50 Adorable Newborn Costumes For Your Baby’s First Halloween

Excited to plan your little one’s first Halloween costume? We got you, mama!

Baby Yoda

Here are 50 adorable newborn Halloween costumes that you can recreate on a budget.

Chic Mummy

A baby’s first year is always super special – it’s full of many first experiences, and Halloween is one of them!

Baby Bunny With Carrot

Since it’s your baby’s first Halloween, their costume has to be super special (and clever too)...

Baby Skunk

...So that it’s guaranteed that everyone will go “awww!” the moment they lay their eyes on your adorable little one.

Candy Corn

Any doting parent would love to dress up their babies with cool and comfortable costumes that won’t hurt the wallet.

Baby Football

So, we've rounded up the best newborn Halloween costumes from independent creators on Etsy to make things easier for you.

Black Cat

We're sure that you'll find at least a few ideas that you can't wait to try out with your little one!


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