15 Best Gucci Loafers To Add Sophistication To Your Look

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The luxury Italian fashion house, Gucci, is well known for its stunning loafers, so we have brought together 15 of the best Gucci loafers we think you will love.

A great pair of loafers are a staple shoe in your wardrobe because of their versatility, dress them up or down and wear them day or night to add a sleek and sophisticated touch to your outfit. The historic fashion brand, Gucci, has some of the best and most popular loafers that have been an important collection since the days of Aldo Gucci in the 1950s and 60s and were added to by Alessandro Michele.

Gucci loafers have now also been seen on countless celebrities, including Jennifer Anniston, Katie Holmes, Harry Styles, Sienna Miller, and Gigi Hadid. There are loads and loads of different loafers in the Gucci collection, in many different styles, crafted from luxurious leather and embellished with sparkling hardware.

Whether you are looking for a chic and paired back with a classic look, or a statement, platform loafer that will add a fashionable touch to your outfit, you are bound to find the perfect pair of shoes in this list of the 15 best Gucci loafers!


the 15 best Gucci loafers

1. Jordaan leather loafers


Black Gucci Jordaan leather loafer

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The Gucci Jordaan leather loafers are an iconic and classic pair of loafers that everyone really needs in their collection.

These timeless loafers will really stand the test of time and give any outfit a stylish finishing touch! The Jordaan loafers are crafted from shiny black leather, with a leather sole and 10mm heel.

These incredible shoes are finished with a gleaming gold horsebit on the front, to add that quintessentially Gucci touch.


2. Leather lug sole Horsebit loafers


Black Gucci Leather lug sole Horsebit loafer

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Chunky shoes are so fashionable at the moment, making these Gucci Leather lug sole Horsebit loafers a must-have in your wardrobe.

These loafers have a classic style, crafted from shiny black leather, and decorated with a glittering gold horsebit, and then are finished with a statement lug sole.

The platform rubber sole has a 25mm height to add a little elevation to any look. Get your hands on these loafers for just $1,150 and pair them with your favorite wide-leg trousers.


3. Princetown Loafer Mules

White Gucci Princetown Loafer Mule

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The Princetown Loafer Mules are another pair of classic Gucci loafers that can finish an outfit on casual days, or slip on to complete your low-key dinner-out look.

The Princetown loafers have the look of a mule, with the backless silhouette, and then are finished with a 1-inch heel and gold horsebit hardware – referencing Gucci’s equestrian roots.

These sleek, slip-on loafers are available in both black and white, and retail for just $850.


4. Women’s loafers with Web


Black Gucci Women's loafer with Web

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The Gucci Women’s loafer with Web has a preppy look and elegant silhouette that was first introduced in the 1950s and has remained a staple of Gucci loafers ever since.

These luxe black loafers have been decorated with red and green stripes of webbing, on top of which sits a gold horsebit to give these shoes a vintage touch.

The best part of these loafers is the back heel, which can be worn folded down for more of a slip-on mule style, or up for a smart loafer look.


5. Women’s lug sole Interlocking G loafers


Black Gucci Women's lug sole Interlocking G loafer

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Make a real statement with these Women’s lug sole Interlocking G loafers! The thick soles and bold hardware make these shoes super eye-catching and the perfect accessories to a mini skirt and tights look.

The black leather chunky loafers feature a rubber platform lug sole with an exaggerated 40mm heel to add extra height and elevation to your outfit.

The statement gold interlocking G logo is the perfect finishing touch to these incredible shoes, available for just $1,100.


6. Women’s Gucci leather loafers


Black Gucci Women's Gucci leather loafer

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If you are looking for a pair of loafers that are a little more eye-catching, then these Women’s Gucci leather loafers are just what you need!

These loafers have a chunkier silhouette than the previous examples we have seen, with a 15mm heel and exaggerated stitching around the front. To add a glam touch to these Gucci loafers, the Gucci brand name features across the front in bold gold lettering – just stunning!

Plus, these timeless shoes have a price tag of just $1,050 – a great investment piece you can wear year after year.


7. Princetown Genuine Shearling Loafer Mules

Black Gucci Princetown Genuine Shearling Loafer Mule

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We love the playful finish on these striking Gucci Princetown Genuine Shearling Loafer Mules.

