Ralph Lauren vs Polo Ralph Lauren: What’s The Difference?

Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren are two quintessential American fashion brands that have been around for decades. 

Years ago, Ralph Lauren was thought of exclusively as a luxury brand but it has since shifted to meet consumer needs; now, the popular brand has several sub-labels at different price points.

This article is going to be taking a closer look at the Ralph Lauren Collection and Polo Ralph Lauren labels specifically so you can see the key differences, and work out which brand is best for you!

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Main Differences:

1.Style Of Clothing

The Ralph Lauren Collection has an elegant and sophisticated look, with smart silhouettes, tailored looks and special occasion pieces.

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Polo Ralph Lauren has a slightly more relaxed look, with many pieces inspired by sportswear to ensure comfort is equally as important as chic style. It's the better option for casual weekend looks.

You may want to consider the craftsmanship of each brand before deciding on which brand to add to your wardrobe. Ralph Lauren Collection pieces are made in Italy, the UK, and North America to ensure a high quality finish.

2. Craftsmanship

Polo Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, uses factories in China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to create their super stylish clothing. Each piece is made to a high standard, as you would expect from all the Ralph Lauren sub-labels

If you are looking for clothes made from high-quality, natural materials, Ralph Lauren Collection is the brand for you, with many of their clothing made from linen, cotton, silk, merino wool, and cashmere.

3. Materials

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Polo Ralph Lauren is a little more affordable and this is reflected in the materials used, many clothes from this label are crafted from linen, cotton, viscose, and elastane.

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