20+ Free Cute iPhone Wallpapers With HD Quality

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Are you looking for cute new iPhone wallpapers with adorable characters, messages, and backgrounds? Then you’re in the right place! 

Below, you’ll find 20+ adorable free wallpapers that will help you feel joyful throughout the day when you look at your phone.

Feel free to save as many wallpapers as you like, we know it can be hard to choose just one!


20+ Cute iPhone Wallpapers 

1. Meow


Cute cat wallpaper for iPhone

Cute cat background


2. Baby Teddy


Cute teddy bear iPhone wallpaper

Cute teddy bear


3. Hello!


Cute corgi wallpaper for iPhone



4. It Wasn’t Me


Cute it was't me panda iPhone wallpaper

Caught red-handed


5. Starburst


Shine like a star


6. Foxy


Foxy & sweet


7. Touch My Cheeks


Cute frog iPhone wallpaper background

…they’re squishy.


8. Welcome Back!


Cute brown raccoon iphone wallpaper

…it’s good to see you.


9. Love You


Cute light blue iPhone wallpaper with hearts

Cute love hearts


10. Boo!


Cute ghost iPhone wallpaper

Your friendly neighbourhood ghost


11. Cute Cactus


…Says hello


12. Shush!


Cute French Bulldog iphone wallpaper

Image via Anna Shvets


13. Hey, Mickey!


…Don’t be blue!


14. I’m Watching You


Cute polar bear


15. Penguin Pals


Cute penguin wallpaper for iphone

…In winter wonderland


16. Star Shower


Cute star iPhone wallpaper

Dusty pink x white


17. Panda Fam


Cute panda iPhone wallpaper

Mom & pup


18. I’m Listening


Cute French Bulldog iphone wallpaper

Image via Anna Shvets


19. Starstruck


Cute frog iPhone wallpaper

Cute frog iPhone wallpaper


20. Afternoon Nap

It’s good here


21. Cute Teddy Bear


Cute Teddy Bear iPhone wallpaper

I’m yours


22. Let’s Play


…But only if you want to


Which of these was your favorite wallpaper? Let us know in the comments what you’re going to use on your phone next!


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  1. THey were all cute!!!!!

    1. I put touch my cheeks as my wallpaper
      | | Bye | |

    2. Super duper cute love them good job you guys!! 😊

    3. Lily Barber says:

      I have the “Meow” as my background!!!

    4. Lily Barber says:

      My bestie loved 🥰 the penguin pals🐧

  2. Eile smith says:

    I loved the cute wallpapers

    1. Maria Julia says:

      That’s awesome to hear ♥️

  3. Maria sofia says:

    It’s very cute when used as a wallpaper

  4. I love the baby tiger 🥰

    1. Alyssa Thorn says:

      Your right there all so cute

  5. Kaylee Chow says:



  7. I wish I could choose them all

  8. Wow I love them all I hope you make lots more !!!❤️

  9. I didn’t like them most of them were cheesy suppose to girls

    1. Maria Julia says:

      If they’re too cheesy you can always check out the other free wallpapers that I’ve posted on this blog!

  10. those were litterally the best and cutest wallpapers i have ever seen i litterally downloaded all of them

    1. Maria Julia says:

      That’s awesome! x

  11. Adrianna Seitz says:

    They are awesome

  12. Karissa Ruiz says:

    Omg they are sooo cute I really loved the sponge bob ones

  13. Olivia Graves says:

    I love these designs!! Are they free for commercial use?

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Thanks Olivia! No unfortunately, just personal use! x


  15. Chelsea Devine says:

    Can I use these on the phone cases I’m selling? 🙂

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Unfortunately not, the images aren’t for commercial use!

  16. Katrina Schep says:

    They’re all so cute. I would draw them all

  17. Amelie Hernandez says:

    These are so cute!!

  18. its sooo cutE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. these are so cute! i love them! plz make more!

  20. Omg , these wallpapers are so cute and im now sending them to all my friends and famiy on every texting app i have 😂

    please make more!!! 😘

  21. Supercute wallpapers! There are so many great ones it’s hard to choose a favorite.

  22. amillia walbourn says:

    on the one thats a text and says “its locked, stupid” im gonna draw a big heart with a cute lil stick figure and the same wording so thanks for the inspo. :)))))

  23. K_girl1011 says:

    They were super cuuute loved them ◑﹏◐

  24. That-fat-cat says:

    Omg make more frogs pls I love all I wish I can use all

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