Celebrating Pregnancy? Here’s What To Wear In Maternity Photos

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Planning to take pictures of your bump but don’t know what to wear on your maternity photos? We’ve got you covered with these breath-taking dresses.

It’s a time of excitement and joy when you find out you’re pregnant. There may be many things rushing through your mind as you prepare to welcome the baby: buying all of the right gear, cute outfits for your baby girl or boy, getting your home child-proofed and so much more. 

Maternity photos may not be the first thing on your mind, but they are definitely something to consider doing. Many women want to be able to look fondly back at their bump once the baby has arrived,  so it’s better to jump on the trend while you still can. 

However, the question remains: what on earth should you wear on maternity photos? This post will delve deeper into what dresses to wear on maternity photos and how to dress your bump in a stylish way!


The Bump Photoshoot Trend


Cute light pink bodycon dress for maternity photo shoots

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Chances are that you’ve seen the popular trend of maternity photoshoots. Maternity pictures are created to capture a time in your life that will be gone before you know it.

Whether they’re taken by a professional photographer, or you decide to take them yourself with the help of friends and family, these photos will provide an amazing memory for years to come!

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for your photoshoot, there are so many options available nowadays that it can feel overwhelming trying to pick out the perfect look!

If you’re looking forward to your own maternity photo session, it’s important to know what kind of vibe and look you are going for. These are timeless photos so you’ll want to look and feel your very best.

Talk to your photographer to plan out your color scheme and the perfect place to shoot, who knows, they might even have a few great tips from their previous photoshoots.

Another thing to consider is the seasons. Do you want to go for a seasonally themed photoshoot, perhaps on a pumpkin field or in the middle of snow?

Or would you like to have summery pictures from a field, wearing as little as possible?  These are all things to consider when you choose your maternity photoshoot dress or gown.


What To Wear On Maternity Photos

1. Flowy Dresses


Flowy red maternity dress for photshoots

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When having professional photos done, the most popular clothing option when it comes to maternity dresses for a shoot is a long, flowing maxi dress so you can take your picture in a beautiful grassy area or at the beach. Maxi dresses are the way to go since they provide an extra feminine flair to your pregnancy glow. 

Sometimes, less is more. A simple monochromatic dress in deep tones gives off a powerful look while showing off that beautiful belly.


2. Over The Top Gowns


Baby blue tulle maternity gown for photo shoot

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If there is a time in your life when it’s okay to order that gorgeous, extravagant dress that would only look appropriate on a photoshoot or the Met Gala, it’s now.

Go all out with fabrics, color, and extravaganza. Etsy is filled to the brim with gorgeous designs from multiple independent sellers, which you can browse here. We’ve also featured a few of our favorites further down below!


3. Feminine Lace


Feminine white lace maternity dress for photo shoots

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Some pregnant women like to document their pregnancy while being clad in feminine white lace, or sultry black lace.

Lace sounds simple enough, but this is a dramatic piece of clothing that is a great option if you want to go for a bohemian vibe that shows off your bump in all of its glory. It’s not just a celebration of pregnancy, but it’s a celebration of femininity as well. 


4. Bodycon Gowns


Gold maternity gown for photos

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Flaunt your adorable baby bump with a bodycon gown that is designed to hug you in all the right places and all the beautiful curves. This is a great option to flaunt your pregnant body while also looking like a goddess. 


5. Tulle Gowns


Nude tulle gown for maternity photoshoots

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Tulle is a fun fabric that not many of us use too frequently. It’s light and voluminous and can be very beautiful when done right. Case in point – isn’t the dress we featured simply stunning?


6. Go Sheer Or Topless


Sheer pearl robe for maternity photos

Get this pearl robe on Etsy

A great idea for a maternity shoot is to do a boudoir-themed shoot! This one is risky, but it’s a great intimate activity for couples who want to do a maternity shoot that’s not the usual, cookie-cutter one.

Alternatively, if you want to go for a casual outfit, you and your partner can wear denim jeans without a top and let the imagination and creativity run wild. 


7. Infinity Dresses


Red infinity gown for maternity photos

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These dresses are impractical, but so, so gorgeous. We love red for a big bold statement, but these dresses come in almost any color you can think of!

Below, we’ve featured a few more amazing maternity gowns and dresses that are available to shop straight away. Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration, some of these photos are just gorgeous!


15 More Maternity Gowns & Dresses To Wear On Photos



Dusty pink tulle maternity gown

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Black lace maternity gown

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Pastel sage green bodycon gown

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Beautiful nude tulle maternity photo shoot dress

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Beautiful black tulle maternity dress

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White lace outfit for what to wear on maternity photos

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Bohemian white lace maternity gown for photos

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Long-sleeve bodycon lilac maternity gown

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Long pink infinity dress for maternity photo shoots

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White sheer split lace dress for maternity photos

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Pastel peach halter maternity gown

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Beautiful dusty pink tulle maternity gown with slit for photos

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Simple maternity dress for photoshoots

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White lace maternity photo shoot dress

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Champagne light pink tulle maternity gown for photos

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A woman’s body really is a marvelous sight, and it’s only fitting to look your best while getting quality maternity photos. Remember that you’ll only look (and feel) your best in your own personal style and preference! 

We hope you found this article helpful! If you’re still looking for more maternity fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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