What To Wear For Senior Pictures: 10 Outfit Ideas For Girls & Boys

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Have you got a date set for your senior pictures? If you don’t have an outfit yet, find out what to wear for senior pictures from this post, both for girls and boys!

Senior pictures are a rite of passage for high school students. They symbolize the transition from youth to adulthood and should reflect who you are as a person.

What do you want your senior pictures to say about you? There is no right answer here – what matters is what YOU want them to say!

In this article we will discuss everything that goes into taking senior pictures: what they are, how they differ from regular portraits, what clothes to wear for both girls and boys, and more.



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But first, what are senior pictures? Simply put, senior pictures are photographs taken before graduation that capture memories from high school or college years. They’re often used as keepsakes by students and their families. 

Senior pictures can be a lot of fun! You get to dress up, show off your style, and have some awesome photos taken. Whether you are looking for what to wear for girls or what to wear for boys, this article will help you out. 


What To Wear For Senior Pictures (For Girls)


What you wear is really up to your personal preference. For example, if you’ve always been a dancer, it could be a fun idea to incorporate dance and movement into your senior photos. (The same goes for any other hobby too!) However, there are some guidelines that most people follow.

An important thing to remember is that it’s best to bring at least two (or more) outfits on the day of your session so that you can do outfit changes that best reflect your own unique style.

It’s also wise to bring both a casual look and a formal look to diversify your senior photo shoot. It can be helpful for your to organize your inspiration and ideas in to different Pinterest mood boards with great options of different styles that you want to try. 

Below, we’ll jump into some of the more popular options for senior photos!


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1. Dresses


What to wear for senior pictures: flowy dresses and gowns

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Formal dresses are a popular choice for senior pictures and they can work well whether you go indoor or outdoor. Make sure the length isn’t too short for a classic look! Plus, if there is a pattern, make sure it matches your personality – bolder patterns are more trendy while subtler prints may not be as noticeable in photos.

While any type of dress is fine, if you want truly effortlessly gorgeous photos, a flowy dress is your best option, as it looks beautiful in the wind and overall movement.

However, if you opt for something different, like a tube top dress or a dress with thin straps, make sure to get a good supportive strapless bra! The last thing you want to see in your photos are bra straps hanging out.


2. Cute Top & Skirt


What to wear for senior pictures: White milkmaid crop top with printed skirt and boots

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Another popular choice is to wear a cute top and skirt. If you’re going for an outdoor senior picture session then make sure that the weather won’t be too hot or cold, otherwise, it can ruin your pictures!

Just make sure that either your top or your skirt has solid colors to balance out the pattern. Also, choose a nice, dressy top – avoid wearing a tank top as this is too casual for a senior session (unless you pair it well with a statement skirt!).


3. Jumpsuits


What to wear for senior pictures: Satin champagne jumpsuit

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A jumpsuit or romper in neutral colors is a great choice if you want to try something different from the traditional dress. If your jumpsuit of choice is casual, then just pair it with sandals strappy heels to elevate your look.

We love jumpsuits as they are flattering for many body types and usually look effortlessly cool and beautiful. Just make sure that whatever jumpsuit you choose fits well and reflects your personal style.  Otherwise, all of your hard work will be negated by unflattering clothing choices.


4. Your Sports Uniform


What to wear for senior pictures: Cheerleader uniform


If you’re an athlete or a cheerleader then why not show off your sports uniform in your senior pictures? It is sure to stand out and it’s a fun way to add some personality into your photos.


5. Casual Outfits


What to wear for senior pictures: Checkered lilac crop top and jeans

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If you are looking for something more casual then a graphic tee with jeans or shorts is always an option. If it’s wintertime, try wearing leggings under your skirt and wear boots with warm socks to keep yourself cozy!

For girls who want to be fashionistas but also look comfortable at the same time can pair their outfit of choice with UGGs or combat boots. 


What Shoes Should You Wear For Senior Photos?


You shouldn’t forget about shoes when you plan your senior photo look: after all, they truly tie an outfit together! Now, you’ll of course need to consider the color scheme of your outfit when choosing your shoes: opt for neutral shoes that don’t clash with bright colors or opt for a complementary color to your outfit to add vibrancy.

With this said, we normally recommend opting for high heels, as they photograph better, make you look taller and even improve your posture.  Of course, the heels should also be comfortable!

If you’re dressing up in a sports costume, this is of course a different story: wear the sneakers of your choice!


What To Wear For Senior Pictures (For Boys)

1. Button-Down Shirt


Navy button down shirt

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Button-down shirts with long sleeves have become a popular choice for senior portrait outfits because they look stylish and professional while still allowing some room for expression. 


2. Blazer/Suit


Black tuxedo

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A classy blazer may seem like overkill at first but trust us – you’ll thank yourself later when these photos are hanging up in your house forever!


3. Polo Shirt & Dress Pants


Brown striped polo shirt

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For a timeless look, polo shirts and dress pants are a great choice for those who want to look like they’re going to an interview (without the boring part). It’s perfect if you’re looking for a chic and stylish vibe.


4. Leather Jacket & Jeans


Leather moto jacket

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If your senior picture outfit needs some edge, then pairing it with a leather jacket will definitely do that. Just make sure that whatever outfit you choose fits well – otherwise all of your hard work will be negated by unflattering clothing choices.


5. Casual Outfits


Casual button outfit

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If you’re going outdoors for senior pictures then a button-down shirt with slacks is a good option, because both are comfortable but still give off a stylish vibe. You can also wear them in combination with other pieces such as vests or jackets depending on what type of weather.

An awesome button-down shirt in a bold color with a nice pair of pants will give off some great vibes. Just don’t forget to iron it beforehand so it look sclean and crisp when photographed!


6. Sports Uniform


What to wear for senior pictures: sports wear


If you are an athlete or play a sport then why not show it off in your senior pictures?


What Shoes To Wear For Guys 


Shoes are just as important as the clothes you wear, so don’t forget to take them into consideration! A pair of stylish sneakers can go with almost any type of outfit ,while boots or tie shoes are good for nighttime looks. 


Important Things To Remember


While choosing the right outfits to bring with you is important, don’t forget to book a hair and makeup artist too! Usually, a light makeup look is best to enhance your natural beauty, but you can also experiment with some bolder looks if you want: after all,  the camera will tone down strong makeup.

Whichever look you go for, just promise us this: Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone! Otherwise, it looks blotchy and unclean, especially if your photographer uses flash! 

One last thing: Hire a good photographer. You’ll want your photo session to be in a professional, comfortable environment with a photographer who knows what they’re doing and who can make you feel calm and collected.


Commonly Asked Questions


1. Can I wear a costume instead of the usual outfits?

You can do whatever you want! Remember, it’s YOUR senior picture – if you want to go as a full-on cosplayer, then you should go as that! It all boils down to what makes you happy and what makes you memorable and unique.

2. Can I bring props to my senior pictures?

Props are a great way to add more fun and personality to your senior shoot. If you’re a musician, bring your musical instrument with you! If you’re an athlete, you can bring your sports equipment. And if you have a pet, why not include your fur friend in your shoot?


We hope you found a few cool ideas on what to wear for senior pictures from this article! If you need more fashion advice, check out the posts below for related articles!


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