20 Most Expensive Skincare Brands For The Best Skin Routine

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If you love your luxury skincare, then this is the best article for you, as we have brought together the 20 most expensive skincare brands you need in your life!

There are so many incredible luxury skincare brands that offer a wide range of products, from moisturizers to serums, to eye creams, to cleansers, targeting different skin concerns – but there are so many brands to choose from!

This article is going to list the 20 most expensive skincare brands, in no particular order, telling you a little about each brand so you can easily find the right brand for you.

Whether you have dry skin, or sensitive skin, or are looking for products that target aging or acne-prone skin, we have a luxe skincare brand that is just right for you, offering a full range of products that is going to give you the most glowing skin possible!


The 20 most expensive skincare brands

1. La Mer

White Le Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream

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La Mer was founded in the 1950s by physicist Max Huber in California and has been considered one of the most luxurious skincare brands ever since.

The ‘Miracle Broth’ that is a key part of many La Mer products is a secret formula that includes natural ingredients with healing properties to tackle irritation, puffiness, and redness.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, La Mer may be the brand for you, as their range of moisturizers and serums are best sellers – especially the Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream pictured above. La Mer products do have pretty hefty price tags, but they are definitely worth the money.


2. La Prairie

Gold La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Cream

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The origins of the Swiss brand, La Prairie, can be traced back to the La Prairie Clinic which was a pioneer in the world of anti-aging cellular therapy – so if you are looking for a great range of anti-aging products, you really need La Prairie in your life!

Many La Prairie products include Exclusive Cellular Complex, which is great at protecting your skin again environmental influences and will help with fine lines and dull skin.

This Pure Gold Radiance Cream is enriched with pure gold to hydrate and revitalize your skin, giving it a bright and youthful glow.


3. Sisley Paris


Gold Sisley Paris v

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Sisley Paris offers a full range of skincare products, cosmetics, hair care items, and perfumes, so really can get everything you need to look your best self from Sisley Pairs.

The French brand has focussed much of its research on phytocosmetology and how essential oils and active ingredients from plants can be used in skincare products.

The Supremÿa range is great if you are looking for anti-aging products, as each product in the range is infused with Phyto-Complex LC12, but there are lots of other face masks, cleansers, serums, and face oils that are aimed at a whole range of skin concerns.


4. 3 Lab


Gold 3 Lab Super h Age-Defying Serum

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3 Lab prides itself on being a leader in scientific research and high-tech skincare so you can get your hands on the most innovative skincare products from this brand.

3 Lab is an anti-aging skincare line, with antioxidants, collagen, and peptides infused into their whole range of products to help your skin produce elastin and collagen to give your skin a more youthful look.

There are 40 dedicated chemists who work at the brand to create the most up-to-date skin products available. 


5. Chanel


Bronze Chanel Sublimage L'extrait De Nuit Regenerating & Restoring Night Concentrate

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Chanel is best known for their ready-to-wear and accessories collections, but the French fashion house also offers a full range of incredible skincare and beauty products – so if you love the incredible clothes and bags from Chanel, you are bound to love their skincare products too!

There are plenty of products in the Chanel range to suit every skin type, whether you are looking for gentle makeup removers and eye creams for sensitive skin.

Or more powerful serums and concentrates that target the visible signs of aging, such as the Sublimage L’extrait De Nuit Regenerating & Restoring Night Concentrate.


6. Clé de Peau Beauté

Purple and gold Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif Cream

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Both the formulas and packaging of Clé de Peau Beauté products are so luxurious, making these some of the most expensive products on the market right now.

The Japanese brand was founded in 1982, that aims to be at the front of advanced skin cell science. By combining Japanese technology with precious ingredients, Clé de Peau Beauté has produced some of the most incredible skincare products that target a wide range of concerns, including fine lines, dark spots, and dry and dull skin.

All Clé de Peau Beauté products are aimed at helping your skin reach its peak qualities of texture, tone, and contour – what more could you want?!


