15 Best Minimalist Shoes For The Office (For All Budgets)

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Are you preparing to go back to the office? Here are the best stylish minimalist shoes for the office that will fit every budget there is. 

Shoes that you wear to work are usually much different than the ones you wear out with your friends on Friday night. Not only do work shoes need to be closed-toe and appropriate for your workplace, but they also have to be comfortable as you’re likely wearing them for eight hours at a time.

Since you probably have a rotation of at least seven different work outfits, minimalist shoes are a great option as they’ll match perfectly with at least a few of them.

Once you’ve built up your collection of simple, sophisticated shoes for work, you can start dabbling into pairs that make more of a statement. However, it makes more financial sense to purchase a few minimalist styles first.

When shopping for comfortable shoes for the office, it’s important to initially consider where you’re working and what types of shoes your coworkers often wear. This will give you a good starting point and some insight into what your employer will allow. You must also think about how much time you spend standing on your feet.

If you spend most of the day sitting at your desk, you don’t really need to worry about purchasing a pair of shoes with extensive arch support — thin soles are alright. Also, keep in mind that most offices strictly enforce the rule that all footwear must be closed-toe as open-toed shoes can be a safety hazard if something is dropped on your feet.

Before you grab your credit card out of your wallet, be sure to browse through our 15 suggestions for the best minimalist office-appropriate shoes.


The Best Minimalist Shoes For The Office: Loafers

1. Lior Loafers by Sam Edelman

Best minimalist beige loafers for the office

Get these shoes on Nordstrom

Loafers are the perfect shoe to wear into the office as they are stylish, low to the ground, provide arch support, and won’t make too much noise when you walk around.

Not only are they good for the office, but they are the perfect travel companion too. The classic Lior Loafers come in a whopping 8 different color combinations, including black, white, beige and tan.

Each pair has a horsebit hardware detail, a cushioned footbed, and is made from leather materials on the outside, featuring synthetic materials on the inside. They are old-school and modern at the exact same time. The Lior Loafers by Sam Edelman cost around $149. 

2. Laurna Mules by Sam Edelman


Best minimalist white mules for the office

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Get these shoes on Nordstrom

Depending on how casual your office environment is, you might be able to get away with wearing a mule slide into the office. The Laurna Mules by Sam Edelman are the perfect minimalist loafer and come in multiple neutral colors, as well as a few statement colors like leopard print and terracotta rose.

These flat shoes are made with leather and have a synthetic lining that will grip your bare feet so that there’s no slipping out of them. They can be added to your footwear roster for $49.99.


3. Princetown Loafers by Gucci

Best minimalist office shoes for women: Gucci Princetown


Get these shoes on Nordstrom

If you have a little bit more to spend, consider getting the Princetown loafer mules from Gucci. These shoes have been one of the most popular designer shoes since they were reintroduced to the brand in 2015, and show no signs of slowing down.

 While the details and style look similar to your classic loafer, the shoes have an “open back”, which gives them a fashionable edge. Each pair has Gucci’s signature heritage gold horsebit on the very top.

The Princetown loafers retail for $790 and currently comes in two colors. If this is out of your budget, check out the next mules on our list. 

4. Harlowe Loafer by Trotters

Best minimalist shoes for the office: White pointed toe loafers


Get these shoes on Nordstrom

When shopping around, you really won’t find a more classic minimalist loafer than the Harlowe Loafers from Trotters. These loafers come in smooth off-white leather, which will instantly elevate your spring and summer workwear wardrobes.

Unlike other loafers that we’ve featured, these loafers come with a pointed toe, which is perfect for adding a bit of edge and professionalism to your look. As is the case with pointed heels, pointed loafers also have the power of making you look like you mean business.

If you prefer beige over white, Lulus also has a similar pointed suede loafer pair on sale for just $28.


Ballet Flats:

5. Minnie Flats by Tory Burch


Best minimalist ballets for the office: Minnie by Tory Burch


Get these shoes on Nordstrom

If you’re like us and love a bit of logo, the Tory Burch Minnie ballet flats are the perfect minimalist office shoe for you. These smart-looking flats are made from leather and come with a cushion so that you’ll feel like you’re stepping on clouds when you walk with them.

Perfect for the minimalist, the big logo on the top of the shoe is barely noticeable in the perfect black color, as it blends into the rest of the shoe. However, if you don’t mind the logo showing, these shoes also come in multiple other colors with gold hardware instead. 


6. Sam Edelman Felicia Flats

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats

Get these shoes on Nordstrom

If you’re just starting your work-appropriate ballet flat collection, we suggest adding a pair of the Sam Edelman Felicia Flats as soon as humanly possible. They come in a few different colors, which means that you’re not limited to black.

The Felicia flats are made with a mixture of real leather, synthetic leather, and textiles, ensuring that they are durable and comfortable.

Each pair features a delicate bow on the top, adorned with a gold logo charm. Depending on the color and material that you opt for, these range in price from $77 to $120, and these will definitely serve you well in the long run.


7. Beige & Black Slingback Flats by ASOS


Best minimalist shoes for the office: Slingback Colorblock flats

Get these shoes on ASOS

These minimalist, feminine ballet flats are perfect for those who don’t love spending a whole lot of money on footwear as they cost only $26.

The dainty minimalist dress shoes take inspiration from Chanel’s iconic Slingback shoes but are slightly different as there is no heel. Also, as you could expect, for the price of $26, you’re not getting real leather either.

