Your Chic Guide On What To Wear After A Spray Tan Or Self Tanning

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Are you going on your first ever spray tan and you don’t know what to wear after your session? We compiled our best picks and tips on what to wear after a spray tan or self tanning.

The day has come for your session! If you’re a regular spray tanner, then you already know the dos and don’ts on what to wear after a spray tan, but if you’re a newbie who has absolutely no idea… we got you!


What To Wear After A Spray Tan Or Self Tanning


1. Avoid Light Colors

It’s the general rule of thumb that you must never go for light-colored clothing. The bronze on your tan will be blotchy and sticky for the next few hours, and you don’t want all that color to stick to your clothes! So if you have old, oversized, dark-colored t-shirts and sweatpants, then you’re all set.

For maximum comfort, you can choose dark-colored cotton sweatpants and shirts such as black, navy blue, dark grey, and for some instances, you can also go for camel.


2. Choose Loose

Avoid tight-fitting clothes like pants or body-hugging tops that will require you to pull them over your face, as they will smudge your fresh tan, therefore making a mess all over your skin and your clothes.

We recommend loose house dresses, maxi dresses, or loose jumpsuits for breathability, but make sure to have ones with sleeves so you can still protect your freshly-tanned arms. If your dresses and jumpsuits don’t have sleeves – it’s fine. Just swap them out for long-sleeved sweaters and sweatpants when it’s time to go to bed. 

We don’t really recommend shorts right after your spray tan session as they won’t protect your legs and will smudge fresh tan all over your car seats, but you can wear them on the day after (or after the first 10 hours have passed and you’ve had your initial shower). As usual, go for loose-fitting shorts so you’ll have more freedom on your legs. Even after the first 10 hours, you still need to be mindful of where and how you are sitting! 


3. Other Considerations

As for footwear, make sure to only wear flip-flops or step-in sandals. We don’t want to use boots or sneakers, as it will also rub the tan off your feet.

Bras aren’t really recommended after a spray tan as it will most likely form lines along your chest area. But if you really support on your breasts, then we suggest that you wear a soft bandeau or a sleeveless bra. Don’t ever hook your bra on the front and spin it around as it will smudge your tan! Ask the spray tanner to hook it gently for you. 

Avoid jewelry such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, or any other body accessory that might cause lines or smudge your tan. 


If you’re in the need of outfit ideas or want to purchase some new clothing specifically to wear after a spray tan, below are our top picks for this season.


15 Outfit Ideas To Wear After A Spray Tan




Dark blue loose sweatpants and sweater to wear after a spray tan


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Loose black house dress


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Tan colored sweatpants and cardigan to wear after a spray tan


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Tan colored loose shorts and sweater to wear after self tanning


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Black drawstring joggers


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Loose jumpsuit


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Grey tie die loose shirt and sweatpants


Get the joggers and the top on Lulus




Loose black sweater to wear after self tanning


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Loose black house dress


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Loose black shorts and shirt to wear after self tanning


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Dark grey loose shorts and sweaters to wear after self tanning


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Loose dark blue house dress to wear after a spray tan


Via Roolee




Dark grey tie dye hoodie


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Loose black sweater


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Loose maxi house dress to wear after a spray tan


Get this dress at Etsy


What Time Is Best For A Spray Tan?


You can have your spray tan any time you’re available, but it’s better to have your session at night so you can wear your most comfortable clothing and go to sleep right after. Plus, you won’t have to worry about tip-toeing during the day and being careful that your tan might rub off on surfaces.

It takes about 10 hours for the spray tan to set, so having your session at night is the most optimal time.

You really don’t need to overthink what to wear after a spray tan or self tanning, as most of the clothing we’ve mentioned above might already be in your closet. But if you want to look chic and stylish as you wait for your spray tan to set in, choose one of the cute outfits we’ve featured in this post.


We hope you found this post helpful as you prepare for your spray tan session! The basic theme of all of this is to not wear any type of clothing that will rub off your fresh tan. Be sure to choose comfortable and protective clothing so you’ll preserve your tan and emerge from all of this as a gorgeous, bronzed goddess.

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