7. Dior


Gold Dior L'Or De Vie Le Sérum

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Just like Chanel, Dior is a beloved French luxury brand, best known for stunning read-to-wear collections, that now also makes some amazing skincare products.

Luxe active ingredients are infused into all Dior skincare products to help improve your skin tone, visible signs of aging, and the appearance of fine lines.

The Capture Youth range is targeted at anti-aging, while the Dior Prestige range offers high-quality moisturizers and cleansers that are ideal for younger skin. Whether you are looking for a new cleanser, face mask, lotion, or serum, you are bound something to suit your skin at Dior.


8. Guerlain


Black Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Black Cream

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Guerlain is one of the oldest skincare, cosmetics, and perfume brands after it was founded in France in 1828. For many years, Guerlain just created incredible perfumes, but soon expanded the brand to include beauty and skincare products, and now also owns 13 beauty and spa boutiques.

The Orchidee Imperiale line, which this Black Cream is a part of, is one of the most popular lines from the brand – this line both better protects the skin from external damage and stresses as well as combating signs of aging.

Guerlain is also working towards becoming more sustainable, offering refills of its most beloved products to cut down on plastic waste.


9. Lancer

White and silver Lancer 1.7 oz. Lancer Legacy Youth Treatment

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Lancer is another expensive skincare brand that has focussed its research on developing luxury skincare products that are easy to use but produce incredible results.

The Lancer brand was founded by Dr. Lancer, who wanted to create a range of products that simulate the services provided at the Lancer Dermatology Clinic in Beverly Hills.

Beginning with the simple 3 step Lancer Method, any skin concern on any skin type can be tackled with the right selection of Lancer skincare products – there is even a questionnaire you can take to discover the right method and products for you!


10. 111 Skin

Purple and silver 111 Skin Nocturnal Eclipse Recovery Cream NAC Y2

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111 Skin is a brand beloved by a wide range of celebrities, including Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham, so why not add some 111 Skin products to your own routine?

The very first product has dramatic anti-aging benefits and the brand has been built on this one incredible product. The 111 Skin brand makes it super easy to find the right products to combat a range of specific skin concerns – including blemishes, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dark circles under your eyes.

The Harley Street brand makes use of high-quality ingredients and lots of research to create the best face creams, cleansers, and exfoliators.


11. Chantecaille


White Chantecaille 1.7 oz. Bio Lifting Cream +

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Mother and daughter duo, Sylvie and Olivia Chantecaille founded their namesake brand in 1998 with the aim of using botanicals and plant-based ingredients to create natural beauty products.

This expensive brand makes use of revolutionary rosewater, Bionymph, Plantago, and raspberry, among many other incredible ingredients to help with signs of aging and perfect your skin.

Bio Lifting Cream + is a best seller for this brand, it may have a high price, but the plant-based ingredients target wrinkles, and dry skin and protect against environmental damage.


12. Augustinus Bader


Blue Augustinus Bader The Serum

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Professor Augustinus Bader, the founder of one of the most expensive luxury skincare brands, Augustinus Bader, is a well-regarded biomedical scientist and an expert in the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

All of the research completed by Professor Bader has influenced the incredible formulas of all Augustinus Bader products. The wide range of products includes active ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, and micronutrients to combat pigmentation, redness, large pores, dry skin, blemishes, and signs of aging.

The concise range of skincare products makes it easy to find the right items to suit your skin, while the brand is also clean, vegan, and sustainable.


13. Tata Harper


Yellow and gold Tata Harper Elixir Vitae

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Tata Harper is a natural skincare brand that believes in packing the most ingredients at the highest levels of concentration so that each product delivers the biggest result.

There are over 300 raw ingredients and 43 high-performance ingredients in the Tata Harper products to achieve the best results.

The best sellers from Tata Harper include the Purifying Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum, Hydrating Floral Essence, and the Elixir Vitae, which are gentle enough to suit a wide range of skin types.