These soft and cozy Gucci Princetown loafers are crafted from high-quality black leather and then lined with genuine shearling, which pokes out the side and back of the mules for an attention-grabbing finish.

These shoes are the ideal accessory to add a little fun to any smart, work look, and are an amazing transition shoe as you change your wardrobe from spring to summer.


8. Jordaan Supreme Canvas Bit Loafers

Brown and camel Gucci Jordaan Supreme Canvas Bit Loafer

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Monogram prints are very popular at the moment, just like the LV monogram you will see all over Louis Vuitton products, and now Gucci has made their own Jordaan loafers covered in a GG monogram canvas.

The GG monogram stands for Guccio Gucci, the founder of the fashion house, while the camel and brown monogram canvas is trimmed with rich brown leather for a luxe finish.

A gold horsebit and low heel flawlessly complete these iconic shoes.


10. Women’s loafers with Horsebit


White Gucci Women's loafer with Horsebit

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A pair of minimalist loafers are an essential part of your wardrobe because they are versatile enough to suit a whole load of outfits, and will look eternally stylish, no matter how trends change.

These Gucci Women’s loafers with Horsebit are a perfect example – the classic designer shoes are made from white leather, with a contrasting black sole and low, 30mm heel to add a little extra height.

The shoes are finished with a delicate gold horsebit, in the middle of which sits the GG logo. These beautiful, timeless shoes retail for just $920.


11. Women’s loafers with Double G 


Black Gucci Women's loafer with Double G

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The quilting on these Women’s loafers with Double G gives them a luxurious look, making them totally irresistible.

These black leather Gucci loafers feature a chevron quilted matelassé finish and are then embellished with a dainty gold GG logo at the front of the shoe for a classic Gucci look.

The minimalist aesthetic of these shoes ensures they will suit a wide range of outfits, for both work and weekend looks.


12. Women’s GG Matelassé shoes


White Gucci Women's GG Matelassé shoe

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These Gucci Women’s GG Matelassé shoes are just incredible, with the chunky sole and textural leather upper.

These loafers are a modern take on a classic shoe – the off-white leather has been quilted with the GG monogram and then decorated with a silver buckle, engraved with the Gucci name, while the lug sole adds a platform finish.

The heel on these loafers sits at 25mm tall to add a little elevation, while still ensuring these shoes are comfortable to wear.


13. Adidas x Gucci women’s loafers 


Black and white Gucci adidas x Gucci women's loafers

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The Adidas x Gucci collaboration was one of the most talked about luxury fashion collaborations this year, which is why you really need to pick up these incredible leather loafers.

The Adidas x Gucci women’s loafers feature motifs of both brands, with the three white stripes decorating the sides of the shoes, and red and green webbing with a gold horse bit embellishing the top of the loafers.

The 30mm heel, with a gold Gucci trefoil insert, adds a little elevation to these stunning loafers.


14. Women’s Double G loafers


Black Gucci Women's Double G loafer

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The matte leather with the glossy soles makes these designer shoes a must-have in your wardrobe.

The Gucci Women’s Double G loafers have smooth leather sides and a chevron leather top, embellished with a gold double G logo, while the soles really stand out. The 1.2-inch platform soles, with a 1.8-inch heel, are crafted from glossy black rubber with a matelassé finish.

These black options will suit lots of different outfits, but if you fancy a little more color, these loafers are also available in a white and blue edition.


14. Baby Horsebit Loafers

Black Gucci Baby Horsebit Loafer

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We love the elegant and sophisticated look of these Gucci Baby Horsebit Loafers, the perfect shoes for any formal or work outfit.

The striking loafers are crafted from luxe black leather and feature a 1-inch heel, making them super comfortable to walk around in all day.

Our favorite element is the thick, gleaming gold horsebit hardware that sits on top of the shoe, referencing the rich heritage of the Gucci fashion house.


15. Leather mid-heel loafers


White and black Gucci Leather mid-heel loafer

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These Gucci Leather mid-heel loafers are ideal for a special occasion or your date night look, because of the gorgeous, glamorous embellishments.

The leather Gucci loafers are made from supple white leather and feature a navy and red webbing stripe and a GG logo on the front of the shoe.

Our favorite element is the 35mm heel, which is embellished with shimmering white pearls and gleaming gold studs for an eye-catching finish as you walk away.

We hope you loved this list of the 15 best Gucci loafers! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.


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