Michael Kors Outlet Vs Retail: What Are The Differences?

The Michael Kors collections are one of the highlights of New York Fashion Week each season, after which the gorgeous accessories and clothing are then available to buy in Michael Kors’s boutiques.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable way to get hold of the chic and stylish MK bags or clothing, you may have checked out a Michael Kors outlet store and wondered how it differs from the retail stores.

That's what we're here to discuss! This article is going to look at the differences between Michael Kors outlets vs retail so you can shop and get a great deal with confidence.

You will often find that many of outlet store items have been made specifically for the outlet and that they have actually never been sold in a Michael Kors boutique.

Michael Kors Outlet Vs Retail Differences

This means that sometimes, the outlet items have lower quality and this is why they are sold at a reduced price.

This is not to say that MKs outlet purses or bags are bad quality; they are often just a little lower in quality than a boutique bag – something you should be aware of before buying from an outlet.

The clearance section of an outlet store is the place you are most likely to find bags or accessories from the previous season that were made for a Michael Kors boutique and thus higher in quality.

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