25 Best Expensive Gifts For Your Boss That Are Worth The Money

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Are you looking for the best expensive gifts for your boss that they’ll ACTUALLY want? If so, get one of these luxury gifts for the boss!

There’s nothing that says, “I’m so happy you’re my boss!” more than a beautiful, luxurious gift.

However, there’s a fine line between a great gift and a gift that can feel either too personal or too impersonal.

So today, we’re showing you the 25 best expensive gifts for your boss that they’ll be delighted to receive.

But first…

When Should You Give Your Boss a Luxurious Present?


1. What is your relationship with your boss?

Technically, you can get your boss a luxurious gift even if you two aren’t close, but that can come off as trying to buy your way into their good graces. Pay attention to your personal relationship with your boss, and your company culture.

It’s best to opt for luxurious gifts when you have a close working relationship with your boss.

For example, bosses who have supported you and mentored you to become the best professional you can definitely deserve a thoughtful gift.

2. On What Occasion can you give your boss an expensive gift?

If you’ve ticked off the relationship box, you might be wondering when to get them a gift to express your thanks.

Holidays and birthdays are very appropriate occasions to give your boss a great gift.

In addition to this, if you’re leaving the company organically and your boss is happy for you because you’ve grown with their mentorship, it makes sense to give them a gift to remember you by.

Similarly, if you or your boss are retiring, a luxurious gift can be a great way to commemorate your partnership.

3. What kind of gift should you give your boss?

Focus on their professional and hobby interests.

Don’t try to impress them with a gift that holds no value to them. It’s important for your boss to see that you understand what they might need.

With that in mind, let’s see what the 25 best expensive gifts for your boss are! For your convenience, we’ve categorized this post as unisex gifts, as well as gifts for a female boss and a male boss.


The Best Expensive Unisex Gifts For Your Boss:

1. Gift Baskets, e.g. Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket


The best expensive gifts for boss: luxury gift baskets


Gift baskets are a great gift for birthdays and holidays, and the really expensive and luxurious ones are the perfect treat. After all, Godiva is the synonym for indulgence, so make your boss’ holidays extra special.

Godiva’s Home For The Holidays Gift Basket features a selection of legendary cherry cordials, limited edition holiday truffles with seasonal flavors, and assorted dark and milk chocolates.


2. Coffee Table Books Tailored to Their Interests, e.g. Architectural Digest at 100

The best expensive gifts for boss: coffee table books

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Coffee table books are an excellent gift because they allow you to stay professional while also giving a personal gift. Coffee table books cover a variety of topics; from rock music and fashion, to architecture and cuisine.

If you’re not sure what your boss might be currently interested in, Architectural Digest’s coffee table book on architecture is an excellent choice.


3. Coffee Accessories for Busy Bosses, e.g. Kopi Mug & Warmer Set


Best gift ideas for your boss: self warming mug


If your boss is so busy that their coffee often goes cold while they’re working on something, they’ll love OHOM’s Kopi coffee mug and warmer set.

It’s a great addition to the (home) office, and a very practical gift for bosses who already have everything. You can pick from a variety of color options; from black and pink, to gold and silver.


4. Decorative Items for Your Boss’ Office, e.g. Orrefors Precious Large Vase


The best expensive gifts for boss: glass homeware


The clear structure and asymmetrical, sharp lines of Orrefors’ Precious large vase catch light and radiate power. This makes it the perfect addition to any corner office, and it’s a great gift for both female and male bosses.

Made in Sweden, this vase is going to be a luxurious gift for bosses with a finer taste in design. It looks beautiful in modern and sleek offices.


5. Luxurious Stationery, e.g. Montblanc Ballpoint Pen


The best expensive gifts for boss: Montblanc pen


Montblanc pens have become synonymous with luxury gifts for bosses, especially if they often sign important deals. Help them commemorate special occasions with a Montblanc ballpoint pen.

This pen is a new take on the refined Montblanc aesthetic, with a clear blue dome inspired by depictions of Earth rising above the lunar horizon. If your boss strives to innovate, this is the perfect gift.


6. Wellness Gifts, e.g. Theragun Massage Gun


Best expensive health gifts for your boss: Theragun


If your boss stays active or works out a lot, they probably struggle with sore muscles. In that case, the Theragun percussion massage gun will eliminate the negative side-effects of overexertion.

