50 Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations For The Porch & Yard

What’s Halloween without some creepy decorations for the front yard? We rounded up the best outdoor Halloween decorations to fill your home with.

Paper Bats

Arguably, one of the best parts of the Halloween season are the outdoor decorations in people’s front yards.

Eyeball Plant Markers

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see a fake giant 6-foot spider latched on your neighbor’s roof on Halloween night? Okay, maybe not everyone… but we do!

Yard Skeleton

Having cool outdoor Halloween decor around your front porch and yard automatically gives you plus points too, especially if you’re aiming to spook out your friends and family.

Sup, Witches Doormat

Some of our favorites are faux tombstones around the yard, hanging ghost figures on trees, and tiny witches.

Light-Up Spider

Here, you'll find the top selling outdoor Halloween decorations for 2022, so you will have the coolest, scariest house around the block!

Demon Hand

In our opinion, Grandin Road, Etsy, and Home Depot are the best places to get next-level outdoor Halloween decorations for a good price.

Giant Lawn Cobwebs

Plus, all of the featured products are entirely shoppable!

Horror Movie Yard Stakes

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