25 Top Luxury Handbag Brands That Are Worth The Money

It has been said that a modern woman’s rite of passage is to have her first big girl bag purchase – we’re talking about timeless, expensive bags from luxury brands. After all, they are an investment piece.

So, if you're looking at adding a new designer bag to your collection, here are the 25 top luxury handbag brands that you should know about!

1. Hermès

Hermès is the king of leather goods and colorful scarves and definitely the most exclusive brand on this list. The brand’s most famous pieces include of course the highly coveted Birkin and Kelly bags.

2. Chanel

Known for their elegance and simplicity, Chanel bags are timeless investment pieces. Chanel is equally known for its bags, clothes, perfumes, shoes, and accessories.

3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the luxury handbag brands that does extremely well on the secondhand market, and if you hold the bags for long enough, you can even sell them for a profit.

4. Christian Dior

The now-iconic Lady Dior bag was a favorite of Princess Diana, so much so that Dior baptized the bag in her honor. The bag is now one of the most famous bags in fashion history.

5. Saint Laurent

Their classic bags with the beautiful YSL logo are cult favorites, and luckily the bags are among the most affordable ones inside the world of luxury brands.

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