What to Wear To A Muslim Wedding To Look Fashion Forward

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Modest clothing is fast rising in widespread popularity; here are 7 looks to wear if you are attending a Muslim wedding.

If you’re attending your first Muslim wedding, this one’s for you. Islamic culture is filled with nuances, and the wedding festivities are no different. The wedding day is usually preceded by different occasions, each with different dress codes.

The wedding day is called the nikah ceremony; this is the religious ceremony where the happy couple signs the marriage contract, solidifying their marriage in front of their friends and family members. Islam is a religion focusing on modesty in all forms, including dressing.

If invited to this event, the general tip, if it’s your first time at an Islamic wedding, is to go for a modest look, meaning no exposed legs or shoulders and ensuring the neckline is not too deep, as Muslim women generally avoid exposing too much skin.

Unlike this special occasion, different parts of the world have different dress codes, depending on how liberal the culture is. Some cultures host parties in separate rooms for male and female guests at Muslim wedding receptions, meaning female members of the family have a less modest dress code and allow for more experimental fashion.

Muslim weddings of the African diaspora have their own style of garments, much like families from South Asia who have their own traditional clothing, which we will touch upon.

What to Wear to a Muslim wedding

1. Long Sleeve Gown

We’ve touched upon long sleeves already, and a long-sleeved gown is a perfect outfit for a Muslim wedding ceremony. If the necklike is kept high, this is great as it ensures no exposed skin, which would be a nono during the religious ceremony portion, where attendees would be expected to dress modestly.

A running theme through all outfit options, and traditional muslim weddings generally, is the focus put on accessories to amp up an outfit. Pair this with statement shoes; this is also a great time to get all your fancy jewelry out of the safe.

Be sure that the gown doesn’t have other details like a leg slit or a backless design, which would render the point of the dress unfulfilled.

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2. Embellished Gown

Following on from the same point, going for a gown with the same modest aspects but heavily embellished makes for a perfect outfit for a wedding reception. 

As we mentioned earlier, some cultures don’t require modest outfits to be worn other than at the religious ceremony, so it’s best to check with the wedding party directly. Though if you’d rather not ask, it’s better to be more modest than to need to be less.

Middle Eastern and South Asian culture is rich in textile and embroidery techniques and makes for fitting wedding guest outfits if the occasion fits.

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3. Abaya Dress

An abaya is a loose-fitting garment that comes closed [like a dress] or open, almost like a loose duster coat. This is worn by some muslim women who focus on dressing modestly, particularly in the Middle East.

These now come in all kinds of styles, from abaya suits to modern variations, which are heavily embellished or made from fine fabrics. Even quiet luxury favorite Loro Piana released a Ramadan collection of abayas in the palest shade of gold, with touches from the East.

A sheer abaya or long coat over outfits is a modern way that young Muslim women are interpreting their personal style through their culture.

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4. Kaftan

A kaftan is another traditional dress style across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It has a loose, relaxed fit and is great for hot climates. 

Though this was once reserved in light fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, or linen, young fashion fanatics are embracing their culture and doing away with Western styles for tradition.

This is a subtle look and great if it’s an at-home wedding or if your personal style isn’t flashy enough to constitute wearing an evening gown. It’s also a great way to appreciate the culture of the wedding party, and it won’t be an unnoticed gesture.

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5. cape

Capes are a recurring element in modest fashion, owing to their ability to add modesty to outfits without looking frumpy while also being an element of fun.

A long gown or jumpsuit with a cape draped over it will be a fantastic outfit to wear to a muslim wedding and also works for other special events.

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6. Lehenga

If you’re attending a Pakistani wedding or Indian wedding, this is a great option for you. Weddings from these cultures tend to have numerous different functions, each with its own unspecified dress code, amping up as each event goes.

A lehenga is most appropriate for a wedding reception rather than a ceremony, as a red lehenga is essentially the South Asian equivalent of a white dress. 

This outfit consists of a long lehenga skirt paired with a top of varying lengths. Like a run-of-the-mill dress, these come in all kinds of colors, fabrics, and patterns; each referring to a different traditional handicraft.

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7. Long Skirt

If the event you are attending isn’t flash enough to go for a heavy or intricate outfit, a long taffeta or tulle skirt paired with a blouse is a great option.

For a daytime event, go for neutral and gold tones, and for the evening, perhaps pair a black skirt with bright colors on top.

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What Should Male Guests Wear?

We didn’t want to leave out our male readers, though this is pretty straightforward compared to ladies’ wedding attires. For men, going for a black suit with long pants will never fail, and even for traditional wedding ceremonies, it is what most guests will be wearing.

We hope you found a perfect option to wear to the next muslim wedding celebrations you’ll attend. For more wedding season-related ideas, check out our other articles below!

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