Hey guys! Today’s update is a quick one. I’m not sure how many of you follow me on YouTube but I’ve recently made a channel there and today’s video is all about….. *drumroll* knitwear! In particular, it’s a huge Zara Haul. I will be posting two of these looks on the blog next week (I hope – depends a little on how busy LFW is!) with direct links to everything, so stay tuned. As you can see I’m all about the over-sized knits combined with over the knee boots – very happy it’s the season for that again. I actually realised that one of my boots has a hole in the sole – that’s how much I’ve been wearing them!


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As some of you may know today is the second day of London Fashion Week and I’ll be jetting off for some events early tomorrow morning. I feel like I haven’t prepared at all though: not only do I not have anything to wear, I think I’ve lost my Fashion Week passes in the post and I haven’t even bought a flight ticket back! In fact, I haven’t even made up my mind where I’m heading after London or how long I’ll be staying there – slightly scared that Airbnb costs will be through the roof! Total chaos. Anyhow, I would really appreciate if you watched my Zara Haul video and let me know how you like it! I’m actually fairly happy with this one and I think it’s not a complete cringe fest like my first video was. I’m finding YouTube fun but also quite hard to crack, so  if any of you readers are YouTubers, let me know what your tips and tricks are to get the ball rolling, I would love to know! 🙂 xx

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Watch My First Zara Haul Here:


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