What To Wear With A Turtleneck: Chic Outfits For Any Season

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A turtleneck might be a great way to keep warm in the winter season, but who says this wardrobe essential can only be worn in cooler months? Check out our style guide on what to wear with a turtleneck for year-round outfits!

A turtleneck can be an easy layering piece for stylish outfits, especially on cool summer days, or during the fall and winter months. It can be quite tricky to know what to wear with it, but we got you!

Sage green cropped turtleneck with mini skirt and knee high boots
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When choosing a turtleneck, make sure to pick one that is comfortable and breathable. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold in your entire outfit, or else it can become unbearable.

In this aricle, we will show you what to wear with a turtleneck and give you some tips on how to style it. We will also show you what to wear under and over a turtleneck, so you can look your best all season long.

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What To Wear With A Turtleneck

1. Blazers + Skirt/Pants

What To Wear With A Turtleneck: Plaid blazer
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For office wear, we suggest opting for a classic oversized plaid blazer and a mini skirt or a pair of trousers.

Pair your blazer with a skirt or pants that are the same color family. This will give you a cohesive look that is both stylish and warm.

If you want to get the casual vibes, try pairing your blazer with a pair of dressy shorts instead. This is a great way to show off your legs while still staying warm!

Lastly, complete your look with a pair of ankle boots, preferably in a neutral color like black or cream.

2. Pinafore Dresses

What To Wear With A Turtleneck: Jumper dress
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One of the best ways to style a classic turtleneck is to pair it with a pinafore dress. It gives off a feminine look that’s great for semi-formal events like dinners, but it can also double as a casual outfit too.

Choose a dress that is fitted or A-line, so it doesn’t add too much volume to your look. Pair your dress with some knee-high boots or booties and you’ll be good to go!

Plus, if you’re really brave, you can try pairing your turtleneck dress with a pair of tights and heels. This is a great way to show off your legs while still staying warm!

3. Sweater Vests

Cream cropped sweater vest
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For a cozy casual feel, a sweater vest is a great place to start. This is a good choice if you want a layered look that is both stylish and warm.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and patterns! A bold sweater vest can really make your outfit pop. Since the sweater vest is considered “bulky”, it’s best to go for a fitted turtleneck underneath or a turtleneck that is made of lightweight materials.

Pair your sweater vest with a pair of mom jeans or trousers, a pair of boots, and you’re good to go!

4. Denim Jackets

Light wash denim jacket with white jeans
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An extra layer like a denim jacket is always a welcome addition to wear with your favorite turtleneck. This is a cute look for fall and winter that can become an easy signature look for running errands.

Pair your denim jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings, and accessorize with a handbag. Like turtlenecks, denim jackets are a classic piece that can be worn all year round!

5. Button Down Shirt Dresses

White button down shirt dress
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Button-down shirt dresses are trendy, but why not add a twist by layering it with a turtleneck sweater vest? This is a cute look when you’re out downtown or shopping with your friends. You can also opt to add in a statement waist belt so you won’t look too boxy.

Pair your dress with some knee-high boots or heels and you’ll be good to go!

6. Midi Skirts

Beige ribbed midi pencil skirt with graphic tee
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Another chic option to pair with your turtleneck is to wear it with a midi pencil skirt. You can wear the outfit as it is, or you can also add in a long coat or a leather jacket for the ultimate cozy look.

Choose a midi skirt that is fitted or A-line, so it doesn’t add too much volume to your outfit. Complete your ensemble with a pair of combat boots or white sneakers.

7. Chunky Cardigans

Taupe chunky knit cardigan
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Chunky knit cardigans are super cozy, and of course, they pair well with turtlenecks. This combo is a great option if you want to add some extra warmth to your outfit without sacrificing style.

Choose a turtleneck that is fitted or made with lighter materials, so it doesn’t add too much volume to your look. Tuck your turtleneck into your jeans, and pair your outfit with combat boots or heeled ankle boots.

You can also opt to wear a mini pencil skirt instead, especially if you’re dressing for spring or fall.

8. Button-Down Shirts

White button down shirt with beige pants
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This ensemble is super popular in Korean fashion, and it is worth trying out too! Simply wear your turtleneck, and then wear an oversized button-down shirt over it. Leave two buttons open at the top to show off the roll neck.

This is a great option if you want to wear your turtleneck in a unique, laid-back way.

9. Jeans

Skinny jeans with taupe tee
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Of course, how can we forget jeans? The great thing about jeans is that there are many different ways to style them with – and this includes turtlenecks in any form too!

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can either wear your jeans with an oversized turtleneck or a fitted turtleneck bodysuit.

A chunky turtleneck sweater is super comfortable to wear with jeans. Complete your outfit with a pair of chelsea boots, and you’re all set to conquer the town.

10. Jumpsuits

Black summer jumpsuit
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Lastly, try wearing your turtleneck with a jumpsuit! For this outfit, it’s best to go for a simple sleeveless jumpsuit.

You can mix and match different colors with these two, depending on your style. For example, you can wear a white turtleneck under a navy jumpsuit. Pair this outfit combo with a pair of heels or flats and you’re good to go!

Additional Outfit Ideas

Now that we have talked about the best pieces to wear with your turtleneck, let’s jump into some additional outfits that use some of the key pieces we’ve featured above.

OUTFIT #1: Contemporary

For a modern, contemporary look that’s perfect for the office, pair your turtleneck with a blazer and a pair of jeans. This get-up is the perfect balance between laid-back and professional, and it’s a very cute choice for semi-casual workplaces.

Complete your outfit with your favorite pair of boots and a handbag of your choice. You can also accessorize with gold hoop earrings.

OUTFIT #2: All Black

Monochrome outfits are exceptionally trendy right now, and if you want to go for a mysterious look, we recommend opting for an all-black outfit. Simply wear your black turtleneck with a black blazer and trousers.

Complete your outfit with your favorite pair of black shoes, and of course, don’t forget your sunglasses! Now you’ll truly feel like a movie spy.

OUTFIT #3: Romantic (Slip Dress)

For a romantic look, we suggest slip dresses. This turtleneck + slip dress combo is a great choice for a date night, or when you’re out in the city with your friends.

You can wear your turtleneck with both short slip dresses and maxi slips – whichever fits your personal style. Complete your outfit with a pair of nude stiletto heels or nude flat mules.

OUTFIT #4: Professional

If you’re heading to your next business meeting, grab a plaid blazer with you. This is one of the easiest ways to achieve that professional look without breaking a sweat! Plus, plaid blazers are more interesting than their plain counterparts.

And there you have it! We hope you found our style guide helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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