Reviewing The It-Bag Of The Year: Bottega Veneta’s Mini Jodie

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If you are considering adding a new bag to your collection and have been wondering whether or not Bottega’s trendy bag is worth it, you have come to the right place! In this article, I review the it-bag of the moment, the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie bag after 1 year of use, and give my opinion on whether this beautifully woven leather bag is worth the purchase.

The Mini Jodie bag instantly caught my attention from the moment it was released. I had it on my wishlist for about a year before I decided to take the plunge and purchase one. Featuring Bottega’s famous Intrecciato weave, this petite hobo bag has quickly become one of my favorite bags.

Grey Mini Jodie outfit with white tee, dark wash jeans, grey sweater and sneakers

We have seen many influencers and fashion icons rocking this little quilted leather bag. Since its release, it’s been on-trend every season, and I am here for it! 2023 also saw the rise in popularity of the Teen Jodie bag, further cementing the fact that this design isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

If you are considering buying this chic bag, here are a few essentials to keep in mind.

My Honest Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Review


The carefully curated Mini Jodie bag is made in Italy from 50% Calfskin and buttery soft 50% Lambskin, making this flexible and soft bag highly durable. Bottega ensures each bag is up to standard by carefully putting time and skill into each bag. Weaving the leather to create the Intrecciato weave can be highly complex and takes a lot of training.

Bottega Veneta is also somewhat of an anomaly in the luxury industry, as the brand offers a lifetime warranty on its handbags, which they call the Certificate Of Craft. With this program, any customer (after 2022) gets unlimited complimentary refreshes and repairs on Bottega’s handbags. So, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the quality of your bag, the brand will have your back.

Thunder Grey Mini Jodie

Personally, I’ve had my Mini Jodie for a year now, and I can confirm the quality is really impressive. I am in awe of the attention to detail and craftsmanship of this bag.

This bag has seen rainy days and sandy beaches, yet it stays in pristine condition without a scratch. I purchased my Mini Jodie in the color Thunder, which is their grey colorway, and there’s not a single stain on it.

As mentioned, the leather is soft and flexible, which really adds to the feel of this bag. Truth be told, the bag gets better as it’s worn – the luxurious lambskin gets softer and shinier thanks to the oils from your fingertips, while the calfskin ensures the bag stays durable.


The Mini Jodie bag currently comes in 15 colorways, in addition to limited edition colors and new seasonal colors sometimes added to the website. This adds to how much I appreciate this bag and Bottega Veneta. There is SO much choice for everyone, depending on your season and clothing style.

I love wearing grey, and I found it really difficult to find a staple everyday bag, but when Bottega dropped the Jodie in Thunder grey I was all over it. The Thunder grey colorway with the gold zip contrast is just beautiful.

More mini jodie colors that we love
Green mini Jodie leather hobo bag

Mini Jodie Leather Hobo

At Nordstrom

Brown mini Jodie leather hobo bag
Taupe Grey

Mini Jodie Leather Hobo

At Neiman Marcus

Cream mini Jodie leather hobo bag
Ice Cream

Mini Jodie Leather Hobo

At Neiman Marcus

What Can It Hold?

The Mini Jodie measures approximately 10in x 5.5in x 3in, which for most people is just enough for everyday essentials. I always find I can fit everything I need, and actually find it surprising how much I can fit in it.

Thunder Grey Mini Jodie

The leather is flexible, so you can fit quite a lot in this bag without worrying about stretch. I can fit my iPhone 15, a wallet, a few bits of essential makeup, and my keys without a problem.

How Durable Is the Mini Jodie and Does it Stain?

As mentioned, the durability of this bag is incredible. This is due to the Intrecciato weave which mixes two high-quality types of leather making it flexible and durable.

I’ve owned this bag for over a year now, so I can say with certainty, that it is not too delicate, mine has no stains, and does not scratch easily. I have worn it on nights out, resort holidays, and wet weather, and it is still in amazing condition.

On a side note, I haven’t tried the white and cream-colored Bottega bags, so I cannot comment on wear and tear for this colorway. But with any white/light-colored bag just be aware and careful.

History of the Jodie

One thing I love about this bag is its rich history. The Jodie bag is certainly not new to the scene and was already making headlines in the 1970s. The Jodie has been Bottega Veneta’s iconic bag for a while, and it first came about when the brand introduced the Intrecciato weave. This leather material created the slouchy hobo bag effect that we see today.

The name of this bag is a nod to actress Jodie Foster who was pictured wearing one of Bottega’s hobo-styled bags to shield her face from the paparazzi. Overnight, this woven leather bag became a must-have and a favorite among fashion icons in the 90’s. Fast-forward a few decades, and we once again see this era of fashion icons popularizing the Jodie bag. This understated luxury bag has been reborn, and for good reason.

How to Style the Mini Jodie

The Mini Jodie bag is so versatile and chic. The best feature of this bag is that it goes with everything in my closet, thanks to its simple and monochromatic look.

Grey Mini Jodie outfit with long black coat, jeans, white tee and Gucci Princetown with faux fur lining

The Mini Jodie classifies as a top handle bag, as the space between the handle and the top part of the bag is quite small. In my opinion, this adds to its character and makes it more of a statement piece, making is ideal for outfit photos.

Depending on your style, you can go one of two ways when choosing the color of your Mini Jodie and this is simply down to preference. We have seen many influencers opt for a bolder color choice to coordinate with a simple outfit.

An example of this would be, the original Bottega Parakeet green Mini Jodie, being combined with a simple all-black outfit as can be seen above, or a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black coat. I recommend a vibrant color choice if you want to add a statement bag to your neutral closet and if you currently only have neutral-colored bags.

When dressing up my Jodie for a night out or a date night, I like layering together a top of some sort, with a skirt, knee-high boots, and an oversized blazer. The possibilities are endless, you can even pair it with your athleisure wear and swimwear for an elevated summer look.

Would I Buy the mini Jodie again?

I wear this bag an unhealthy amount, which is why I can say with 100% confidence, that I WILL be buying it again. The black mini Jodie is already on my wishlist and hopefully, in the future, I will be able to invest in the Teen Jodie.

Thunder Grey Mini Jodie

These bags are timeless, easy to wear, under the radar, and such amazing quality for the price, compared to other high-end luxury bags. They are not extremely expensive, however, they are not cheap either. The price currently stands at $2,650.

The current price has definitely increased since I bought my Mini Jodie, but this is in line with inflated pricing across all luxury fashion brands. That said, I can still say this bag is 100% worth it if you are willing to splurge on your next handbag.

To conclude, I will certainly buy the Mini Jodie again as I see it as a classic, timeless investment piece that we will continue to see return to the streets.

I hope you enjoyed this Mini Jodie Bottega Veneta review!

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