Yes, Louis Vuitton Cheaper Is Cheaper In Paris – Here’s Why

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Louis Vuitton is one of the top French fashion houses, best known for their beautiful bags and ready-to-wear collections, but is Louis Vuitton cheaper in Paris? Keep reading to find out!

If you love Louis Vuitton and the stunning clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories they have on offer, you may be wondering if Louis Vuitton is cheaper in Paris or France in general. The good news is that yes, Louis Vuitton bags and clothes will usually always be roughly 20-30% cheaper in Paris, France compared to the US, Hong Kong, UK, and other countries.

This means if you are headed to Paris soon, or any country within the European Union, head to an LV store to pick up your dream bag for the best price. Even with the recent price increases that many luxury and designer brands have undertaken, Louis Vuitton will be cheaper in a European Union country than in America, Asia, or the UK.

In this article, we take a look at several reasons why Louis Vuitton is cheaper in Paris, the current prices of popular Louis Vuitton bags in Paris, as well as how much money yo can potentially save – just read on to find out.

Why Is Louis Vuitton Cheaper In Paris, France?

1. VAT Refund

The main reason, however, to buy your next Louis Vuitton piece in Paris is because of the VAT tax refund, i.e. the sales tax refund!

All European countries have a system in which you spend over a certain amount of money, you receive a VAT refund which varies by county; in France, the VAT refund rate is 12% of the purchase price. There are specific rules to this system and certain things you need to remember to do to receive this refund.

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First of all, to qualify for this refund, you need to be:

  • Older than 16 years old
  • A non-European citizen (not from an EU country – British citizens are now applicable for the VAT refund)
  • You cannot be in France for longer than six months
  • You need to spend more than €100.01 in a single store, in a single day.

It is worth noting that this system is not just in France, but available in all EU countries – great news! Remember to make sure that the LV employees fill in the paperwork for the refund and that you have your passport on hand when you are making your luxury purchase, so you don’t miss out.

You can receive a refund of the VAT immediately in cash – in this case, you will receive 10.8% of your purchase back if you leave the EU within 21 days. Or you can wait a little bit longer and receive the refund via your credit card, this may take up to three months but you will get 12% of your purchase back.

The only thing you need to do is remember to drop off your VAT refund form at the airport. Just locate the tax refund desk, scan the document, and pop it into a mailbox, which is located in the terminals at the airports – so easy!

2. No Additional Sales Tax

It’s worth noting that unlike in the US, the price of an item that you see on a price tag is the final price that you will pay. There are no additional sales taxes added, as is the case in so many US states.

So, you really are receiving around 12% off the price you see on the website if you take advantage of the VAT refund!

3. Favorable Exchange Rates

At this time, the US dollar is unprecedentedly strong, and anyone earning a salary in USD will have higher purchasing power in the European market than before – this is an excellent time to travel and take advantage of the situation!

4. LV Is A French Brand

The cost of almost all luxury products in a domestic market will be cheaper for the brand to manufacture, and sometimes these savings in costs will be passed down to the customer.

Although luxury brands try to maintain similar pricing across all of their global markets, as of now, the price of multiple luxury labels tends to be cheaper in their domestic market, i.e. the eurozone in LV’s case.

As Louis Vuitton is headquartered in France and most Louis Vuitton pieces are made or finished in Europe, many of the costs involved in manufacturing and selling the finished product will be cheaper across all EU countries, not just France.

On the other hand, when an item is imported into the UK or US, there will be import tax and duty tax on the items, which will push up the price for the brand. As we mentioned, luxury brands will often try to maintain similar pricing across the globe, so the higher costs don’t always reflect a higher price tag, but it can definitely happen.

Louis Vuitton isn’t the only brand that you can buy cheaper in Europe, almost all major luxury brands like Gucci and Prada will have slightly more affordable pricing in France, Italy, and other European countries.

If you look at the conversion rate and compare the prices of some Louis Vuitton bags, you will see that they are much cheaper in France than in other areas of the world, even after the significant increase in price in 2022.

Louis Vuitton Bag Prices In Paris (Updated May 2023)

Below, we’ve compared the prices of some of Louis Vuitton’s best-selling bags in Paris to their US equivalents at the current exchange rates. Please note that the VAT refund isn’t included in these prices – you’ll save an additional 12% (minus duties)!

Also note that these prices will be the same across all EU countries, including Italy, where the VAT refund is actually higher than in France (up to 15.5%)!

Louis Vuitton Bag NamePrice in ParisPrice in the US w/o tax
Pochette Metis€2,050
Multi Pochette Accesoires€2,050
Pochette Accesoires€1,050
OnTheGo MM (Monogram)€2,350
Coussin PM (in lambskin)€3,700
Neverfull MM (Monogram)€1,500
Petite Malle€4,500
Speedy 25€1,200
Speedy 25 Bandoulière€1,450
Noé €1,550
Alma BB €1,400
Capucines Mini (in taurillon leather)€4,900
Twist MM (in epi leather)€3,700
Loop €1,850
Boite Chapeau Mini€1,850

Example Of Potential Savings

In the United States, a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25 in the monogram canvas will cost you $1,820 + tax (which is €1,656 Euros at the current exchange rate).

In France, a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25 in the monogram canvas will cost you just €1,450, which is $1,593 US Dollars. You will also get an additional 12% VAT refund, which lowers the price even further to €1,276 or $1,401.

Admittedly, you will still need to pay duty at the airport when you arrive in the US, UK or another country. This is usually a small fee of a few percent – for example, Americans have a personal exemption of $800 (in most cases), after which you’ll be taxed at a flat rate of 3%.