The device is really simple to use and comes with plenty of powerful features that will make sore muscles a thing of the past.


7. Marble Busts, e.g. Apollo Marble Bust


The best expensive gifts for boss: marble bust of Apollo


If your boss often talks about history and reads up on historical figures who conquered the world (even emulating them sometimes), get them a marble bust like this marble bust of Apollo.

This is a reproduction of the antique bust of Apollo (the Greek god of sun and light), and it’s made from the finest Greek marble.


8. High-End Wine Accessories, L’Atelier Du Vin Mini Collector Wine Accessory Set


Luxury gift ideas for your boss: wine set


Every part of L’Atelier du Vin’s Mini Collector wine accessory set is made from the finest materials, and it’s exquisitely curated. The solid walnut case holds a champagne cork opener, a Garcon corkscrew, and a Modele 54 universal cork.

This accessory set (made in France) is an incredible choice for bosses who are wine connoisseurs.


9. Premium Bar Accessories, e.g. A Glass Decanter


Hatch cut glass decanter for bosses


Toast to a beautiful partnership with this hatch cut glass decanter is a semi-expensive gift for your boss that’s sure to impress them. This sophisticated glass decanter is exclusive to Crate & Barrel, and is part of a bigger set, in case you want to get a few glasses to match the decanter. 

Premium bar accessories are perfect for bosses who take pride in their whiskey selection. For the perfect finishing touch, pair it with equally gorgeous glasses and you’ll truly give your boss a gift to last them a lifetime.


10. Statement Wall Art, e.g. Renwil Orion Painting


The best expensive gifts for boss: art piece for the wall


Unless you’re absolutely sure of your boss’ preferences (e.g. do they love abstract art? What kind of color combinations suit them?), choose something neutral and powerful that will elevate their office.

Renwil Orion Painting comes in beautiful muted blue shades with bursting golden accents. The abstract concept will keep the attention on your boss, and make for a unique (and stylish) gift.


11. Luxurious Drinkware, e.g. Old Fashioned Champagne Saucers


Old fashioned champagne saucers


If your boss has a taste for the finer things in life, giving them a beautiful set of drinking glasses might be the way to go!

These handmade ripple champagne saucers are the epitome of elegance with their beautiful design. Champagne saucers may not be as popular as champagne flutes, but we guarantee that your boss will appreciate these unique glasses more than the traditionally gifted drinkware. 


12. High-End Small Appliances, e.g. Cuisinart Espresso Defined Coffeemaker


Luxury gift ideas for your boss: coffee machine


Cuisinart’s EM-25 Espresso Defined™ coffee machine will make more than your garden-variety espresso. Your boss can make the tastiest cappuccinos and lattes, as well.

It has 19 pressure bars, and it’s fully programmable so it’s both practical and luxurious.


13. Luxurious Business Card Holder


Best expensive gifts for boss: ysl card holder


Traditional bosses will love receiving a business card holder, especially if they are practical with a stylish finish. This Saint Laurent cardholder exudes luxury but is slightly understated at the same time. If your boss is in the need of a new business card holder (or if they don’t even have one), this will be a great gift.

Alternatively, you can also gift them a traditional cardholder or a personalized wallet. For example, Gucci offers personalized monogram embossing on all its wallets.


Best Luxury Gifts for Your Female Boss

14. Designer Kitchen Accents for the Chef, e.g. Michael Aram Dove Canisters


The best expensive gifts for boss: elegant canisters


If your boss takes pride in their (or her) cooking skills and loves being surrounded by beautiful accents, Michael Aram’s Dove canisters are an exquisite gift choice. This is a great gift for retirement or bosses you have a close working relationship with.

The canisters feature delicate golden birds and harmonious oval shapes, so they definitely double as an elegant sculpture, too!


15. Timeless Beauty Products, e.g. Chanel N°5


The best expensive gifts for boss: Chanel number 5 perfume


Beauty products are a little tricky when you want to give your female boss a gift, so stick to something timeless and elegant like Chanel N°5 fragrance.

It’s a cult perfume with floral and vanilla notes which make it incredibly versatile.


