Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue is one of the most practical colors to wear in addition to black. It can be worn during any season, and it looks absolutely gorgeous when done right.

One of the best things about this color is that it can be paired with both neutral colors and unusual color combinations because the navy color itself doesn’t necessarily have to take center stage.

So, what are the best shoe colors to pair with a navy blue dress? Here are 10 of our favorite combinations.

1. Nude Shoes

The best thing about nude heels is that they will match your skin tone, making your legs look longer than they actually are.

2. Black Shoes

Black heels are a classic (and also the safest) choice when it comes to shoe colors, which means they look great when paired with navy dresses.

3. Silver Shoes

These metallic statement shoes are perfect for adding an extra touch of elegance to your entire look!

4. Hot Pink Shoes

Magenta and hot pink shoes are surprisingly versatile colors, and they’re fast becoming a popular choice among fashionistas, since they instantly add a glamorous touch to an outfit.

5. Gold Shoes

Gold is such a beautiful statement color, especially when worn with other gold accessories like big, statement earrings. These would look so good for special events!

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