The Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands To Get Perfect Glass Skin

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In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the best Korean sheet mask brands according to Koreans themselves. As a fan of all Korean beauty products, I wanted to find out what were the best-rated sheet masks among Koreans themselves, so I headed to Glow Pick to find out.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Glow Pick, it’s the #1 beauty review and ranking app in Korea, where users can rank their favourite products (or least favourite products!) and give reviews. Through Glow Pick, thousands of Korean beauty enthusiasts rank their favourite skincare items in each category, and here’s what came up on top for sheet masks!


The Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands To Try

1. Etude House Therapy Air Mask Range

(The ceramide mask has the highest rating on Glowpick: 4.33/5)

Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Etude House


Korean women love the Etude House Ceramide mask because it’s filled with essence – so much essence in fact, that you can squeeze it out of the mask at the end of your pamper session and use it as a body lotion.

Another benefit of the Ceramide mass is that not only is it filled with hyaluronic acid, it’s also filled with ceramides (duh), which have an oily texture and thus leave your skin feeling very nourished after removing the sheet mask.

According to users, you don’t necessarily even need to add moisturiser after using this mask, as the ceramides hydrate it so well – the skin is left feeling smooth and supple, and not tight in the slightest.


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2. Sum37 – Secret Programming

(4.38 Glowpick rating)


Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Sum:37


The Sum:37 Secret Programming mask is expensive, but with good reason. The sheet of the mask feels like silk, and the nourishing ingredients of the mask are absorbed quickly without feeling slimy on the skin. The results of the mask are incredible: it moisturises the skin like no other, giving it a glow that will last for days. It also works against impurities and brightens the skin – this mask seems to benefit everyone.

However, Korean women advise that you should reserve this mask for special occasions – you don’t want to use this expensive product daily unless you can really afford it.


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3. A.H.C. – Triple Hyaluronic Mask

(Glowpick rating: 4.26)

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Best korean sheet mask brands: A.H.C.

Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: A.H.C.


The Korean women who rave about the AHC Triple Hyaluronic mask are saying that it’s the perfect mask to target dry skin in the need of hydration. Hyaluronic acid is know to increase moisture and water retention in skin, so the mask is especially great during winter months. If you suffer from dry skin, this mask could be for you.

Another advantage of this mask is that the cotton has very good adhesion, thus it clings to your face more easily and makes it effortless to continue with chores whilst you have this mask on.

However, due to the moisturising properties of this mask, it isn’t suitable for those who suffer from oily skin.


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5. Medi Heal

(Glowpick rating -4.29)


Best korean sheet mask brands: Medi Heal

Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Medi Heal


Women love the Medi Heal Vita Lightbeam mask because it’s perfect for healing acne while also moisturising and brightening your skin.

If you’re one of the rare people who have both dry skin and acne (like myself), this is the perfect mask for you. And even if you don’t suffer from acne but are looking for an extra glow, this is the mask that you’ll want to try out first. Most women who use this mask see an immediate brightening effect just a day after use, and it isn’t surprising as this mask packs a high vitamin C content, as well as γ-oryzanol and tocopheryl Acetate which are well known brightening ingredients.


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6. Dewytree

(Glowpick rating: 4.23)


Best korean sheet mask brands: Dewytree

Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Dewytree


Korean women love this mask because of it’s the perfect triple-action mask: it’s both a gentle exfoliator, an impurity banisher as well as a moisturising mask. One user writes: “This mask is so hydrating that it also gives my skin a lifting effect. My pores look cute and tiny, and I didn’t need to apply mist during the whole day!”

Women also love this mask for the blemish banishing effect. With ingredients like lavender and centella asiatica you can expect your blemishes to feel a lot calmer after using this maks.


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7. Aquaringer

(Glowpick rating: 4.28)


Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Aquaringer


This product is promoted as the top moisturising masks on the market, and many Korean women who’ve reviewed it agree. Not only does this mask has dramatic moisturising effects, it’s also said to be extremely efficient in brightening and lightening the skin, while also being gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

This mask also has a smoothing effect on the skin, so it’s perfect to use before applying make-up.


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8. Atopalm Real Barrier

(Glowpick rating: 4.25)


Best korean sheet mask brands: Real Barrier / Atopalm

Best Korean Sheet Mask Brands: Atopalm Real Barrier


Real Barrier’s extreme cream mask is excellent for skin that suffers from eczema like symptoms, or skin that gets very dry during the winter. One fan even described the mask as a “20 minute miracle” for those with rough skin. The pack also contains a lot of essence and cream, which you can apply liberally all over the neck and chest area for increased moisture.

As the formulation of this mask is very creamy and heavy, it’s best for those with dry skin and best left alone if you’re suffering from oily skin.


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Other Korean Women’s Favourite Masks


Atopalm Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule Mask

(Glowpick Rating: 4.21)

Medi Heal P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask 

(Glowpick Rating: 4.16)

Jung Saem Mool Essential Enriched Mask

(Glowpick Rating: 4.20)


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