16. Luxurious Accessories for the Gracious Host, e.g. Nambé Twist Coasters


The best expensive gifts for boss: elegant coasters


If your boss likes to host business partners in her office, or friends at her home, these Nambé Twist coasters will make sure she does it as elegantly as she does everything else.

You’ll get 6 coasters in the set, all made from richly-grained acacia wood and twisted alloy. When stacked, they look like a beautiful tower.


17. Gifts for Luxury and Comfort, e.g. Gucci Alchemist Hand Cream Set


The best expensive beauty gifts for female boss: Gucci handcream


This one is great if your boss travels constantly and has to deal with dry airplane skin. Gucci’s Alchemist Garden hand cream set consists of 3 beautiful and delicate hand creams.

It’s a practical luxury gift for a hedonist boss.


18. Elegant Accessories, e.g. Burberry Cashmere Scarf


The best expensive gifts for female boss: Burberry scarf


A stylish and elegant boss will love getting a Burberry cashmere scarf. It’s a signature accessory that will both keep her warm and show everyone just how elegant she is.

You can’t go wrong with a scarf, but a Burberry scarf is both delightfully personal and versatile enough to complement her unique style.


19. Candle Sets, e.g. Diptyque Baies Candle


The best expensive gifts for boss: Diptyque Baies candle


Candles make for beautiful luxury gifts for your boss, although they can be considered impersonal by some. If you are going to gift a candle, make sure that it’s one from a best-selling luxury candle brand, such as Jo Malone or Diptyque. These candles have quite a premium price, so they’re not something that your boss is likely to buy herself.

You can gift a single candle by itself, or combine a few best-selling scents such as the Dyptique Baies, Roses and Feu de Bois. These candles are luxurious and beautiful, giving your boss an eye-catching centerpiece that she can proudly display in her office or at home.



Best Luxury Gifts for Your Male Boss

20. Tasteful Board Game Sets



Board games are making a big comeback, and thanks to The Queen’s Gambit, chess has been one of the games that’s gained the most new players.

If your boss loves a competitive game, why not gift them this beautiful acrylic chess set that is sure to impress, even just as a piece of home decor?


21. A Classic Scent, e.g. Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette


The best expensive gifts for boss: Dior Sauvage men's perfume


If your boss prides himself in his appearance, getting him a masculine scent like the Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette can be a great idea.

The Dior Sauvage is a memorable signature scent that has top notes of bergamot and ambroxan – two fragrances that combine freshness with woody aromas – perfect for men who want to be remembered.


22. Tech Gadgets, e.g. Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones


The best expensive gifts for boss: Bose noise cancelling headphones


For those days when your boss just needs to unplug and focus on his work, gift him Bose noise-canceling headphones with AR sound processing that successfully filters out all the distractions.

They’re also compatible with Bluetooth, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.


23. Premium Grill Accessories, e.g. BergHOFF BBQ Set


The best expensive gifts for boss: grill accessories


If your boss is a barbecue enthusiast, he’ll love the BergHOFF’s BBQ set!

Made from stainless steel and with 33 pieces which include steak knives, pepper pots, and more, it’s the ultimate high-end grill kit.


24. High-End Laptop Bags, e.g. Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Laptop Bag


The best expensive gifts for male boss: high end laptop bag


We live in a tech world, so if your boss brings his laptop to work every single day (and wherever he goes), it’s time to get him a luxurious laptop bag.

Kenneth Cole laptop bag is made from high-quality Colombian leather and has plenty of room for everything your boss needs. This is an expensive but practical gift, so it’s perfect if your boss is a minimalist.


25. Unique Desk Accessories, e.g. SilverGlow Vintage Pencil Holder


Gift ideas for your boss: office items


If your boss loves to travel but they can’t jet off on an adventure whenever they’d like since they’re so busy, bring adventure to them with SilverGlow’s vintage pencil holder.

This pencil holder set features vintage map prints, and it’ll look beautiful in offices decorated with dark hues and leather furniture. It also comes with a paperclip holder!


I hope that you enjoyed this list of the best expensive gifts for your boss, and hopefully, you found great gift ideas that will be perfect for your own boss!

In case you still need some help in finding the best luxury gifts for your boss, have a look at some other gift guides that we have below.


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  1. We are in great relationships with our boss and we decided to get him an expensive gift as a thank you for being not only a great boss but also an amazing human being. We got him a modern floor clock for his office.

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