What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: An Easy Style Guide

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Are you trying to put together an outfit for an upcoming music festival? If so, this guide on what to wear to a country music festival will help you look your best.

It’s that time of year again when you start to think about what to wear for the outdoor music festival season. What do I pack? What do I eat? What should I bring with me in my purse? What are some good songs to listen to on the way there?

There are many questions that go through your mind, but one question is probably at the top of your list: What should I wear?! That question has a number of answers depending on who you ask and what type of music festival it is. For this article, we will focus on country music festivals.


What To Keep In Mind For Your Outfit


A country music festival is the perfect place to break out your best cowboy boots and cutest cowgirl outfit. Country-style outfits are one of a kind, and outdoor festivals can be a fashion show too! What you wear will depend on what type of event it is, but there are some general guidelines that apply anywhere.

Keep in mind these key factors when packing for a country music festival: location, weather, desired style/theme, duration/length of the event.

Country music festivals are typically held in warm, wide-open spaces away from the city. This means there will be no trees to get some shade, and there will be some instances where it WILL get dusty.  One important thing to note is that summer weather is hot, so steer clear away from heavy clothing like a denim shirt or a denim jacket if you can.

We put together a guide for the best genre-appropriate looks that you can put together easily. Festival fashion is evolving every year, so ditch the usual skinny jeans and leather belts and don’t be afraid to go venture out of your fashion preference. And who knows, you might just find your perfect outfit for the summer concert of the year.


What To Wear To A Country Music Festival:

Outfit Ideas


Cute country music festival outfits

Get the belt & outfit from Bohemian Mama


The typical Western-inspired look would be a nice pair of jeans, a cute tank top and a plaid flannel shirt that you can either wear as an outer layer or tie around your waist. You can never go wrong with this classic combo.

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To spice it up, make the colors in your outfit match! If you want to opt for jeans, pair them with a cute crop top (bonus: choose a sequined one) to add a touch of chic to your country outfit. 

If jeans aren’t your thing, opt for a pair of denim shorts along with a cute plaid /flannel top. Skirts are also a cute choice, especially denim skirts or leather skirts. 

Another thing to consider is adding some fringe or tassel details to your outfit, whether that’s in the form of a bag, boots or a skirt. These go really well with cowboy boots and a fedora or Panama hat.

If you don’t want the hassle of putting together an entire outfit and you just want a good time, you can also opt for cute boho dresses. This will give you more freedom to move around, plus the airy materials cool you down nicely. Make sure to add a Western belt on top of the dress to really tie in the look, plus wear comfortable biker shorts underneath so your thighs won’t chafe.

Below are 5 more of our favorite country music festival outfits that you can shop online. 




Cow print long sleeved top for What To Wear To A Country Music Festival

Get this top at Nasty Gal




Cute country music festival outfit with fringe shorts

Get these shorts on Romwe




Cute country music festival outfit

Get the embroidered blouse on Bohme




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Cute boho floral dress





What to wear to a country music festival: fringe trim shorts

Get these fringe trim shorts on Shein


 The Best Footwear 



Tan heritage Western cowboy boots for country music festival


Get these boots at Nordstrom


Cowboy boots are definitely essential if going to a country music festival. They add that much-needed Southern touch to any outfit. We wouldn’t recommend wearing them all day unless you don’t mind getting them dirty (which isn’t hard at most country festivals).

The best choice would be a pair of tan, white or black boots because they go with most outfits and are easy to style.

Keep in mind that it’s okay not to wear cowboy boots; you can also wear ankle boots or even thigh-high boots, whatever floats your boat! To make things easier, choose boots that have a chunky heel on them so they won’t sink into the soil! 

If you want to switch it up, you can also go for a cute pair of sneakers or flip-flops.

We’ve featured 5 more cowboy boots that are currently available if you’re on the lookout for new boots.




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Embellished black ankle boots

Get these boots at Nasty Gal




White short cowboy boots

Get these boots at Magnolia Boutique




Black Western cowboy boots with stars

Get these boots at Ranch Road Boots  | These are more expensive, but are handmade and premium quality. check out their entire Western collection here1




Cute cream Western boots with metallic nose

Get these boots at Free People




Heritage black cowboy Western boots for country music festival

Get these boots at Nordstrom





Bohemian straw cowboy hat

Get this hat at Etsy


Since this is a country music festival, never ever forget your hat! It is a statement piece in any country outfit. In addition to cowboy boots, your cowboy hat will add a cute Southern flair while also protecting you from the heat. Since there will be lots of dancing and singing at a music festival, it will be easier if you and your girlfriends could go for cute fringed crossbody bags that will hold all of your essentials, or fanny packs.

A silk bandana around your neck will make you look like a very cute flirty cowgirl. This can also double as a hair accessory if you want to tie your hair, just wrap it around your ponytail and you’re all set. Also, don’t forget your statement necklaces and your bangles!

Browse the accessories below to get a better idea about what we recommend.




Cute straw cowboy hat

Get this hat at Shein (super affordable!)




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Cowprint fedora hat

Get this hat at Nasty Gal




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Brown fringed crossbody bag

Get this crossbody bag at Nordstrom




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Fringed crossbody bag

Get this crossbody bag at Nordstrom




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Silk bandana

Get this silk bandana at Nordstrom




What To Wear To A Country Music Festival: Floral silk bandana

Get this silk bandana at Nordstrom


Now that we’ve covered the gist of what to wear to a country music festival, let’s briefly go over other things you should remember on the day of the festival.


What To Bring With You To The Festival


It pays to be extra prepared when going to a country music festival since events like these usually last for an entire day (or even a few days). You should always bring a fully-charged cellphone so you can contact your friends if you ever get lost (or a family member if there is an emergency). It’s also a good idea to bring a fully charged battery pack, so you never run out of charge.

In your bag, pack a potent sunblock. We recommend getting a sunblock with an SPF of at least 30, since SPF 30 can block up to 97% of the sun’s UV rays. Even better, go for SPF 50.

In addition to this, bring a hat, a pair of good sunglasses, bug spray, extra comfortable footwear (think of flip flops!) a refillable water bottle (to make it less bulky, you can get the ones that can be folded when they’re empty), a camera or a GoPro so you won’t have to rely on your phone while taking lots of pictures.

The most important things to bring is a good amount of cash that will be last you the entire day, a power bank or a portable charger, and medication for headaches, flu, and allergies.


We hope you enjoyed this guide about what to wear to a country music festival! For more festival outfit and hair ideas check out the related posts below.


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