YSL Vs Saint Laurent: What’s The Difference?

Chances are you have seen both the Saint Laurent logo and the YSL logo and perhaps wondered why are there two different logos.

Well, we’re here to help you out with all the information you need to find out the difference between YSL and Saint Laurent, as well as let you know some of our favorite Saint Laurent bags.

Yves Saint Laurent founded his namesake luxury fashion brand in 1962. The YSL logo was designed in 1963 by one of the greatest graphic designers, A.M. Cassandre.

History Of The YSL Brand

In 2012, new creative director Hedi Slimane decided to rebrand the Yves Saint Laurent brand by removing the ‘Yves’ from the brand name, and creating a logo with the new name Saint Laurent Paris.

Switch To Saint Laurent

This caused great controversy as no one understood why this rebranding was taking place and why Hedi Slimane was not partaking in interviews to explain his reasoning.

Some wondered if the name change was just a stunt, but for the past 10 years, YSL has been known as Saint Laurent Paris. However, some elements of the YSL branding remained, such as the iconic YSL logo.

Now, the luxury fashion branch of the brand is officially called Saint Laurent, but many luxury enthusiasts still refer to the brand's products by the old brand name, YSL.

To add to the confusion, the official website can be found at, and its official Instagram account is @ysl. Plus, the brand's makeup line is still known as YSL beauty or Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

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