What To Wear With Gold Heels Or Shoes: 8 Styling Ideas

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Want to add glamour to your outfit? We totally recommend wearing it with gold heels. If you don’t quite know how to style your outfit with these metallic beauties, check out our style guide on what to wear with gold heels or shoes!

Gold shoes are such a versatile piece of footwear because they will without a doubt go great with almost all colors that exist. On top of this, metallic shoes like silver heels and gold heels can double as an accessory or a statement piece especially if the rest of your outfit is simple.

Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or just want to look your best with your casual outfit, gold heels or shoes can help you achieve the look you desire.

Since gold heels can be paired with any color outfit there is, you really don’t need to stress out over color combinations. However, we will list down our favorite combinations below so that it’s easier for you to get inspired!

What To Wear With Gold Heels & Shoes

1. Black Outfits

If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated boss babe look, you can never go wrong with pairing your gold shoes with an overwise all-black outfit.

This is such an iconic color combination in the fashion world that will demand attention in the best possible way. To maximize the glamour, make sure to pair your look with a gold purse or at least a complementary bag with gold hardware.

If you have a little black dress on you, go all the way with a pair of gold platform heels! This would also work if you’d rather wear a pair of black trousers and a white blazer, for instance.

2. White Outfits

White and gold are an elegant color combination that you can’t go wrong with. For a fresh, classy look that’s fit for formal events, you can never go wrong with an all-white, monochromatic outfit – whether it’s a white maxi dress or a white pantsuit set.

If an all-white look isn’t for you, you can also break it up with some color by wearing a white skirt or trousers with a different color top.

To elevate the look further, add on a black blazer and top the look off with your favorite pair of gold high heels. You can also add some other gold accessories such as a necklace, watch, or bracelet to complete the look!

For a casual look, you can swap your high heels with gold strappy sandals instead.

3. Emerald Green Outfits

What To Wear With Gold Heels: Emerald green maxi dress
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Next time you want to stand out in a crow, try wearing emerald green with your gold shoes. This is a beautiful color that will complement any skin tone and works especially well for festive parties around the holidays. However, don’t feel like you can only wear this combination around Christmas – it looks equally pretty in the summer!

You can use this combo to create different looks: for casual wear, go for an emerald green sweater with a pair of skinny jeans, and complete the look with gold sandals, boots or stiletto heels.

Alternatively, try styling an emerald green pleated skirt with a black blazer or leather jacket and gold heels for a polished look!

4. Denim

While this combo may sound understated, denim and gold create a striking combo. On your next night out, we recommend wearing your denim with some gold for a glamorous look! You can do this with denim shorts, jeans, and even skirts.

Alternatively, opt for a nice pair of gold ankle boots for a fun daytime look.

5. Blush Outfits 

Blush is a very feminine color that perfectly complements both rose gold and gold. This is an elegant look is very understated with just a hint of glam – perfect for cocktail parties or even daytime activities!

Alternatively, opt for rose gold heels if you want to go for an even softer look.

6. Formal Wear

If you are dressing up for a formal event, then try wearing a black or navy blue pantsuit outfit with gold heels or shoes. This is an elegant and sophisticated look that will make you look like a million bucks.

For a more feminine approach, a pink blazer and pantsuit set would be such a chic look!

7. Sequin Dresses / Pants / Shorts

What To Wear With Gold Heels: Blush sequin maxi dress with gold heels
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If you want to add some sparkle to your outfit, then try wearing a sequin dress, pants, shorts, or even a sequined top. This is a fun and festive look perfect for New Year’s Eve that will light up any room!

While you can pair your gold heels with most colors, we recommend staying clear of silver sequined outfits – silver shoes go better with them.

8. Floral Print Outfits

What To Wear With Gold Heels: Floral satin midi dress
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As previously mentioned, gold goes great with virtually any outfit there is – including outfits with floral prints.

If you want to wear a floral print midi dress on your next day out, then try pairing it with gold open-toe heels. This is a fun and flirty look that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Extra Tips

While yellow gold is considered a warmer tone that goes best with other colors that have warm undertones, champagne gold is more of a neutral color that complements a wider array of outfits and skin tones.

So, if you have a pair of champagne gold shoes in your wardrobe, consider it a neutral that can be paired with anything and everything. If you haven’t already, think about adding a pair of flattering pair of pointed-toe champagne gold flats like these into your collection. They’re sure to elevate many of your outfits!

We hope you found this guide about what to wear with gold heels and shoes! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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