Calvin Klein Vs Calvin Klein Jeans: What’s The Difference?

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Everyone knows and loves the classically American Calvin Klein brand, but what is the difference between Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans? Find out in this Calvin Klein vs Calvin Klein Jeans article!

Calvin Klein jeans
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Fashion mogul, Calvin Klein, founded his namesake brand in the 1960s and it quickly became a success all across the United States thanks to the timeless silhouettes, versatile pieces, and high-quality materials.

The black and white Calvin Klein adverts that featured top models, actors, and musical artists, many of which were shot by fashion photographer Bruce Weber, helped to make Calvin Klein a household name and keep the brand as one of the most popular American fashion houses.

Over the decades, the brand expanded to include lots of different diffusion lines that sold different products and appealed to a wide range of customers.

If you love the all-American Calvin Klein brand, then you will be aware of the Calvin Klein Jeans range, but may have wondered how it is different from the main Calvin Klein line. What items does each collection offer? Is there a price difference? Is there a difference in the style and aesthetic of the clothing and accessories on offer?

All of these questions will be answered in this Calvin Klein vs Calvin Klein Jeans article so you can pick the right brand for you!

Calvin Klein Vs Calvin Klein Jeans

the History of Calvin Klein

The American fashion brand, Calvin Klein, was founded in 1968 by Klein alongside his childhood friend Barry Schwartz. Calvin Klein became a protégé of Baron De Gunzberg, who was a magazine editor and socialite in the 1960s, and through this mentorship, Klein quickly made connections in the fashion industry in New York.

This led to his first jeans line becoming a mainstream success and he was immediately recognized after showing a collection and New York Fashion Week. The first Calvin Klein collection was in fact sold in the New York department store, Bonwit Teller and proved wildly popular. Then, only a year after the brand was founded, Calvin Klein was featured on the cover of Vogue which only brought more customers to the brand.

This exposure led to the expansion of the Calvin Klein brand in the 1970s, with sportswear, blazers, and lingerie added to the collection in 1971, and by 1976 jeans became a part of the Calvin Klein collection.

The jeans were a big success thanks to their the trendy silhouette, high-end materials, and clever marketing – not only through world-famous adverts but also the fact that the CK logo was printed on the back waistband of the jeans. Calvin Klein Jeans reached their peak popularity in the 1990s when Brooke Shield and Kate Moss were featured in the advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein jeans.

Over the years many famous faces have appeared in Calvin Klein Jeans adverts, including Justin Bieber, Bella Hadid, ASAP Rocky, and Kaia Gerber.

Calvin Klein underwear also proved very popular in the 1990s after it was added to the brand’s repertoire in the 1980s, with the first boxer briefs created by John Varvatos, menswear designer for the Calvin Klein brand. Adverts for Calvin Klein Underwear over the years have featured Mark Wahlberg, or Marky Mark as he was known then, Kendall Jenner, Shawn Mendes, and Hailey Bieber.

Now, Calvin Klein is a worldwide name and the brand has grown to not only include clothing and underwear, but also a whole range of accessories and fragrances. Since PVH Corp. acquired the underwear, jeans, and sportswear lines, Calvin Klein underwent a little rebranding.

The History Of Calvin Klein Jeans

As established, Calvin Klein Jeans is just one of the diffusion lines under the main Calvin Klein brand. The majority of denim made by Calvin Klein is under the Calvin Klein Jeans name, but the Calvin Klein Jeans collection also offers lots of casual clothing, accessories, and shoes too.

If you are looking for high-quality denim or high-end clothing with a relaxed aesthetic, then Calvin Klein Jeans is the brand for you. You can find Calvin Klein Jeans clothing on the Calvin Klein website, and it is obvious which clothes are part of this range as the Calvin Klein Jeans logo often features somewhere on the item of clothes or accessories.

Differences between Calvin Klein Vs Calvin Klein Jeans

There are only a couple of significant differences between Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans that you need to be aware of and that will help you determine which line is better suited to you.

1. clothing aesthetic

The most obvious difference is the aesthetic of each collection; all lines have that Calvin Klein aesthetic with sleek, paired back silhouettes, but the Calvin Klein Jeans line has more branding and logo decoration. This may appeal more to a younger audience who are investing in the logomania trend that is very popular at the moment.

Clothing in the Calvin Klein Jeans range often has simple, casual designs, with lots of fitted cotton dresses, cropped t-shirts, hoodies, and logo-printed puffer jackets. Accessories are also often trend-led, as shown by the dad sneaker featured further on in the article.

Calvin Klein pieces have a slightly smarter look, with a sophisticated and chic aesthetic, and more items that would be work appropriate. The accessories from Calvin Klein are particularly stunning, with a wide range of elegant, timeless handbags and shoes in classic neutral colors that would fit perfectly into any wardrobe.

2. price range

The price range differs a little between Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans – on the whole, Calvin Klein Jeans are a little more affordable. The difference in prices is most obvious with bags and shoes.

Calvin Klein bags are available for between $70 and $200, while Calvin Klein jeans bags are sold for between $60 and $160. Calvin Klein shoes are available between $50 and $250, while Calvin Klein Jeans shoes can be as affordable as $40 and as expensive as $200.