Given this, your duties would be roughly $18, which brings the total price up to $1,419.

As you can see, the price difference is substantial, if you are buying a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25 in the US you would have to pay $1,820 + tax, but if you buy it in the flagship store in Paris, it will only cost you just $1,419 with the current exchange rates – that’s a saving of $401 + tax, which is almost a third of the price!

You can also see from this comparison that European countries like France, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece and Spain are the cheapest and best places to buy most European luxury brands, as they have a great inventory of products and a high VAT refund rate. The VAT refund rate in Italy is up to 15.5%, up to 15% in the Netherlands, up to 16.7% in Greece, and up to 15.7% in Spain.

Louis Vuitton bags On The Second Hand Market

If you are not planning a trip to Paris any time soon, you can still get LV goods for a cheaper price on the second hand market!

There are so many gorgeous bags and small leather goods available from Louis Vuitton, so we have brought together some of the best sellers that we think you will love to inspire your next Louis Vuitton purchase!

1. Top Handle bags
Honey gold Louis Vuitton Epi Jacquard Alma Bag
Browse Alma BB bags in Honey Gold on Fashionphile
Brown Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Sac HL Speedy
Browse all monogram Mini Speedy bags on Fashionphile

The Louis Vuitton Alma has been an important part of the collection since the 1930s and the chic and sophisticated bag has really stood the test of time. This Louis Vuitton Alma is crafted from textured, honey-toned epi leather and finished with smooth leather top handles.

The bags also come with a Louis Vuitton brand long shoulder strap, which is detachable, so you can style the bag in many different ways. The top zipper opens to a spacious interior, fitted with a patch pocket to hold those most important items.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is another famous bag from the French brand – now available in a wide range of sizes and materials to suit any style. We love the classic look of this Monogram Mini Speedy bag, made from LV monogram coated canvas and finished with vachetta cowhide leather for the trim and top handles.

The bag is decorated with gleaming brass hardware, while the top opens with a zipper to reveal a cocoa brown compact interior, the perfect size for your everyday essentials.

2. Tote Bags
Brown Louis Vuitton Monogram Neo Neverfull Tote
Browse all monogram Neverfull bags on Fashionphile
Peach and yellow Louis Vuitton Empreinte Monogram Giant By The Pool Onthego Tote
Browse all By The Pool OnTheGo bags on Fashionphile

A tote bag is a must-have in any luxury bag collection, and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is one of the most beloved tote bags out there. This handbag has a timeless, elegant look, while the interior is spacious enough for a busy day at work or at the weekend.

The Neverfull is again crafted from coated canvas, printed with the LV monogram, and trimmed with peachy-toned Vachetta leather. This tote has an open top, meaning easy access to the roomy interior, lined with contrasting red fabric, and fitted with a zipper pocket.

If you are looking for a tote bag with a little more color, then this Louis Vuitton Empreinte Monogram Giant By The Pool Onthego bag is perfect for you! This stunning tote bag is made from Empreinte leather, which has been embossed with the LV monogram and finished with peach and orange tones to reflect the color scheme of the By The Pool collection.

This bag has leather top handles as well as a longer shoulder strap so it can be carried in different ways. The exterior is decorated with a bag charm, while the interior is spacious and features zipper and patch pockets.

3. Crossbody Bags
Beige Louis Vuitton Empreinte Pochette Metis
Get this on Fashionphile
Black Louis Vuitton Calfskin New Wave Multi Pochette
Browse all New Wave Multi Pochette bags on Fashionphile

This Louis Vuitton Empreinte Pochette Metis is the perfect everyday handbag, with a versatile, neutral shade and roomy interior. The bag is crafted from textured LV embossed Empreinte leather and embellished with glittering gold hardware.

The bag has a top handle and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap so this bag can be styled in an endless variety of ways. The front flap opens to a partitioned interior so it’s easy to keep everything organized, plus there is a handy little zipper pocket on the back of the bag.

The plush exterior and versatility of the crossbody bag from Louis Vuitton make it totally irresistible! The Calfskin New Wave Multi Pochette is a newer addition to the Louis Vuitton handbag collection but has quickly become a cult classic.

This bag is made from sumptuous quilted calfskin leather, decorated with gleaming gold LV hardware. The long black webbing strap can be worn across the body for a daytime look, while the shorter gold chain link strap can be worn on the shoulder for more of an evening vibe – just perfect!

The front flap allows easy access to the compact interior and handy patch pocket.

4. Wallets
Reverse Monogram Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet
Browse all Reverse Monogram Sarah wallets on Fashionphile
Pink Louis Vuitton Empreinte Monogram Giant Victorine Wallet Creme Bois De Rose
Browse all Monogram Giant Victorine wallets on Fashionphile

Louis Vuitton has countless wallets and purses available – whether you are looking for a card case, coin purse, or full wallet, there is something to suit every style, here are just two stunning options.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor Sarah Wallet is a spacious wallet with a beautiful design, featured above in Louis Vuitton’s popular Reverse Monogram print. The snap closure opens to reveal a divided black cross-grain interior with card slots and a zipper pocket so you can keep organized!

If you’re looking for a more unique colorway, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant Victorine wallets in rose and tan shades may be the better options for you.

This compact wallet is made from hardwearing monogram-embossed calfskin, and features the brand’s giant LV logo throughout the exterior of the wallet. The snap closure opens to a well-organized interior, fitted with card slots, patch pockets, a billfold and zipper pockets.

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