55 Winter Nail Designs You’ll Want To Try This Season

Are you looking for cute winter nail art designs that you can recreate at your local salon? If so, this post is perfect for you!

The easiest way to achieve a chic look is by going for a monochrome manicure in typical winter hues like navy blue or burgundy, but if that’s too plain, there are SO many incredible  design elements that you can add!

If you’re looking to add a touch of glam to your fingertips, we have just the ideas for you. There's everything from trendy cable knit nails... gorgeous classic red nails that instantly make you look forward to Christmas.

You'll find everything from winter whites, blues, silvers, gold, vampy burgundy and of course, emerald greens! No matter what nail colors you usually go for, there's a design that we're sure you'll love.

What’s best, most of these nails are directly shoppable via small businesses on Etsy, so if you find a design that you love, simply click on the link provided to shop!

However, if the idea of press-on nails seems daunting, you can also save these ideas and recreate your favorite one at your local nail salon!

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