What to Wear To A Modeling Interview Or Casting Call

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Starting your modeling career? If so, here’s a simple guide on what to wear to a modeling interview or casting call to have the best chances of signing successfully.

When going to a modeling audition, it’s important to make a good first impression, especially if you’re trying to jumpstart your modeling career. One very important thing is to have the right outfit.

You’ve had your professional photos done, and now your booking agent has signed you up for a go-see. There are three words when going to a modeling agency interview: Keep it simple. Think of yourself as a blank canvas, which means no bright makeup, no dressy top with bold prints, and no bright hair colors. You can opt to wear simple makeup to heighten your natural features.

Below, we will be discussing what to wear to a modeling interview, especially if you’re new to the modeling industry. It pays to wear comfortable clothes so you can feel confident! Remember, good body language starts with self-confidence, and you need a lot of it so you can impress the casting directors and hiring managers. 


What To Wear To A Modeling Interview

1. White Tee


White tee from Lulus

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A good idea is to study and learn what professional models usually wear to an open call. The most popular outfit to wear to a modeling interview is to just go for a simple white shirt with jeans.

A simple tee is really all you need, but just make sure to show up with a crisp white tee – we don’t want to see stains or crinkles! 


2. Simple Tank Top


Simple black tank top

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Another option is to go with a simple tank top. This could be in any color, but the main concern here should just be that it isn’t too revealing or distracting from your face and natural beauty.

Make sure it’s not in bright colors, too – black, white, or nude would be safe colors. Then again, it’s best to go over this with your modeling agent. 


3. Skinny Jeans


Denim skinny jeans

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A pair of skinny jeans is always a good choice for a white t-shirt combination. These could be black or blue and should fit you well to show off your curves and body shape without being too tight. Make sure it is a good fit!


4. Mini Skirts


White pleated mini skirt

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Pack a mini skirt in your bag so you can have more outfit options! The modeling agency might ask you to change into a mini skirt for some test shots, so it’s always a good idea to bring one or two in your bag. 


5. High Heels


Black strappy heels

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Wear a pair of high heels to make your legs look amazing! Most agencies and brands will require you to wear high heels so they can see you in your runway walk. Choose a pair of heels that you are most comfortable in so you can impress them with your walk.


Your Hair & Makeup


When it comes to appearance, keep your hair in a bun or in a high ponytail – that way, your facial features will be on full display. If you want, you can also keep it open, but away from your face so that the agents can see your bone structure and other facial features. For example, wearing your hair open but behind your ears works perfectly well, but just make sure to bring a hair band in case the agents want you to put it in a ponytail.

As for your makeup, keep it simple! A thin layer of BB cream, nude eyeshadow, and lip gloss will do the job just fine for a natural look. 

Finally, keep your nails minimalistically manicured: a layer of clear polish is best, but neutral shades like Essie’s Ballet Slippers are also fine.


In Conclusion: Keep It Simple & Natural


Like you can see, the best outfits to wear to modeling interviews are simple and chic. The key here is to choose pieces that you feel the most confident, comfortable and most beautiful in. The items you choose should also not be too short or tight as this can distract from your natural beauty. 

You should also bring at least one outfit changes in case the modeling agency asks you to do an impromptu photoshoot. It always pays to be prepared, and it will score you some good points for being ready at all times. A casting interview is just like a job interview – you need to be prepared for going the extra mile. 

Good luck with your modeling interview! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.


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