14. Dr. Barbara Sturm

White and yellow Dr Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Serum

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Dr. Barbara Sturm is an aesthetics doctor that founded her own brand to create high-quality skincare products that do not include harmful or aggressive ingredients but make use of scientific research to achieve the best formulas and best results.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s innovative skin-care products are received cult status because of their popularity and the wide range of skin concerns they target.

The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid combats aging, while vitamin E, squalene, and shea butter help with dry skin so you can find the right products for you.


15. Mutha


Silver and blue Mutha No. 1 Serum, 1 oz./ 30 mL

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Mutha is a high-quality skincare brand that is targeted towards mothers, after the founder, Hope wanted incredible skin and body products to take care of her pregnant body.

The whole Mutha brand is now built on supporting mothers, not only in the products they offer but 5% of sales go toward midwife and nurse education programs.

The concise range of products aims to combat a whole range of common problems, so you don’t have an overly complicated and time-consuming skincare routine. The MUTHALOAD Core Technology features in all skincare products to help the products absorb into the skin and produce powerful results.


16. Estee Lauder

Gold and blue Estee Lauder Re-Creation Eye Creme Set

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New York City-based brand, Estee Lauder, is a multinational company that not only creates its own stunning range of cosmetics and skincare but also owns brands such as Dr. Jart, MAC, Clinique, and Origins.

The brand’s long history means Estee Lauder has spent many years researching and creating incredible formulas that are aimed at a range of skin types and ages to combat any concerns.

The founder, Estee Lauder herself has based the brand on the motto, ‘every woman can be beautiful and continues to make skincare products that help everyone woman feel her most confident self.


17. Bellefontaine

Bronze Bellefontaine Exquis Golden Caviar

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Bellefontaine is a more recent addition to the amazing skincare world that has quickly become popular because of its powerful formulas and beautiful packaging that would look incredible in any bathroom!

Bellefontaine began as just one store in Switzerland and has now expanded into an international skincare and beauty brand. Peter Yip, the founder of Bellefontaine, combined his Chinese heritage and Swiss surroundings to create new and innovative products, bridging science and nature.

Many of the best-selling Bellefontaine target anti-aging to give you firmer skin, reduced fine lines, and a more glowing appearance.


18. Natura Bisse


White and silver Natura Bisse Inhibit High Definition Serum

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Spanish brand, Natura Bisse, aims to create a skincare ritual that works for the home but has the effects of a great facial at a spa.

Natura Bisse offers a wide range of products that are a solution to any skin concern at any stage of life so you can always find your perfect skincare routine. Innovation, technology, and powerful active ingredients are combined to create amazing face masks, eye, and lip creams, exfoliators, toners, and cleaners.

We particularly love the Inhibit High Definition Serum that combines high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients to help you achieve youthful-looking skin.


19. Orlane


Gold Orlane 1 oz. Crème Royale Elixir

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Orlane is a brand founded in Paris over 60 years ago by a group of biochemists that wants to create formulas that targeted the visible signs of aging by using the best ingredients.

Still to this day, Orlane is a leader in anti-aging skincare that works not only in the short term but in the long term too!

Orlane began with a research center in France and now has expanded to work with centers in Italy and Japan to help create the best possible skincare products. If you are looking for new anti-aging products, then Orlane could be the best brand for you.


20. SK-II


White and rose gold SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream

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SK-II is an expensive Japanese skincare brand that began with just one incredible product and now has expanded into a whole range of powerful products.

After years of extensive research on yeast strains and fermentation, PITERA was created and now infuses all SK-II products. PITERA combines the power of nature with advanced technology to combat signs of aging and give you plump, glowing, and youthful-looking skin.

SK-II offers individual moisturizers, essences, and serums as well as sets to create a more powerful experience and stronger results. LXP Ultimate Revival Cream combines PITERA with several other active ingredients to create a moisturizer that will deeply nourish the skin and leave you with a firmer and more radiant look.

We hope you loved this list of the most expensive skincare brands! For more luxury beauty content, check out the links below.


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