25 Clever & Easy Sibling Halloween Costumes

If you’re planning on matching your kids’ Halloween costumes this year, check out these cute & clever Halloween costume ideas!

The Flintstones

Isn’t it super fun to be able to match your little ones in similar costumes around Halloween?


Seeing your kids in coordinating costumes is for sure an entertaining sight to see.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Planning matching sibling Halloween outfits is a fun bonding experience for the little ones too.

Milk & Cookies

You can either DIY your own costumes, or just simply purchase online to save you the hassle.

Aladdin & Jasmine

We've list a bunch of adorable (and sometimes hilarious!) sibling Halloween costumes that you can buy off of Etsy.


We hope you get inspired by this list!

Starbucks Girls


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