dyson Airwrap, your curls will last all day, even if your hair is super fine and thin. If you want them to retain their form, you can also apply a light hairspray. Just remember to use the brush on damp hair for no more than fifteen seconds at a time!

How much heat should I apply?

The key is moderation – start off with lower settings until you get used to how it works. Remember–if done incorrectly, you could end up burning yourself or. causing hair damage. Always be sure to set the temperature low enough so as to prevent any accidental injuries. Some hot curling brushes come with a heat glove destined to protect your hand – use it to your advantage!


We hope you found this guide to the best hot curling brushes for fine hair useful. If you are looking for more hair related posts, check out the following to truly take your hair to the next level:


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