If you are looking at clothing, tops from both brands are pretty close in price, but dresses differ a little more – Calvin Klein dresses sell for between $70 and $170, while Calvin Klein Jeans are available for between $60 and $130.

Best Selling pieces from Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans

There are lots of Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans clothing and accessories to pick from, so we have brought together some of the best-selling items from different ranges so you can get a better idea of the style of each collection.

1. Jeans
White Calvin Klein Standards Marble Dye Deck Jeans
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Blue Calvin Klein Jeans high-rise mom jeans
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We are obviously going to start with jeans, most of the jeans available on the Calvin Klein website are from the Calvin Klein Jeans range, as you would expect, but the jeans in their gender neutral range are sold under the Calvin Klein line – just like these Standards Marble Dye Deck Jeans.

These jeans have been crafted from high-quality Japanese Kurabo denim which is 100% cotton and has a robust feel to ensure the jeans keep their relaxed silhouette.

The jeans are finished with an unbleached marble dye for a casual, effortlessly cool look. These Deck Jeans have been finished with large utility pockets, slanted belt loops, and a leather Calvin Klein label for a classic, oversized look.

Mom Jeans are so versatile – dress up with a satin shirt or blouse, or just wear with a baggy t-shirt for a weekend casual look – and these Calvin Klein high-rise mom jeans are the perfect pair. These mom jeans have a timeless, 90s-inspired silhouette with a high-rise waist, which is super flattering, tapered leg, and cropped ankle.

The stretch cotton has been finished with a light blue wash, ensuring these jeans are endlessly versatile. The back of the waistband features the classic Calvin Klein Jeans logo to give these jeans that high-quality finishing touch.

2. dresses
White and blue Calvin Klein Stripe Belted Shirt Dress
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White Calvin Klein Jeans Satin Sleeveless Midi Dress
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This Stripe Belted Shirt Dress is the perfect example of the chic look of Calvin Klein clothes, with a sophisticated a-line silhouette finished with a pointed collar, button front, adjustable sleeve, and a tie belt to cinch in the waist.

The dress is made from polyester and rayon to create a dress that is soft, breathable, and durable, and is then decorated with elongating vertical stripes for an elegant look.

This Calvin Klein Jeans Satin Sleeveless Midi Dress is the perfect, easy-to-wear summer dress that is a great example of the clean, all-American design of the clothing from Calvin Klein Jeans. The dress has been crafted from a recycled polyester blend that is kind to the environment, as the brand works towards a more sustainable future, and this fabric has a glossy satin finish for a luxurious look.

The simple fitted silhouette, with a midi length hem, slit up one side, sleeveless design, and a low cut back. The front of the dress features just the monogram logo on the chest for a minimalist design.

3. Sneakers
White Calvin Klein Women's Standards Low Sneaker
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White Calvin Klein Jeans side logo-print detail sneakers
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These Calvin Klein Low Sneakers have a paired back design, crafted from an off-white canvas and featuring a chunky white rubber sole that is comfy and cushioned.

The laces are the same off-white shade to create a classic tonal sneaker that will really stand the test of time. These sneakers are finished with a woven Calvin Klein logo on the tongue.

If you love the super trendy dad sneaker look, then you will love these Calvin Klein Jeans side logo-print detail sneakers. These sneakers have a chunky, layered aesthetic with the Calvin Klein Jeans logo printed on the side of these textured sneakers.

The sneakers are made up of mesh, rubber, and canvas panels, all in the same cloud white shade to create a tonal sneaker with lots of visual interest. The rubber soles are thick to give a little extra lift and add to the dad sneaker aesthetic, as well as being cushioned to provide extra comfort.

4. handbags
Tan Calvin Klein Smooth Faux Leather Crossbody Bag
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Black Calvin Klein Jeans logo-print satchel bag
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The Calvin Klein Smooth Faux Leather Crossbody Bag has a sleek aesthetic and is so versatile in the rich tan shade.

The bag is made from smooth and glossy vegan-friendly leather that has been embossed with the Calvin Klein logo. The bag has an adjustable chain link strap, with a leather shoulder pad to guarantee comfort, while the top zipper allows easy access to the lined interior fitted with a handy little card slot.

The Calvin Klein Jeans logo-print satchel bag has a boxy silhouette and is crafted from glossy black polyurethane for a durable finish so you won’t have to worry about this bag getting scratched or scuffed.

The front of the bag has been decorated with a large Calvin Klein Jeans logo in stark white for a logomania aesthetic that is so fashionable right now. The satchel is finished with a black leather crossbody strap and a spacious main compartment with a top zipper that is big enough for your everyday essentials – just perfect!


Both lines are pretty similar, so you can rest assured that whether you buy something from Calvin Klein or Calvin Klein Jeans, you are going to get a super stylish, high-quality piece. However, the aesthetic of these lines will play a big part in which line is right for you.

If you are looking for youthful, trendy, and casual clothing, Calvin Klein Jeans is the brand for you – the clothes and accessories are effortlessly cool and perfect for that relaxed, off-duty look.

If you are looking for classic pieces that are a little smarter, then Calvin Klein is right for you – there are lots of timeless clothes, shoes, and bags that will become staples in your wardrobe for years to come.

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