Is Tod’s A Luxury Brand? Here Are All The Important Details

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The Italian brand, Tod’s is well known for its stunning shoes and leather goods, but is Tod’s a luxury brand? Find out everything you need to know here!

The historic footwear brand Tod’s has been a staple in the Italian fashion industry for decades, with its high-quality shoes and accessories that are beloved all over the world. If you are looking for a timeless and sophisticated pair of boots, loafers, or sandals, or even a chic leather shoulder bag, then Tod’s is a great brand to go for.

However, there is some debate over whether Tod’s is a luxury brand or not. Some see Tod’s as luxury because of its excellent craftsmanship and luxurious materials, while others do not see Tod’s as luxury because of the limited product range and the price range of these products.

This article is going to look at the history of the brand, the quality of its pieces, and some of the best-selling products before coming to a conclusion on the question, is Tod’s a luxury brand? Keep reading to find out!

Is Tod’s a luxury brand?

the history of Tod’s

The Italian company, Tod’s, was founded in 1983, but its history goes back much further than this. The Tod’s Group, as it is now known, was founded in the late 1920s by Filippo Della Valle as a shoemaking business. The business worked for many years out of a basement before the company slowly grew within Italy.

It wasn’t until businessman Diego Della Valle, who is the grandson of Filippo Della Valle, took over as the chairman and CEO that the small workshop expanded to a factory and the family business began to produce shoes for American department stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue during the 1970s.

Luxury Tod's bag in white leather
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In 1983, Della Valle decided to use their years of experience in the shoemaking world and launch his own brand of shoes – known as Tod’s. Now in control of one brand, the Tod’s Group decided to expand, adding lifestyle brands, including Fay and Hogan to their repertoire.

In 2003, the Tod’s Group took over Roger Vivier and decided to relaunch the brand, hiring Italian designer Bruno Frisoni as the creative director and making it into another very popular footwear brand.

Chairman Diego Della Valle’s innovative marketing strategies and the prioritization of the handmade manufacturing process have made Tod’s into an incredibly successful luxury leather goods and footwear brand.

In the early 1990s, the brand gained further popularity when Princess Diana began to often wear their Gommini Driving Moccasins and carry a Tod’s bag, now named the Di bag, which remains an important part of their new collection, just with a slightly updated look.

Tod’s is now more than just a footwear brand, offering a range of beautiful bags, small leather goods, jewelry, and sunglasses. The brand has several large flagship stores all over the world, including Hong Kong, New York, and London, as well as being stocked in numerous department stores across Europe and the United States.

The quality of Tod’s

In order to determine whether Tod’s is a luxury brand, we need to consider the quality of Tod’s products by taking a closer look at the price range, materials and craftsmanship of these pieces.

1. Price range

Beginning with the price range, the shoes from Tod’s range between $595 and $1,675, with sandals and ballet flats being the most affordable and leather boots being the most expensive.

The bags from Tod’s sell for between $1,100 and $5,445, while the accessories, which include jewelry, wallets, belts, sunglasses, candles, hats, and gloves, are available for between $95 and $895. The ready-to-wear clothing collection is very limited and the piece range between $225 and $4,895.

2. Materials

It is also very important to look at the materials a brand uses to work out the quality of the pieces. The footwear from Tod’s was made from a limited range of materials, including brushed leather, smooth leather, suede, raffia, canvas, semi-shiny leather, and jacquard fabric – but the majority of the shoes are leather.

The handbags on offer are also primarily made from leather, either smooth or grained leather, while there are also jacquard, boucle, wool, raffia, and reptile leather.

Although many Tod’s products are made from high quality leather, the Italian brand does not specify what leather the bags are shoes are made from, as other well-established luxury brands do. Often Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo will note whether the bag or shoes are made from lambskin, calfskin, or goatskin, among many others – this gives customers a better idea of the exact quality of the leather goods.

3. Craftsmanship

The brand takes great pride in its Italian heritage and this is shown through the fact that all of its products are made in Italy by expert craftsmen. This ensures that all the pieces made by Tod’s are of the highest quality.

There are also many videos on Tod’s website that illustrate how many of their products are made, giving customers an insight into the high standards of all Tod’s shoes and bags and how each piece will really stand the test of time with their top craftsmanship.

Best-selling shoes from Tod’s

There are so many gorgeous shoes available from Tod’s so we have narrowed it down to a few best-sellers that we think everyone needs in their wardrobe.

1. Loafers
Dark red Tod’s Gomma Lugged Loafer
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Chunky soled shoes are so popular right now, and we just love these super fashionable Gomma Lugged Loafers from Tod’s.

The classic loafer, for which Tod’s is known, has been elevated with the addition of an oversized gleaming gold chain on the front of the shoe and a thick, lugged sole and low block heel – sitting at 1 ½-inches.

The loafer itself is made from the highest quality leather in a stunning oxblood red shade, which is complemented perfectly by the gold embellishment.

2. Chelsea Boots
Burgundy Tod’s TODS Chelsea Boot
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A leather Chelsea boot is a must-have for the fall-winter season, and these Tod’s Chelsea Boots are just perfect.

The boots are made from glossy burgundy leather, a great alternative to a standard black boot, and finished with a lugged sole and 1 ½ inch heel to add just a little height.

The elastic gore insets on each side of the boots make it easy to slip these boots on and off during the colder months. These timeless shoes are available for just $775 and will look eternally stylish.

3. Moccasins
White Tod’s Gommini Driving Moccasin
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Tod’s most beloved shoe may just be the Gommini Driving Moccasin – inspired by the driving shoes of the 1950s. Over the years, Tod’s brand has perfected these shoes to make them a must-have item in your collection.

These moccasins are handcrafted from supple leather in a penny loafer-like silhouette and feature the iconic rubber pebbles on the soles.

These pebbled soles are the perfect subtle addition, that provides fantastic traction, to the sleek and refined look of these Gommini Driving Moccasins.


Tod’s creates so many fantastic pairs of shoes and gorgeous handbags to a very high standard, so you know any piece you buy will always look stylish and will really stand the test of time.

However, when answering the question, is Tod’s a luxury brand, we must look closely at the materials, craftsmanship, and price range of these pieces – these aspects show that Tod’s is definitely a luxury brand.

However, understandably the brand’s limited product range means it is not at the top of the luxury hierarchy with instantly recognizable brands such as Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent, to name a few. Tod’s is first and foremost a footwear brand, and time will tell if it becomes more recognized for its beautiful bags, too.

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