However, if you love the look of the original Chanel shoes, these are a good alternative to turn to. They also come with a closed back, and in gold-tone.

The elegant shoes can be worn with jeans, pants, dresses, and skirts – you name it, the options are truly endless! Plus, they come in a wide fit as well for ladies with wider feet. The best part is, you can also wear this on formal occasions or special events as well!

P.S. If these shoes are currently out of stock in your size, keep an eye on a re-stock or other similar products. ASOS tends to produce multiple similar shoes to this around spring/summertime.


8. Belle Vivier By Roger Vivier


Belle Vivier By Roger Vivier

Get these shoes on Net A Porter

In the warm summer months, it’s a good idea to add at least one pair of beige ballet flats to your workwear wardrobe. These stunning flats from Roger Vivier have actually been around since 1965 and stayed as it’s such as classic design.

The patent taupe color is especially beautiful, and it’s heightened by the signature gold buckles on top of the shoe. The feminine flats have a small heel to support movement and are exceedingly comfortable even during long days.

The only thing not to love about these elegant shoes is their price tag: at $775, they are quite the investment.


High Heels:

9. Zala Pumps by Marc Fisher


Zala Pumps by Marc Fisher

Get these shoes on Nordstrom

When searching for high heels to wear into the office, it’s important to find a pair that will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day. This means looking for a pair with additional arch support or a block heel.

The Zala Block Heel Pumps come in five different neutral shades in case you’re looking to break away from black. They have a pointed toe, three-inch block heel, and are wrapped in either suede or leather, depending on the vibe you’re looking for. 

These cost $159.95 and are the perfect minimalist office shoe for those who aren’t used to wearing heels for a prolonged time (or who just can’t be bothered to deal with achy feet!)


10. Hazel Pumps by Sam Edelman


Hazel Pumps by Sam Edelman

Get these shoes on Sam Edelman

If you’re not a huge fan of the block heel look, you might want to consider a pair of stilettos. However, opt for a stiletto heel that doesn’t exceed 4 inches as that could be uncomfortable to wear all day.

The Hazel Pumps from Sam Edelman come in more than 20 colors, so we’re sure that you’ll find these shoes in exactly the color that you want. In addition t this, they feature a flattering pointed toe that will elongate the appearance of your legs. If you love to wear pencil skirts and dresses into the office, these heels are an absolute must-have. These pumps cost $140.


11. Faire Slides by Lulus


Cute nude minimalist office heels for women

Get these shoes on Lulus

These shoes are definitely a more fashion-forward take on the standard office shoe. Each pair features a 3.5-inch heel and a vamp strap that matches the rest of the shoe, as well as synthetic lining, and pointed toe. 

If you already have a pair of standard pumps in your wardrobe, these chic shoes are definitely worth considering. Plus, they are super affordable at just $38! The Faire Mules come in tan, off-white and burgundy so there’s a shade that will match every outfit found hanging in your closet.


11. Thanley by Vince Camuto


Thanley by Vince Camuto


Get these shoes on Nordstrom

Since block heels are one of the best inventions known to the female kind, we thought we’d include a pair that has the look of a stiletto but provides almost the same comfort as a block heel. The Thanley heels by Vince Camuto are ideal as they provide more support than your regular heel, but they have a fun, modern twist to the show that makes them stand out. Also, they are not too high, with a heel that’s just over three inches. 

This minimalist footwear is classic, sophisticated, and timeless so you can wear them for years, making this style the best option if you’re building an office capsule wardrobe. They feature a slightly pointed toe, suede or patent outside, synthetic lining, and can be easily slipped on.

The Thanley heels retail for a very modest $99.00 and come in multiple different colors, including neutrals like beige, black, tan and cherry red.



13. Nebula Bootie by Marc Fisher


Black Nebula Bootie by Marc Fisher

Get this on DSW

Minimalist certainly doesn’t mean boring, which is exactly why we’ve included these white booties. But if white isn’t your color, they also come in brown, red, black, and ivory.

The Nebula Booties ($100) feature a zipper closure on the side and a square toe, which is quite a trendy take (and may not be to everyone’s liking). These pretty booties can be worn to the office and then to happy hour drinks after work, making this one of the most versatile minimalist shoes for the office on this list.


14. Vince Camuto Ackella Bootie

Black Vince Camuto Ackella Bootie

Get this on Nordstrom

These Western-inspired booties have an almost-three-inch heel, which will make you look and feel like an Amazonian goddess among your coworkers. The Ackella Booties are in Brazil with real leather on the outside and a synthetic lining on the inside.

Because these booties look a little like cowboy boots, they would look great with a floral midi dress or skirt. This kind of shoes comes in light brown and black, and can be yours for around $78.



15. Veja Sneakers 


White Veja Sneakers 

Get these shoes on Net-A-Porter

Finally, if you are lucky enough to work in a casual workplace that allows sneakers, there’s no better pair to turn to than the trendy Veja sneakers. These minimalist sneakers are totally classy and will pair fabulously with dresses, skirts, work slacks, and even jeans on casual days at the office. They come in multiple different color variations, but for a neutral look, we love the white sneakers with a light grey V.

The Veja sneakers are made with top-quality calf leather on the outside and suede leather on the V. Because they are made with premium leather, the shoes get softer and more comfortable with each wear. These adorable sneakers can be yours for $145.

We hope you found your next minimalist shoes for the office here! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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